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ACHIEVEMENTS IN ONE One Slide – One Minute Presentations Combined Chairs and Managers Leadership Forums 2011.

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2 ACHIEVEMENTS IN ONE One Slide – One Minute Presentations Combined Chairs and Managers Leadership Forums 2011

3 What is Achievements in One? An opportunity for collaboration and enhancing a One University/One Waka approach Celebrating our success and recognising Excellence, Distinctiveness and International Connectedness Ko te tangata – developing collective leadership Working smarter – responding to the external environment more proactively


5 POD Achievements 2011 Successful introduction of Postgraduate Certificate: Leadership in Higher Education (16 participants in 2011) Leadership and Management Development Programme Women in Leadership Forums in fourth year General Staff Day Development of General Staff Attendance at External Events guidelines Review of COD role undertaken with recommendations to be phased in over three years from 2012 Appointment of Organisational Development Adviser (Maureen Marra)


7 School of Arts Achievements 2011 Bedding down of School of Arts within FASS Success with 2011 Marsden round Music programme to be restyled as Conservatorium CUAP initiative around Text and Translation Bachelor of Media and Creative Technologies going to Honours Curriculum development for International Languages and Culture major (including CAT) Consolidation of Research Centre: Mediarena International successes

8 UNILink Anthea Kivell

9 UNILink Achievements 2011 Increased research income to date Implementation of Project Accounting – providing training sessions and continuing support Provided additional support for staff preparing research proposals Introduced weekly email research newsletter Established a series of 12 Research Professional Workshops during 2011 Hosted several Professional Development Workshops through the ARMS network – Next on the 7 th Dec Strengthened relationships through the National University Research Offices Network (URONZ) with a number of working groups in place.

10 Information Systems Group (ISG) ITS Division Milo Roth Achievements in One

11 ISG Achievements 2011 Full service provider: Advise/Consultancy, Business Process Redesign, Software Design & Development, Project Management, Maintenance & Support Business-as-Usual : maintenance and support of most corporate systems with minimum disruption to the business Project Achievements: Online Academic Promotions & Salary Advancements (live 8 th August 2011) – 218 applications Online GSSR (live 29 th August 2011) – 750 GSSR reports Paper Appraisals process & Teleforms system (live June 2011) – 2,453 paper appraisals with 58,139 responses recorded Upgraded PBRF to support the 2012 TEC audit requirements (live 25th July 2011) Project Accounting (live October 2011) - External Research: 856 projects; Research Trust : 1044 projects Oracle Financials rel. 12.1.3 upgrade (live October 2011) – First successful release12 upgrade in NZ Alesco HRM rel.12 upgrade (live August 2011) PhD Progress Reports Online (in progress) PGS Online (in progress) Gradebook Integration (in progress) Application to Enrol, Programme Planning on the Web, etc (in progress) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation featured in Oracle Magazin (international exposure)

12 Student Learning, Faculty of Education Dr E. Marcia Johnson and Ms Andrea Haines Achievements in One

13 Student Learning Achievements 2011 WaiBoost – a highly successful four-day, motivational, academic skills programme for under-achieving students. Ran in FASS (before A- semester and in B-semester for Maori students in FEDU). Doctoral Writing Conversations (DWC) – a very popular pan- university, weekly research and writing conversation with doctoral students. Includes invited speakers, targetted workshops, students own writing time, and 2 off-campus writing retreats. Website redesign – to improve ease of access to our interactive online materials. Implementation of an effective, tailor-made online enrollment programme for face-to-face workshops.

14 Buildings Maintenance Manager FACILITIES MANAGEMENT DIVISION TREVOR HARRIS Achievements in One

15 Achievements 2011 UOWs EQ-prone & EQ-risk buildings: UOW now has no EQ-prone structures of significance Project Manage 2012 stage of 5-year Halls Refurbishment programme ($6M College Halls project currently out-to-tender) Project Manage SUB Re-cladding work (phase 1) -$450k Set up Supply & Service Agreement for Supply of Carpet Tiles (vinyl in progress) Day job: 8 staff: $700k reactive & $1M+ preventative maintenance CONMEN to preserve sanity

16 Management Communication Department COD Professor Ted Zorn Presented by A/COD David McKie

17 Management Communication Achievements 2011 Five active competitive research grants worth $1.2M in 2011: Marsden Fund, Foundation for Research Science and Technology, Health Research Council, and Business Research Institute Awards: NCA Ethics Division Top Edited Volume, NCA Division top article and top paper award, WMS & UoW Outstanding Teaching Award, Thesis in 3 Peoples Choice, and an ICA Outstanding Service award 2 edited scholarly books (+1 Spanish trans.), 11 research book chapters, 27 refereed journal articles Leading international journals: 1 Editorship, 2 Guest Editorships, & many editorial board memberships Over 30 conference presentations (including keynotes, invited seminars, posters) + ICA division chair 4 completed PhDs plus 2 submitted PhDs (under examination), and 4 completed Masters Scholarships: 1 Rhodes, 1 New Horizon for Womens Trust, 1 Bren Low, 1 UoW summer research Collaboration with universities in Europe (Austria, Poland, Spain, Switzerland) and the UK (LeedsMet, Stirling, York), UCT South Africa, and USA (Cincinnati, Kent, UCAL, Vermont) and PRSA educators Co-ran two successful international conferences ANZCA in Hamilton and PR in Barcelona Mean Taught Paper Quality in Semester A = 1.6

18 Chemistry Department Joseph Lane SDW 2011

19 Chemistry Achievements 2011 Publications in international refereed journals: 42 Conference presentations: 40 Research degree completions: 7 PhD and 11 MSc 8 new external contracts for graduate research >400 school children attended outreach events: ChemQuest, Analytical Chemistry Competition and NCEA Scholarship Day 300 delegates will be hosted for the NZIC international conference First analysis of Rena oil composition in the public domain All achieved with just 9.5 FTE academic staff However, similar achievement in 2012 is uncertain given a further reduction of 1.5 FTE academic staff

20 SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Brian Gabbitas Achievements in One: 2011

21 Engineering Achievements 2011 Research:Marsden funding: Ilanko $790,000 over 3 years MSI funding: Mike Duke $80,000 for a project with Fletcher Building Adrian Dorrington: $250,000 funding from Microsoft Johan Verbeek nominated for a KUDOS Award Howell Round: given a Distinguished Service award by ACPSEM Teaching: Rob Torrens, Marcus Wilson, Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards Other:IPENZ accreditation for BE degrees for 5 years Janis Swan: Marsden Council Mike Duke: collaboration with Bochum University of Applied Sciences on electric car run from Auckland to Invercargill. Moira Steyn-Ross: Inaugural professorial lecture

22 ITS - Infrastructure Dougal Mair

23 ITS Instrastructure Achievements 2011 Project Fusion – staff migration to Google Apps Student Internet Outsourced to Lightwire Tauranga Network improvements New Telephony Systems New Data Centre – currently commissioning Druva Desktop Backup Solution Systems & Storage Infrastructure Improvements Maintained High Network & Systems KPIs Network Availability (Jan to Oct) = 99.971% Network Availability (Jan to Oct) = 99.958%


25 Waikato Print Achievements 2011 There has been a 20% increase in colour digital printing in 2011 The skill level of staff has continued to be excellent with another two staff completing print associated training We have appointed a talented new designer Waikato Print has produced over 29,000 printed course pack readers this year We have processed 10,625 individual print jobs through Printcost since it went live in July 2010 We have produced 6, 696 Print Jobs through Printcost this year 1 st Jan – 24 th Oct 2011 Survey shows that over 85% of customers rate their experience with us as excellent

26 Waikato Centre for eLearning Nigel Robertson Achievements in One

27 Achievements 2011 Upgrade to Moodle 2.0 50-fold increase in use of Panopto Developed Panopto block for Moodle Wrote Moodle connection for Gradebook project Roll out of Gmail & Calendar and now Google docs WCELfest2011 – 160 attendees 60+ Workshops run for staff, over 450 attendees Development of Digital Literacy for Staff project Inputs to Leading Edge, Web Presence, Digital Literacy projects Developed and supported the 1 st Nola Campbell eLearning Award

28 ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT the top scoring Department in the No 1 Business School Dan Marsh

29 Some Economics Department Achievements 2011 Innovation in Teaching ECON100 Review this was a joyful review, the teaching team each receiving extraordinarily high ratings. The Economics Dept should be complimented …. ECON100 Video Awards – 2552 Views of The Economics of Dating Professional development days for high school economics teachers Economics Graduate is new Chief Financial Officer at General Motors Economics tops the WMS research output table …. the top scoring Department in the No 1 Business School John Gibson awarded the Deans award for research excellence (4 th award to Economics in last 5 years) 7 PhD completions and one MPhil in 2011 Generation of External Research Funds $765,000 Marsden Fund Grant, Pollution and Immigrant Asthma in New Zealand Plus generation of well over $ 1million in last 3 years RePEc Top 8% of Economics Institutions Worldwide

30 Department of Human Development and Counselling Wendy Drewery Achievements in One

31 Selected Achievements 2011 282 EFTS (+30 on 2010): 25% PG, 33% Teacher Ed, 41% HD, (23% Cg) 10.5 FTEs, increasing to 12.5 (2005 FTE) in 2012 Selected Outputs: 2 edited books (14 co-authored chapters) 2 TLRI Commissioned Research Reports completed Waikato Journal of Education Special Issue on Human Development 12 articles in refereed journals so far Grants won: TLRI began 2011, 2 in progress PG Supervision Award for Staff Excellence Changing the name of the subject: Special Education becomes Disability and Inclusion Studies Waikato Summer Studentship, Ethics Summer Studentship

32 Library Vye Perrone & Rae Gendall Achievements in One

33 Library Achievements 2011 Improved Access to Information Library Search implemented Website reorganised & redesigned using UOW 2010 templates Digital collection: British Parliamentary Papers- NZ is live Service Model Progress Discharge your own books (& get receipt to prove it!) Z Portal: staff, students can place & track own interlibrary loans Open, browsable Course Reserve Collection Triage approach embedded

34 Library Achievements 2011 Teaching and Research Support Research Consultations – nearly doubled to approx 2,500 hours Academic staff consultations – up 33% to 750 Students attending classes – risen by 3,500 to 11,500 New technologies to engage students Research Commons Open access Institutional repository - added another 1500 items, now approx 5,400 items including over 1000 theses Student Centre Opens Fabulous space, collections in place, staff rewarded!

35 School of Māori and Pacific Development Achievements in One

36 SMPD Achievements 2011 The School He Puna Kōrero-Journal of Māori & Pacific Development 10 years Launch of first online te reo Māori journal at UOW Te Kōtihitihi Te Tohu Paetahi- Māori Immersion Language Programme - celebrating 20 years Major Research Projects Tom Roa – Exploring a Māori classificatory system of flora and fauna within Tainui waka Hēmi Whaanga – The ethics, processes and procedures associated with the digitisation of the Pei Jones Collection and the opening of the Mareikura room in the library Professor Ngāhuia Te Awekotuku – conclusion of Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga Project, Aitua : Death in a Changing Māori World. All objectives met - 3 symposia, 19 publications, 23 conference papers, 8 keynote & invited addresses, 4 wānanga and 5 MA completions. The Staff Sandra L Morrison –National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award in a Kaupapa Māori Context Professor Linda Smith – appointment to the Constitutional Review Panel; Decolonising Methodologies translated into Spanish and revised manuscript Professor Ngahuia Te Awekotuku – Le Prix des etudiants de l'Universite de la Polynesie francaise 2011 - sponsored by Association "Les Amis du Journal Te U'i Mata", for Mau Moko, le monde du tatouage Maori (French version of Mau Moko the world of Māori tattoo) published 2010. PhD completions 3 Māori, 1 indigenous Hawaiian, 1 Indigenous Taiwan student, 1 French student (working in Taiwan) Visiting research scholars Dr Alex Onysko (University of Innsbruck, Austria) and Dr Marta Degani (University of Verona, Italy) research on Investigating lexical and semantic features of Māori English Dr Felecia Watkin-Lui, Senior Lecturer and Director of Research School of Indigenous Australian Studies (James Cook University, Cairns) research presentation I heard it through the Blackvine Dr Myla Vicenti Carpio, Associate Professor American Indian Studies (Arizona State University, USA) Critical issues in Indigenous Studies His Highness Head of State of Samoa Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi Professor Pat Dudgeon, Curtin Indigenous Research Centre, Western Australia

37 BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES FSEN Brendan Hicks, COD23 Nov 2010, COD Forum Achievements of Biological Sciences in 2011

38 Biological Sciences achievements in 2011 Teaching – 26 undergrad courses, 26 MSc courses Grad students - 48 MSc and PGDip, 48 PhD 286 EFTS, 23 PBRF-eligible academic staff, 17 general staff, 1 Senior Tutor 5 new academic staff in 2011 Research – 263 PBRF-eligible outputs (120 journal articles, 4 book chapters, 125 conference contributions) – 5% increase from 2010 4.4 M EFTS revenue, 2.1 M PBRF revenue before contribution External research income – about $3 M per year Commercial income – (DNA sequencer, Waikato Stable Isotope Unit, etc) - $300 k per year Marsden Fund income - $586k per year (Antarctic microbial diversity, thermostable enzymes, toxic sea slugs) Health Research Council - $844 k over 3 years (Arcus) Antarctic research programme – 8 researchers, 8 students, $3.3 M logistic support over 4 years ICTAR – International Centre for Terrestrial Antarctic Research

39 Earth and Ocean Sciences Faculty of Science and Engineering Dave Campbell Achievements in One: Earth and Ocean Sciences

40 Our Achievements 2011 183 EFTS (+10%), including 13 taught PG and 43 research PG, SSR=15.0 Papers offered: 22 undergraduate & 16 new (15 pt) graduate Average paper quality score in 2010 = 1.5 Postgraduate: 11 MSc, 7 PhD/MPhil theses; Postgrad. conference $4K sponsorship Research: New FRSNZ (David Lowe) PBRF (2006): score 5.0, 3rd in ES, a high-scoring subject External income in 2011: Research: $1.52 M existing contracts + $0.75 M new (1-6 yrs), 9.4 FTE of contract research staff New Marsden contract ($215 K/yr) Commercial & consultancy: $270 K

41 Communications and External Relations Achievements in One

42 Communications and External Relations Continued to update academics photos across University. Published hard copy version of Experts File. Hosted Business After 5 function in Tauranga. Organised UoW presence and advertising for 8 regional careers expos. Held University Open Day with Faculties and Schools for 3000 visitors to entire campus. Organised UoW presence at 6 events for Pacifica students. Supported launch of Coastal Marine Field Station in Tauranga. Supported Matatini partnership with publicity, recruitment and marketing. Supported UCONZ events with WaikatoLink. Launched official University Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube channel for domestic and international markets. Provided support for new research institutes. Organised and supported 6 events in schools for Māori students. Held 6 Update Days and events for Teachers. Conducted huge programme of school visits, campus visits and lectures. Launched market-specific international web profiles. Supported Law for an enews. Recruitment advisers appointed for India, SE Asia, Middle East and Europe/USA. Hosted agent visits on campus. Produced Off Campus alumni magazine. Updated Facts and Figures brochure. Introduced a day planner for iWaikato. A, B, T Semester University-wide advertising campaigns. Held 1800 programme planning appointments for school and mature students. Promotional events and support for Hillary programme. Renewed Maori at Waikato publication. Extensive recruitment programme in-country in China and India. Education NZ PACE Fairs in South America, SE Asia, Sri Lanka and Turkey. Produced a promotional DVD of the University. Support for Faculties marketing, publications, advertising. Created Fieldays stands, collateral, news, seminars. Created web page takeover and social media activity for Fieldays. Worked with Maori students in Auckland schools through KATTI programme. Organised evening for new students from Auckland. Careers advisers website. Year 10 Experience Day. Built up a database of strong University photos. Finalised migration/content of international microsite. Produced 2012 direct marketing promotion for prospective students. Supported Postgraduate Research Month. Facebook followers have gone from 0 to 5000 this year. Produced Tauranga prospectus. Updated Tauranga website. Newsline Newsletter to Secondary Schools and regular careers advisers emails. Support for the WPC Fairs for their students to move to degree level study. Produced 11 editions of Community. Supported alumni events nationally and internationally. Started creating research capability brochures for Faculties. Produced international student videos. Produced booklet for users of Student Centre. Provided support for rowing championships. Created annual information/promotion pack for new students. Branded merchandise stocktake and website update. Support for WILSS programmes on campus for secondary school student. Support for Faculties/Schools Recruitment events. Supported 40th anniversary of Blues Awards. Promoted student surveys on campus. Supported teaching excellence awards, Women in Leadership Day, adult learner awards. Based a recruitment agent in India. Helped finalise social media policy. Provided support for honorary doctorates, including one in Rotorua. Provided support for Distinguished Alumni Awards dinner. Produced variety of prospectuses. Sponsored visit by top Chinese agents JJL. Study Abroad and Exchange administration. Supported Great Race 10 year anniversary. Supported Equidays event. Hired three international recruiters to be based in NZ. Hosted recruitment information evenings around North Island. Supported Faculty/Division social media presences. Supported signage project for Student Centre. Recruitment in PNG, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. NZ Universities recruitment in India. Monitoring applications and enrolments. Contribute to and create Tauranga partnership enews. Launched enews for international recruitment agencies. Organised celebrations for Academy 10-year anniversary and renaming. Organised three launches for Student Centre. Supported rebranding of the Academy. Re-enrolment advertising campaign. Hired a media liaison co-oordinator. Relationship-building with partners and agents at NAFSA. UoW YouTube channel had approx 2500 video views in October. UoW Twitter has gone from 0 to 470 followers so far this year. Created and ran internal re-enrolment campaigns. Organised speakers for all graduation ceremonies. Recruitment activities in Tauranga and Auckland offices. Training and leadership for Student Ambassadors. Partner meetings at EAIE – Europe. Recruitment with AustraLearn USA. UoW agents reviewed and streamlined. Organised the new professors dinner. Ran Winter Lecture Series. Provided support for Inaugural Professorial Lectures. Organised and provided advertising for 13 information evenings in regions and on-campus. Produced social media guides and resources. Hosted agent/delegation visits on campus. Hosted stakeholder breakfasts in Tauranga and Hamilton. Working on story boards to place around campus. Agent training being developed. Agent contracts managed and commissions paid. And… survived office moves, recladding, painting, noise and scaffolding.

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