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Spanish Restaurant Webquest: Español 3 Alma Carter.

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1 Spanish Restaurant Webquest: Español 3 Alma Carter

2 #1

3 Mexican Food Tamales. Gaucamole. Quesadilla.

4 Spanish Food Paella. Ensaimada.

5 the difference between Mexican and Spanish food: the main ingredients they use differ. - spice factor and seasonings: Mexican dishes generally has cilantro and hot chili peppers. Spanish uses peppers. - Mexican staple: tortillas, beans. - Spanish staple: potatoes, olive oil, eggplant.

6 # 2

7 In Spain, people eat dinner between 9pm and midnight. People in the U.S. usually eat their dinner around 5-6pm. Its much later than were used to.

8 # 3

9 Spain: the region of Catalanonia.

10 Pan a la Catalana. -the national dish. -Bred, tomatoes, olive oil, salt, ham, goat cheese. Calcotada. -spring onions, salbitxada (a spicy sauce made from peppers), crushed almonds, olive oil, tomato. -symbolises the coming of spring.

11 # 4

12 english. -beet. -Celery. -Broccoli -Onion -Squash -blueberry -Grape -apple juice -hot cocoa -eggnog -Beef -Shrimp -Squid -chicken salad -fruit salad -Brownie -cheesecake spanish. remolacha Apio brócoli -cebolla -calabacín -arándano uva zumo de manzana chocolate caliente ponche de huevo carne de res camarón calamar ensalada de pollo ensalada de fruta duende tarta de queso picture.

13 sites. uish-between-mexican-spanish-cuisine.html uish-between-mexican-spanish-cuisine.html nishfood/a/spain_meals.htm nishfood/a/spain_meals.htm bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f= 11&t=000103 bin/ubbcgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f= 11&t=000103

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