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3 2 THE BEGINNING Date of Registration – 29/11/1990 Date of Starting – 15/12/1990 Area of Operation – Puducherry Region

4 3 OBJECTIVE To manufacture or purchase in bulk, quality building materials required for construction of buildings and to sell the same to the members as well as the consuming public at the most competitive rates. To promote the use of low cost materials, with the approved technology, in order to reduce the cost of construction.


6 5 AUTHORIZED SHARE CAPITAL Authorized share capital of the society shall be Rs 4-00 Crores A class member (Government) Rs lakhs B class member (Societies) Rs lakhs C Class members ( Individuals, Govt. Servents ) Rs lakhs D Class members ( Individuals, Depositors ) Rs lakhs TotalRs lakhs

7 6 PAIDUP SHARE CAPITAL The Paid up Share Capital of our Centre as on is lakhs, as detailed below GovernmentRs lakhs Member SocietiesRs lakhs C Class membersRs lakhs D Class membersRs lakhs Rs lakhs

8 MEMBERSHIP PROGRESS Sl.NoClass of Members Member Societies Government C Class members D Class members TOTAL Figures at a glance

9 8 COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT CONSTITUTION: As per bye-law No. 30 of the Bye-law of the Pondicherry Co-operative Building Centre the management of this Building Centre is vested with a Committee consisting of 15 members as detailed below: The Registrar of Co-operative Societies, Pondicherry or his nominee shall be the President Eight Directors to be elected by and from among the delegates of B Class Members. (Affiliated Primary Housing Co-operatives). Six Nominee directors from the government departments and institutions

10 9 Last Election held for the period from to Further, the term of the committee was extended for the further period upto At present the Building Centre is managed by an Administrator w.e.f The Registrar of Coop. Societies is the Administrator COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT contd..

11 10 WORKING Purchase /Sales progress Sl.NoDETAILS Purchase Sales Rs in Crores

12 11 WORKING (contd..) Profit/Loss at a glance SL.NoDETAILS GROSS PROFIT NET PROFIT (-) Rs in lakhs


14 CATEGORIES OF EMPLOYEES SL.No DESIGNATIONStaff Strength Scale of Pay 1Managing Director1From the Officers of Coop. Department on Deputation 2Administrative Officer1- Do - 3Internal Auditor1- Do - 4Manager1Rs – 390 – – 430 – – Deputy Manager1Rs – 320 – – 440 – – Assistant Manager4Rs – 280 – 5400 – 380 – – Accountant-Rs – 280 – – 380 – – Senior Clerk5Rs.9700 – 240 – – 330 – – Stenographer1Rs.9700 – – 330 – – Junior Clerk / Salesman Gr.I12Rs.7900 – 200 – – 270 – – Salesman Gr.II / Attender63Rs.6800 – 170 – 9350 – 230 – – Peon / Watchman5Rs.6500 – 160 – 8900 – 220 – –

15 CATEGORIES OF EMPLOYEES contd.. SL.NoDESIGNATIONStaff Strength Scale of Pay 13Mason / Machine Operator6Rs.6800 – 170 – 9350 – 230 – – Mazdoor /Helper /Lorry Cleaner 5Rs.6500 – 160 – 8900 – 220 – – Asst. Project Engineer1Rs – 320 – – 440 – – Draughtsman1Rs.7900 – 200 – – 270 – – Driver1Rs.7900 – 200 – – 270 – – Welder/Fitter/Painter4Rs.6800 – 170 – 9350 – 230 – – TOTAL107 14

16 15 AUDIT POSITION Final audit report issued up to YEARCLASSIFICATION B class B class B class B class B class

17 BRANCHES 16 a)Steel and Cement Section at Head Office - 1 b)Branches in and around Puducherry region- 19 c)Housing Guidance Centre: i) Hollow Block production unit-1 ii) Paver Block brick making unit-1 iii) Cement Products production unit-1 iv) Fabrication Unit-1 d)Weigh Bridges: i) Mettupalayam- 1 ii) Sedarapet - 1

18 Sl.No Branch Name Annual Turnover Gross Margin Expenses Net Result 1.Main Godown Stall Section Madagadipet Thirukkanur Kattukuppam Villianur Kalapet Koundanpalayam Murungapakkam Korkadu Seliamedu PERFORMANCE OF BRANCHES

19 PERFORMANCE OF BRANCHES contd.. Sl.No Branch Name Annual Turnover Gross Margin Expenses Net Result 11Kariyamputhur Embalam (Steel) R.K.Nagar Saram Pakkamudayanpet (-) Lawspet Sellaperumalpet (-) Embalam (Elec.) (-) Mudaliarpet (RTO) (-)

20 19 Sl.No Name of the Weigh Bridge Annual Collection ExpensesNet Result 1Sedarapet ( + )6.95 2Mettupalayam ( + )19.43 Rupees in lakhs PERFORMANCE OF WEIGHBRIDGE

21 PERFORMANCE OF HOUSING GUIDANCE CENTRE Sl.No Name of the Units Value of total production & Civil works Margin/ Profit Expenses Net Profit (+) / (-) 1 Hollow Block, Pavement Block, Cement products Fabrication Unit Civil Work etc Rupees in lakhs

22 21 PROJECTS IN PIPELINE Fly ash brick making unit Opening of new branches in places where scope for sale

23 22 FLY ASH BRICK MAKING UNIT We are setting up a Fly Ash Brick making unit in the premises of our Housing Guidance Centre at Perambai Road, Pitchaveeranpet, Puducherry with a production capacity of brick per shift of 8 hours.

24 23 OPENING OF BRANCHES The Building Centre has proposed to open more branches in areas, where there is a scope for good sale of building materials, so as to serve the public at large.

25 24 IN FIELD OF CIVIL WORK As a diversification of activity and to improve our earnings we have undertook civil construction works also

26 25 IN FIELD OF COST EFFECTIVE TECHNOLOGY Besides giving guidance and technical advise for the use of cost effective technology, Building centre is also engaged in the production of cost effective building materials We are also running a Steel Fabrication unit in our Production Unit

27 STAFF WELFARE MEASURES Group Graduity Cash Accumulation Scheme (GGCA) Group Savings Linked Insurance Scheme (GSLIS) Facilities to take treatment in Super specialty Hospitals for chronic diseases such as Heart Diseases, Cancer, Kidney Transplantation, Major accidents etc. Earned Leave Encashment (EL Surrender) Maternity Leave Children Education Allowance Family Planning Special pay Housing Building Advance (H.B.A). Maximum of Rs.6-00 lakhs. Motor Conveyance Allowance (MCA) to the maximum of Rs.30,000/- Proposed to introduce a pension scheme to employees in tie-up arrangement with LIC of India (EPF linked Pension Scheme) 26

28 27 SAND MINING OPERATION We have undertook sand mining operation as below S.NoYEARNO. OF SITES Rupees in lakhs

29 28 WEIGH BRIDGES We are running Two Lorry weigh Bridges: Sedarapet PIPDIC industrial Estate since 23rd February 2006 Mettupalayam PIPDIC Industrial Estate since 28th August 2006.

30 SALES TO ADI DRAVIDAR WELFARE BENEFICIRIES 29 YearNumber of Beneficiaries Sales Total Rupees in lakhs

31 30 AWARDS The International Co-operative Housing Foundation for Asia & the Pacific has selected the Pondicherry Co-operative Building Centre as Best Run Building Centre for Asia & Pacific, and awarded Meritorious Service Award, The Pondicherry Coop. Building Centre has been awarded as the Best Run Society in the State of Puducherry during the year

32 31 AWARDS (contd..) Building Centre has also been awarded as the Best Run Building Centre at National level during the year (For the South Zone) by the National Co-op. Housing Federation, New Delhi, during 14 th National Congress of Housing Co- operative held on 28 th June 2006 at New Delhi.

33 32 ISSUES AND CHALLENGES The Major practical difficulties encountered by the Pondicherry Coop. Building Centre is that to face unhealthy competition from unscrupulous private traders. As a Cooperative institution we have to remain disciplined not only in business policies but also in the maintenance of accounts Normally the overheads expenses in cooperative are slightly higher because of the necessity to maintain the proper accounts, full payment of taxes to Government, reasonable salaries and wages to the employees.

34 33 To overcome the difficulties and considering the above fact Govt. of Puducherry has issued an order Exempting from Collection of Vat Taxes on sale of Building Materials The same was withdraw by the Govt. vide G.O. Ms. No.68/F2/2011 dated 31st December Because of the fact we find that the competition with the private traders are very tough and costly. If exemption is granted under the VAT Act it is not only boost our sale and revenue but also such kind of indirect concession to the Cooperative and public sectors undertaking will help the Government to maintain the price line under control besides enforcing the statutory laws. ISSUES AND CHALLENGES CONTD..

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