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Another M.B. Alluisi Production Copyright Norfolk Public Schools, 2005.

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2 Another M.B. Alluisi Production Copyright Norfolk Public Schools, 2005

3 Directions Clicking on the correct answer will allow the puppy one piece of pepperoni Feed the puppy all the pepperoni to complete the activity


5 In colonial times, people who worked without receiving wages for a number of years in return for getting their passage to the colonies were called indentured servants slaves sharecroppers apprentices


7 Arthur R. Ashe was a famous Army officer political leader tennis player baseball players


9 In 1619, people from Virginia's counties voted for representatives to Americas first elected government. This government was called the House of Burgesses Congress House of Commons Senate


11 The Appalachian Plateau is known for its rich deposits of coal diamonds gold silver


13 Much of the employment in northern Virginia is related to the coal mining industry building and repairing ships activities of the federal government the iron and steel industry


15 Virginias mountains are part of a larger system called the Adirondacks Piedmonts Great Smokies Appalachians


17 Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is located on the Atlantic Ocean James River Chesapeake Bay Potomac River


19 Powhatan was chief of the largest and most powerful group of American Indians (First Americans) who live in the Shenandoah Valley Allegheny Mountains Coastal Plain (Tidewater) Piedmont


21 Which of the following major Civil War battles was fought in Virginia? Antietam (Sharpsburg) Bull Run (Manassas) Gettysburg Vicksburg


23 An important part of President Woodrow Wilsons Fourteen Points was that Germany had to surrender all its colonies a League of Nations was to be created reparation for war damages had to be paid to the Allies the German Navy and Air Force had to be scrapped


25 Which of the following best describes an impact of European settlement during the colonial period on American Indians (First Americans)? Many American Indian Tribes used European tactics to retain their lands. European settlers were unable to convert American Indians to Christianity. Many American Indians died from European diseases. Many American Indians were educated in reservation schools.


27 Immigrants in the late 19 th century would most likely have been employed in which type of job? Manager Salesperson Unskilled factory worker Specialized craft worker


29 After the Stock Market Crash in October 1929, there was an increase in loans for buildings and factories an increase in industrial production A descrease in demand for consumer goods a decrease in business failures


31 During the early 20 th century, public school systems developed rapidly, partly in response to the needs created by increased agriculture wealth exploration immigration


33 Henry Fords development of the assembly line led most directly to the growth of city slums pollution problems industrial production child labor


35 United States involvement in the Korean War was an example of the postwar policy of appeasement containment neutrality isolationism


37 What was the main reason for the African- American Migration between ? Land prices fell in Midwestern States. Immigrant communities were leaving Northern cities. Job opportunities increased in factories. Food prices were lower in urban areas.


39 Lewis and Clark explored which river? Columbia River Colorado River Mississippi River Missouri River

40 20 19

41 Francisco Coronado claimed what part of the United States for Spain? Southwest Northeast Southeast Northwest

42 20

43 Which amendment, that was added to the Constitution after the Civil war, ensures all citizens the right to vote, regardless of race or color or previous condition of servitude? The 13 th Amendment The 16 th Amendment The 15 th Amendment The 14 th Amendment


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