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Do you think smokers can quit smoking?

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1 Do you think smokers can quit smoking?
My Life Monday Do you think smokers can quit smoking? Well, it’s hard to say because it depends on the individual. Many people have a reason for smoking. Some say it’s relaxing; others say it’s a habit. Sometimes habits are difficult to break. So although there are many ways to stop smoking, a method that works for one person may not work at all for another.

2 What are cigarettes made up of ?
Cigarettes contain about 4000 chemicals that are poisonous. As soon as a person puffs a cigarette. He/She is inhaling the following. These are the three main components of a cigarette. Nicotine: Is a powerful addictive drug that is poisonous and said to be used as an insecticide.. The nicotine is absorbed in the blood cells. It increases heart rate and blood pressure as well as slows blood circulation. Carbon Monoxide: is a poisonous gas that is carried in the blood instead of oxygen. The reduction in oxygen reduces the hearts ability to pump blood to the rest of the body and the brain. It causes problems with growth and absorption of essential proteins. Tar: Every time a person smokes a cigarette about 70% of the tar it contains is deposited in the lungs. The tar substances causes cancer.

3 Smoking is harmful Here are some of the health problems that smokers face: Eyes People who smoke are likely to develop cataract. Smoking irritates the eyes and releases chemicals into the lungs which is then transmitted to the eyes through the blood stream. Teeth Smoking makes it easier for plaque to build up on the teeth. It also leads to increased tartar on teeth, followed by sore gums, bleed gums and ultimately teeth loss. Throat Smoke irritates the throat and damages the vocal cords. It also causes chronic coughs. Smoking eventually leads to throat cancer Heart Nicotine mixed with carbon monoxide increases heart rate and blood pressure. It slows the blood flow and causes heart attack or a stroke. Nicotine travels through the blood destroying body cells.

4 Smoking is harmful Lungs
Smoking reduces the air that moves in and out of the lungs. The tar takes over the lungs and causes cancer. The risk of lung cancer depends on the number of cigarettes you smoke. Stomach Smoking reduces resistance to bacteria leading to ulcers in the stomach or intestine. Smoking slows the healing process of ulcers. Physical fitness Smoking leaves the person breathless and reduces stamina, making it difficult to exercise. Appearance Forget about looking your best because smoking results in dry skin, wrinkles at an early age, bad breath and stained teeth.

5 Why do people smoke? Why do people smoke when they know that it is bad for them? Only a person who smokes can give you the actual answer but there are other reasons like the way cigarettes are advertised, peer pressure, curiosity, status or simply by parents setting an example.

6 A few good reasons to stop smoking…
Can you think of any? Think of a few and see if your answers match. Smoking does not solve problems but creates a whole lot more. Less risk to cancer, heart attack, respiratory disease and other health problems. You save on buying cigarettes packs every day. Improved appearance and physical fitness. You live a longer, healthier life. Reduces body odour and bad breath. No more cigarette stains and odours in your home or car. Decreases the risk of an accidental fire. Does not affect other people, family or friends. There is no safe tobacco. All types whether a cigar, cigarette or pipe can lead to serious health problems.

7 Interested in quitting-Here are some tips
Find out why you want to quit and establish a goal. The question you want to ask yourself is whether you want to quit immediately or gradually. Set a date and don’t change it. You might want to get some help. Probably join a group program. Exercise will help to reinforce your commitment to good health. Avoid areas that prompt smoking. You can avoid sitting at a no smoking area in a restaurant. Get rid of your ashtray and lighters. Find healthy substitutes. Chew gum and drink plenty of water to stop the craving. Make a list of reasons to stop smoking or use the previous slide.

8 If you do smoking, try quitting.
If you don't smoke; don't start! If you do smoking, try quitting. Quitting is difficult but not impossible!

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