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The Domain Why is the Ashburton domain so popular?

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1 The Domain Why is the Ashburton domain so popular?

2 What we did! Olivia, Abbey B, Sarah and Jessie went to the Ashburton Domain on the 4 th of December to interview David Askin. Mr Askin is the boss of the Ashburton Domain. When we went to see Mr Askin, we asked him 9 questions.

3 Our trip. On the fourth of December we went on a trip to the Ashburton Domain. We Went around the Domain taking pictures of unique things. Then we went to interview David Askin he told us lots of info on the domain. Talking to him was really good because now we have lots if info to solve our question.

4 The Questions And Answers 1= Why is the Ashburton domain referred to the jewel in the crown. It is in the middle of town, Green place and the domain has beauty to it. 2= Why did you build a Avery? It was Already there 3= Where did you get the playground equipment from A number of places in New Zealand 4= Do you make a profit on the domain No 5= Why is there a fitness track. It is a community organization. 6= Do you feed the birds No my workers do

5 Information! The Ashburton Domain is a 37.54 hectare park. The Ashburton Domain is often referred to as the "jewel in the crown." Over the years, since the domain began in 1883, a number of organizations and groups have helped with its development. This 37.54 hectare park is a important open space area within walking distance from the main area of Ashburton. The Domain also hosts many sports like cricket, hockey and soccer. Collections of azaleas, camellias and other shrubs have been added to the mature trees. The domain has a variety of colourful gardens and is a favorite picnic spot with local families. There is a great playground and a paddling pool. There is a separate picnic ground with two electrically operated barbecues and hot water facilities. The domain is at its best in autumn and spring. Lots of people get their wedding photos taken here.

6 Photos Photos from our trip to the domain

7 Mr. Askin with old photos of the domain

8 Made by Jessie Abbey B Olivia Sarah

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