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McDonalds Corporation Presented By: Ardis Shannon Adam Krupa Jigar Patel David Seid Samuel George.

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1 McDonalds Corporation Presented By: Ardis Shannon Adam Krupa Jigar Patel David Seid Samuel George

2 McDonalds Mission Be the best quick service restaurant experience. By providing quality, service, cleanliness and value that make every customer in every restaurant smile.

3 3 World wide strategies Best employer Operational Excellence Continue to grow and be profitable

4 History 1940 First McDonalds 1952 Attempts at franchising 1954 Milk Shake Machine 1955 prototype opens in Des Plaines, IL McDonalds 1961 McDonald brothers sell rights 1965 McDonalds go public 1968 Introduction of Big Mac and shift to Network Television restaurants McDonalds Restaurants 1990 record sales

5 History Continued 1994 Kuwait City, Kuwait 2002 Forty seven years after – 30,000 locations – 2000 new restaurants – World Wide Web – McDonalds a recognized Brand Name

6 Recent Acquisitions/Divestitures Boston Market Chipolte Mexican Grill Donatos Pizza chain McCafe

7 Training Surpasses even the U.S. Army Provides career opportunities Service Enhancement Process Consistent through CD-ROMs

8 ReHIREment Program established for mature workers Ease of transition of older workers returning to the workforce. Flexible scheduling so as not to jeopardize their Social Security benefits. More than 40,000 older workers serve McDonalds customers on any given day

9 McJobs Assistance to employees with mental and physical disabilities. More than 9,000 workers went through the program. Given formal graduation ceremony

10 Management Development Programs Crew Development Restaurant Management Mid-Management Executive Development

11 Hamburger University Management Training Center Worldwide Education Program Technology 200 per class 65,000 managers graduated to date

12 Women and Minorities Soars above stereotype of average fast-food joint Compose more than 50 percent of McDonalds current workforce Featured as the The Best Companies for Minorities

13 Product Lines Hamburgers Chicken Sandwiches French Fries Beverages Breakfast Items Desserts

14 Technology McDonalds in Sweden – Worlds First Snowmobile Drive-Thru McDonalds & ExxonMobil??? – Speedpass invades McDonalds

15 Industry Trends What is happening with fast food? – People are more educated McDonalds Responds – Americas First McCafe In Downtown Chicago

16 Financial Agenda System Wide Sales McDonalds Corporation Revenues Cash Flow Financial Ratios Stock Performance

17 System Wide Sales In The Year 2000 $ Billion

18 McDonalds Corporation Sales By Segment

19 Income (in millions) Net Revenues Net Income Earnings / Share

20 Cash Flow Statement In (millions) Net Income Net Cash Provided By Operating Activities Net Cash Provided By Investing Activities Net Cash Provided By Financing Activities $1,977.3 $2,751.5 (2,212.6) (536.7) $1, ,008.9 (2,261.8) (626.8) Cash and equivalents increase(decrease) Cash and equivalents at beginning of year Cash and Equivalents at end of year $2.2 $419.5 $421.7 $120.3 $299.2 $419.5

21 Financial Ratios Analysis McDonaldIndustry P/E Ratio Price to Sales Price to Book Quick Ratio Inventory Turnover Total Debt to Equity Net Profit Margin Return on Assets Return on Investment Return on Equity Revenue/Employee40,85277,289

22 Stock Performance Mkt Cap 52-wk Range Last Trade B Mar

23 Making A Difference We have an obligation to give back to the communities that give us so much." - Founder Ray Kroc, 1955

24 Social Commitments 9-11 Relief Effort Environmental Concerns Educational Involvement Quality & Safety Procedures Ronald McDonald House Charities (RHMC)

25 Stay Tuned ………… Stay Tuned …………

26 Terence Haynes Senior Vice President, U.S. Controller Terence Haynes Senior Vice President, U.S. Controller Native of South Africa Education: Bachelor of Commerce University of Witwatersand in Johannesburg Prior Position: Chief Financial Officer in the U.K.

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