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The Southwest.

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1 The Southwest

2 The Southwest Arizona New Mexico Oklahoma Texas Nevada Utah Colorado

3 The Southwest Let’s think about Southwest Food…

4 Textbook Reading - Page 634-636
The Southwest Textbook Reading - Page Take notes in pkt. Answer question #1 on page 641 Answer question #6 on page 644

5 Historical Information 1 heavy Spanish and Mexican influence
The Southwest Historical Information 1 Area is known for heavy Spanish and Mexican influence

6 The Southwest Historical Information 2 & 3
Area is suited for cattle and sheep raising rather than farming Cowboys are a tradition Cattle ranching and driving cattle to market Foods reflect that

7 Historical Information 4 & 5 Farming= wheat, rice, and citrus
The Southwest Historical Information 4 & 5 Tex-Mex cuisine includes: Strong spices Reliance on beans, rice and vegetables Rather than meat Farming= wheat, rice, and citrus

8 The Southwest CLIMATE Hot, dry summers- longer growing season
Short, mild winters Not a lot of rainfall – have to be more water conscious

9 The Southwest Common Foods Corn, beans, rice, tacos, and tamales

10 The Southwest Common Foods Chili- spicy HOT pepper… Ghost pepper:

11 The Southwest Common Foods Fajitas, nachos, and quesadillas

12 The Southwest Common Foods Cornbread and tortillas

13 The Southwest Common Foods
Texas BBQ – roasting meats for longer period of time

14 How to Make Chili
Watch the following videos and fill in the demo notes in your packet about how to make great chili. A basic chili usually includes the following: ½ pound ground beef crushed tomatoes basic spices onion peppers and hot peppers carrots beans, kidney, pinto, black, canellini Other things you might want to add in: other hot peppers other meats or meat substitutes sour cream cheeses – pepper jack, sharp cheddar, Monterey jack

15 Recipe Name: Cornbread Region: Southwest
Sift: Aerate ingredients by putting through sifter to make lighter If you would like to make corn muffins: bake about 14 minutes and then check If you would like to make a pan of cornbread, bake for 20 minutes and then check.

16 Recipe Name: Spicy Rice & Beans Region: Southwest
Ingredients: 2 c. flavored broth, you choose flavor – beef, chicken or veggie 1 c. rice 1 t. butter 1 clove garlic, minced ½ onion, diced ½ c. kidney beans 1 tsp. cumin ¼ tsp. salt 1/8 tsp. cayenne pepper (or less to taste)  Procedure: In the large sauce pot, sauté any additional veggies first with some cooking spray. Then, leave the veggies in the pot and bring the broth to a boil. Add in butter, rice, garlic, and spices, and simmer over medium-low heat for 15 – 20 minutes, or until soft and all broth is absorbed. Stir twice during cooking to prevent sticking. When rice is soft, stir in the beans; cook on low heat for 4-5 minutes or until heated through. Remove the rice and beans mixture from the pot; present in serving bowl or on platter.

17 Recipe Name: Veggie Quesadillas Region: Southwest
SHRED and then sauté all veggies together FIRST. Remove those ingredients before adding tortilla Twice Grilled: Grill on one side, then flip and grill on the other. * Usually done in juices/remnants of other food for flavor. Form either: 2 2-tortilla quesadillas that are cut in half 4 1-tortilla quesadillas that are folded in half 4 1-tortilla quesadillas that are folded burrito-style **Warm the tortilla for about 10 seconds if you want to form a burrito  Shred: Using a box grater, cut food into small pieces * Do for Cheese THEN zucchini.

18 Recipe Name: Veggie Quesadillas Region: Southwest

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