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Mickey Mice Wong Ming Sum F.2A (33) Wong Siu Him Janus F.2A (34) Wong Timothy Pak Hong F.2A (35)

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1 Mickey Mice Wong Ming Sum F.2A (33) Wong Siu Him Janus F.2A (34) Wong Timothy Pak Hong F.2A (35)

2 Project Aim Introduce HK Disneyland Identify the problems of HK Disneyland Recommend solutions to solve the problems

3 Introduction Had fun working together Did a lot of research Learned a lot about HK Disneyland Identified the problems of HK Disneyland Provide solutions to improve the image and popularity of HK Disneyland Hope you will enjoy our presentation as much as we did in the process of preparing it

4 Facts Fifth Disneyland in the world At Pennys Bay, Lantau Island Admission Fee: $295 Opening Hours:10:00am-8:00pm 4 themes 2 Resorts 23 Attractions 11 Shops 9 Restaurants

5 Development Announced in November 1999 Invested by Walt Disney Company and the HK Government Sleeping Beauty Castle topping ceremony on September 23, 2004 Opened on September 12, 2005 by Chinese Vice President Zeng Qinghong

6 First Disneyland in China Both Chinese and Western Culture can be found Brought in a feng shui master to choose a lucky day for its grand opening

7 How to Get There? MTR Tung Chung line Disneyland Resort Station Bus Cross-Boundary Buses from Lo Wu Control Point / Sheung Shui KCR Station

8 FASTPASS Reduce queuing time Reserve a place of that ride Enter through the FASTPASS queue of the attraction

9 Disney on Parade Suitable for all ages Starts at 3:30pm From Fantasyland to the Main Street USA Last for 20 minutes

10 Disney in the Stars Starts at 8:00pm Shown in the sky above Sleeping Beauty Castle

11 Park Map

12 Themes Main Street USA Fantasyland Adventureland Tomorrowland

13 Main Street USA American town in early 1900s Wide variety of charming shops and restaurants Lively marching bands and parades

14 Main Street USA City Hall Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad Main Street Vehicles The Disneyland Story

15 Fantasyland Walt Disney once said: "Fantasyland is dedicated to the young at heart and to those who believe that when you wish upon a star, your dreams come true."

16 Fantasyland The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Sleeping Beauty Castle Fantasy Gardens Dumbo the Flying Elephant Mad Hatter Tea Cups Cinderella Carousel Sword in the Stone Snow White Grotto The Golden Mickeys at Disney's Storybook Theater Mickey's Philhar Magic

17 Adventureland Edge and heart of adventure Features the terrain of far-off regions of the world and landscapes Fun-filled adventures

18 Adventureland Festival of the Lion King Jungle River Cruise Rafts Tarzan's Treehouse Liki Tikis

19 Tomorrowland Filled with futuristic fun Dreams inspire fantastic Disney adventures Explore distant reaches of the universe and discover untold wonders

20 Tomorrowland Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters Space Mountain Orbitron

21 Restaurants Plaza Inn Market House Bakery Main Street Corner Café Royal Banquet Hall Clopin's Festival of Foods Tahitian Terrace Restaurant River View Café Starliner Diner Comet Cafe

22 Shops Emporium Main Street Sweets Town Square Photo Main Street Mercantile The Curiosity Shop Midtown Jewelry Crystal Arts Silhouette Shop

23 Shops Pooh Corner Storybook Shoppe Merlin's Treasures Professor Porter's Trading Post Star Command Suppliers Space Traders

24 Future developments Two New Themes Frontierland Mickeys Toontown

25 Future developments Six new attractions Autopia Stitch Encounter UFO Cool Zone It's a small world" Pirates of the Caribbean Peter Pan's Flight

26 Survey Aim: Find out what visitors felt about the park Compare HK Disneyland with Ocean Park Interviewed 100 people Most were local citizens

27 Survey Results






33 Survey Analysis Main challenges of Hong Kong Disneyland: Park is too small Needs more attractions Long queues for rides Prices are too high

34 Recommendations 1.Offer half-day ticket with 40% discount 2.Build more resting places 3.Encourage people to re-visit the park 4.Promote HK Disneyland to foreign tourists 5.Develop unique rides and attractions 6.Enhance corporate responsibilities

35 Comparison between HK Disneyland and Ocean Park

36 Ocean Park scored well on questions related to location and size Cheaper in terms of transportation and admission fees Hong Kong Disneyland led by Mickey Mouse clearly won when it came to cartoon characters

37 Recommendations Survey results were close 45% favours HK Disneyland 41% prefers Ocean Park 14% neutral Cannot draw a definite conclusion

38 Recommendations Two parks should not rage hostile competition against each other Two parks have different purposes: –HK Disneyland is for amusement –Ocean Park is for educational & amusement The two parks form a cornerstone of the Hong Kong tourism industry

39 Conclusion Achieved the main objective of the report Very rewarding and we believe the skills we acquired will be useful to us in the future We believe Hong Kong Disneyland now plays an important role in local tourism industry, and will always be

40 Q & A session


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