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2 Introduction Founded in 1994 by three technologists - Dr Rajeswari Chattopadhyay (Ph.D.Electrical Communications Engineering) Aloknath Chattopadhyay (M.E., Telecommunications Engineering) B. K. Sampath (B.Sc. Physics). Manufactures microwave and RF components for microwave, satellite communication and radar systems Initial Financing from Karnataka State Financial Corporation Located in Bangalore the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ Has state-of-the-art test equipment and a modern,high-tech testing, tuning and quality control facility. Committed to providing low cost and high quality solutions to fulfill the specialized requirements of demanding customers in the microwave communication and related industries.

3 Product Line Several types of filters including lumped element filters
helical filters ID filters combline filters coaxial and waveguide filters Successfully developed an outdoor transmitter for a talk-back terminal of a distance education system. (includes power supply , amplifier, synthesiser and BPSK modulator with associated circuits.)

4 Product Line

5 Product Line

6 Facilities

7 Test Equipment Network Analyser HP8757XC (includes synthesised generator) and all accessories for both coax and waveguide testing. Wiltron L-Band Network Analyser HP Spectrum Analyser 26.5 GHz - Model E4408B HP Spectrum Analyser 1.5 GHz - Model E4411B Anritsu Spectrum Analyser GHz Model MS2951A HP Power Meter 435A with Low Power Sensor 8481A Tektronix Oscilloscope 60 MHz Model TDS210 Anritsu Microwave Link Analyser 70 MHz - 2 Ea Antistatic Work Stations Drill Machine and minor workshop tools

8 State of the Art Equipment

9 Commitment to Quality Production Completed Units Tested
Ready for Packing and Dispatch All units are individually tested and labelled Test Reports of each unit is stored. Complete traceability of each unit is ensured

10 Clients Government of India departments including
Defence Establishments, the Master Control Facility and other divisions of the Department of Space Centre for Development of Telematics. Bharat Electronics ITI Ltd. Daimler Benz Research Corporation, NATELCO (Nashik), Bharti-British Telecom, Telstra-V-Comm

11 Typical Order and Supply

12 Contact Works: +91 - 80 - 2351 1622 Office: +91 - 80 - 2351 4651- 4
Fax: URL:

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