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Comma, Colons, and Semicolons

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1 Comma, Colons, and Semicolons
Punctuation Lesson

2 Who Cares? Using punctuation is like pausing between words and ideas when you speak. Imagine if you didn’t take pause between words and sentences when speaking. Would that be effective communication?

3 , Commas Separate items in a series. Set off interrupting information.
Examples Will there be drinks, snacks, and games at the party? Chicago, the largest city in Illinois, is home to almost three million people.

4 Interrupting Information
Nonessential phrases may come at the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence. Examples On a beautiful spring day, they had a picnic. Picnics, an old tradition, can be a lot of fun. Dad grilled ribs, the big ones from Costco. The guy who sold them to him smiled.

5 ; Semicolons Semicolons join independent clauses.
It’s also like using the word furthermore. ; Examples My mom said I couldn’t go to the party; I didn’t want to go anyway. Bananas are a healthy snack; they contain potassium which may help your vision.

6 : Colons Colons introduce lists and explanations.
It’s also like using the words “and here it is” or “and here they are.” : Examples There are many reasons to exercise: it’s good for your health, it’s fun, and it’s free. Bananas are a healthy snack; they contain potassium which may help your vision.

7 Practice Write the following sentences.
Punctuate them as best as you can.

8 1 My sister Amy my friend Kyle and I went to the park

9 2 I brought a lot of stuff food drinks and blankets

10 3 My aunt Sally who is my favorite aunt talked to my mom

11 4 Most fruits are low in fat they are also high in vitamins

12 5 When we left the park the one at the end of the block we went home.

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