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Dean of Graduate WPI Bogdan Vernescu Mathematical Sciences Department WPI.

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1 Dean of Graduate Studies @ WPI Bogdan Vernescu Mathematical Sciences Department WPI

2 History of Accomplishments FOUNDING DIRECTOR, Center for Industrial Mathematics and Statistics (CIMS), WPI, 1997-2003. Developed projects in mathematics and statistics with corporations, government, non-profits, Integrated projects vertically at all levels: K-12, undergraduate, graduate, faculty, Developed industrial contacts, formed an Advisory Board, Secured funding from corporations, NSF, GE Foundation, Sloan Foundation, Exxon-Mobil, SIAM. CIMS ran since inception: over 130 projects for over 70 sponsors.

3 History of Accomplishments DEPARTMENT HEAD, Department of Mathematical Sciences, WPI, 2003-2013. Managed a department of over 40 faculty and staff members, Developed and managed the operating budget (approx. $5M/year), Recruited faculty and provided development support, Established the first chaired position, Developed an administrative and staff team, Helped recruit undergraduates and graduates, Introduced curriculum changes and developed new programs (BS/PSM, PSM, MS), Developed alumni and donor relations, Provided support for accreditation: NEASC, ABET, Developed facilities, labs, office space, Developed the new website.

4 History of Accomplishments FOUNDING PRESIDENT, National Professional Science Masters Association (NPSMA), 2007 -2008 PRESIDENT, 2012 Established a 501(c)(3) association; hired its staff Developed with the BoD the strategic vision and plan Obtained support ($500K) from the Sloan Foundation Collaborated with the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) and the regional associations (NAGS, MAGS, WAGS), deans, provosts and presidents of universities to help establish new PSM programs. Represented the NPSMA on the CGS PSM Advisory Board. Conducted evaluation of new PSM programs for state systems in NY, NJ, MN. Co-organized the NPSMA National conferences and workshops. Collaborated with the various PSM stakeholders: NRC, NGA, NASH, NCSL, CUR etc. on PSM related topics

5 Graduate Studies @ WPI AXIOM: Graduate education is at the very core of any research university, with an important role in enhancing its stature and recognition.

6 Graduate Studies @ WPI THE WPI GRADUATE PLAN !!! Broad involvement: Faculty Graduate Students (GSG) Graduate Alumni Faculty Governance (CGSR) Corporate and Professional Education Enrollment Management Finance University Advancement Human Resources

7 Office of Graduate Studies @ WPI Office of Graduate Studies should: provide strategic leadership for the quality and relevance of the graduate academic programs, develop synergies between graduate programs and stimulate the development of multidisciplinary programs, develop relationships with other institutions and industry for the benefit of graduate student training and placement, support and contribute to development activities and alumni relations. should be involved in: the recruitment and retention of highly qualified and diverse student body, the development of a supporting environment for the professional development of all graduate students.

8 Graduate Studies @ WPI Recruitment of highly qualified students: offer competitive fellowships (including summer), support aggressive recruitment from colleges and universities, support and help plan campus visits for prospective students, encourage the use of our own BS and REU programs as feeders into MS and PhD, expand national and international collaborations and exchanges, improve Open Houses and website content. Retention of highly qualified students by providing a supporting environment for professional development that includes: a professional development program, job search training (with CDC and Alumni Office), recognition of research achievements (GRAD, I3, web), graduate housing options, good health insurance (dental insurance option), logistic support for international students (with Int. St. Office), support for students families.

9 Graduate Studies @ WPI Support faculty by providing : graduate support for excellent research programs, a better credit mechanism for graduate advising work, release time for graduate advising, for developing new programs, for large fellowship/traineeship proposals, input in tenure and promotion. Support departments and disciplinary deans in: attracting top research faculty, developing and updating graduate programs, developing multidisciplinary programs, developing corporate connections and support for graduate programs, helping advance the stature and rankings of graduate programs, finding a better budgeting model for graduate programs.

10 Graduate Studies @ WPI Develop new programs and strengthen existing ones: develop synergies between existing graduate programs: encourage cross training and graduate students dialogue attain a critical mass for each existing program, support the development of multidisciplinary programs both at MS and PhD level (like the IMGD, Robotics, Data Sciences, BCB, Learning Sciences) Resolve funding, credit and tenure & promotion issues help develop niche programs (e.g. FPE). Support and contribute to development activities and alumni relations: create named fellowships, develop a group of alumni mentors involved in: students professional development internship opportunities job opportunities

11 Graduate Studies @ WPI Help increase the reputation of graduate programs: recruit top graduate students and provide a supporting environment, increase funding for graduate programs (NSF, NIH, foundations, endowment), increase presence of graduate students at national and international conferences, facilitate organizing workshops and conferences at WPI improve web, social media and media presence, represent WPIs graduate programs in national and international organizations (CGS,….).

12 Graduate Studies @ WPI Conclusion: This is a job for more than a 50% Dean! It is for a COMMUNITY! (Harvey Ball, Worcester 1963)

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