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Tata Motors Newest Ride. WSJ - June 25, 2007, Page A1 California Dreaming?

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1 Tata Motors Newest Ride

2 WSJ - June 25, 2007, Page A1 California Dreaming?

3 Welcome to the New China copyright - John N. Doggett, 2008

4 4 Growth at Warp Speed

5 The Peoples Republic of Communist China?

6 Shenzhen in 1979

7 30,000 people lived here in 1983 Source:

8 Chinese Banks and The World 8

9 Smooth as an Airplane

10 380 KM Passenger Trains in Service

11 Terminal 3 Beijing

12 2007 Shanghai Millionaires Ball

13 A Coal Baron Sons Wedding

14 The Guardian - June 20, 2007 Peter Parks/AFP This Air Doesnt Stay in China

15 The Clock is Ticking

16 China Lead This Race Also

17 China Drawing High-Tech Research Mark Pinto, Chief Technology Officer of Applied Materials moved to Beijing in January Applied Materials is building its newest and largest research labs in China Applied held its annual shareholders meeting in Xian, China. – Applieds global headquarters are in Santa Clara, California

18 Applieds New Xian R&D Plant

19 Will This Be Chinas Century? When Xie Lina, a 26-year-old Applied Materials engineer in Xian, was asked recently whether China would play a big role in clean energy in the future, she was surprised by the question. Most of the graduate students in China are chasing this area, she said. Of course, China will lead everything. New York Times, March 17, 2010

20 Lone Star, Meet Red Star China inks $1.5 Billion Wind-Power Deal in Texas (WSJ 10/29/09) – Largest U.S.-China Joint Investment in American Renewable Energy to Date – First U.S.-China Joint Venture in Utility-Scale Wind Power Project Chinese banks will finance the deal Year old Chinese wind turbine company will make the wind turbines China has received $1 billion in UN Climate Subsidies

21 WHAT THE HECK DO WE DO? Anyone Still Question Whether We are in the midst of a S.I.P.?

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