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THE FIRST STEP1 in Disaster Recovery Planning a presentation by City Risk Management The First Step.

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1 THE FIRST STEP1 in Disaster Recovery Planning a presentation by City Risk Management The First Step



4 THE FIRST STEP4 What is a Disaster? Any unforeseen event which affects the normal working practices and services of an organisation Any incident can develop into a disaster. The scale may differ but the result often means DISRUPTION to the business A direct effect on PROFITABILITY Additional COSTS

5 THE FIRST STEP5 Disaster Recovery Planning BE AWARE THAT THE UNEXPECTED WILL HAPPEN THINK - THE BUSINESS MAY NOT SURVIVE! Understand The likely COST of a catastrophe The potential disruption even a MINOR incident could cause

6 THE FIRST STEP6 Do you have a PLAN? YES - Were INSURED

7 THE FIRST STEP7 But are you covered for? Loss of custom Loss of confidence Damage to reputation Lost time Cost of a claim to mention only a few

8 THE FIRST STEP8 Take positive action because you know the importance of Business & Financial Planning Proper Forecasting Marketing Plans then THINK!

9 THE FIRST STEP9 Apply the same emphasis to Business Continuity Planning

10 THE FIRST STEP10 Business Continuity Planning saves lives, property and resources relieves suffering prevents escalating damage saves jobs speeds recovery and return to normality saves businesses and financial assets

11 THE FIRST STEP11 Develop a Plan But to be effective it must Have total management support Be a company-wide issue Involve every aspect of the business Create awareness throughout the organisation

12 THE FIRST STEP12 Meet your Needs Any plan used must be Clear and comprehensive Common to all business functions Capable of development and fine tuning Deliverable Practical and sustainable

13 THE FIRST STEP13 The plan must provide for The establishment of a Disaster Recovery Team Employee safety Liaison with the emergency services Controlling and containing the incident Communicating with Reinstating the business activities Customers Suppliers Media Short term Long term

14 THE FIRST STEP14 Disaster Recovery Planning is aimed at identifying the risks encourages preventative measures is no excuse for poor risk management creates a team approach is planning NOT TO FAIL

15 THE FIRST STEP15 The First Step provides The basic plan – common to all organisations A flexible framework A reduction in the need for crisis action The minimum amount of management The means to start developing your own plan A COST EFFECTIVE solution

16 THE FIRST STEP16 The First Step is a pre-written plan is easy to complete – simply insert company details when prompted is a Mail Merge document allowing inclusion of your details as fields has over 200 fields many used several times. Shown as > in the examples Includes pre-prepared cascade systems (Full instructions are provided) Examples of the forms are shown on the next 4 slides

17 THE FIRST STEP17 DISASTER RECOVERY TEAM Procedure for alerting personnel If a disaster occurs, or any event which has the potential to develop into a disaster, then the Disaster Controller should be contacted immediately. If unavailable for any reason, contact any other member of the Team. Contact Details «DisContName» «DCAddLine1» «DCAddLine2» «DCAddLine3» «DCAddLine4» Tel: «DCTelNo» Mobile: «DCMobileNo» «TeamMemb1Name» «TM1AddLine1» «TM1AddLine2» «TM1AddLine3» «TM1AddLine4» Tel: «TM1TelNo» Mobile: «TM1MobileNo» «TeamMemb2Name» «TM2AddLine1» «TM2AddLine2» «TM2AddLine3» «TM2AddLine4» Tel: «TM2TelNo» Mobile: «TM2MobileNo» Example 1

18 THE FIRST STEP18 Fire, Police, AmbulanceDetermine the service(s) required999' the nature of the event and the precise location. Additional assistance or information may be obtained from the following personnel:- Crime Prevention Officer«CPOName»Tel: «CPOTelNo» «CPOAddLine1» «CPOAddLine2» «CPOAddLine3» «CPOAddLine4» Home OfficeTel: Insurance Brokers«InsceBkrName»Tel: «BkrTelNo» «BkrAddLine1» «BkrAddLine2» Fax: «BkrFaxNo» «BkrAddLine3» «BkrAddLine4» 24 Hour Help LineTel: «TwentyFourHrNo» Loss Adjuster etc Emergency Contact Numbers Example 2

19 THE FIRST STEP19 "ACTION" CHECKLIST FOR ANYONE RECEIVING A TELEPHONE "BOMB" THREAT Immediately alert someone if possible (so that a senior colleague or proprietor or manager can be informed) but DO NOT PUT DOWN THE HANDSET OR CUT OFF THE CONVERSATION. ENSURE POLICE ARE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY. Obtain as much information as you can. Try to keep the caller talking (apologise for bad line, ask him to speak up etc.). Complete this form as you go along, asking questions in sequence as necessary. MESSAGE (Exact Words) Where is it? What time will it go off? What does it look like? What kind of bomb is it? (Type of explosive) Why are you doing this? Time of Call Who are you? (Name) Address WHEN THE CALL HAS FINISHED GIVE THIS FORM TO A SENIOR COLLEAGUE OR PROPRIETOR OR MANAGER, WHO WILL DECIDE WHAT TO DO. THE MORE INFORMATION YOU GET, THE EASIER IT WILL BE TO DECIDE WHETHER THE WARNING WAS GENUINE OR NOT. etc Example 3

20 THE FIRST STEP20 Sample Letter Our Ref:Date Dear Sirs, Temporary Relocation As a result of the recent damage to our premises, we have relocated to the following premises:- Address: Telephone No: Facsimile No: We will endeavour to deal with your queries in the normal way, though we would be grateful if you could bear with us at this time. If you experience any difficulty in making contact with us, please telephone «TempContCo», Telephone No. «TCCoTelNo», Facsimile No. «TCCoFaxNo» who will endeavour to assist. When we are in a position to move back to our own premises, we will contact you again. Yours faithfully «CompanyName» Example 4

21 THE FIRST STEP21 Key Benefits of The First Step removes fear of the unknown (ie what do I write?) provides a flexible and practical model creates and increases awareness improves communications helps to bring certainty to business plans turns assumptions into realities

22 THE FIRST STEP22 How you communicate with customers and suppliers is vital Your reputation may depend on Acknowledging the incident Handling the media correctly Confirming that the incident is under control Stressing the benefits of Disaster Planning Denying your competitors the opportunity to cash in on your misfortune

23 THE FIRST STEP23 The Costs Direct costs Disk Purchase£295 Indirect costs Managers timeapprox ½ day Secretarys timeapprox ½ day

24 THE FIRST STEP24 The Alternatives Estimated Costs 1The DIY PlanMinimum of 10 working days for both a manager and his secretary 2Other IT Products£1000 and upwards Plus consultancy fees

25 THE FIRST STEP25 Software is available for The First Step in WordPerfect and Microsoft Word – All versions

26 THE FIRST STEP26 You dont have access to any of the software? Fill in a questionnaire Return it to us with the required information A plan can be prepared for you in hard copy and on disk (ready for conversion)

27 THE FIRST STEP27 Your return on Investment Better business practice Increased efficiency Risk recognition and reduction Improved communications Being equipped to handle a disaster Insurance discounts SURVIVAL

28 THE FIRST STEP28 Remember! 80% of businesses without a viable recovery plan will FAIL within 12 months A recovery plan will help your SURVIVAL


30 THE FIRST STEP30 Take The First Step and order you copy from City Risk Management 6 Patterson Court Wrenthorpe Wakefield West Yorkshire WF2 0ST Tel/Fax

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