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Act I. _______ in the streets caused by an ongoing feud. Benvolio – a Montague - tries to keep the peace. _______ – a Capulet - restarts the fight out.

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Presentation on theme: "Act I. _______ in the streets caused by an ongoing feud. Benvolio – a Montague - tries to keep the peace. _______ – a Capulet - restarts the fight out."— Presentation transcript:

1 Act I

2 _______ in the streets caused by an ongoing feud. Benvolio – a Montague - tries to keep the peace. _______ – a Capulet - restarts the fight out of spite. Lord Capulet and Lord Montague join the fight. Prince Escalus – governor of the province of Verona – breaks up the riot with the threat of death to the next person who disturbs Veronas streets. Romeo arrives after the riot, heart-broken over Rosaline, a young woman who _________ to be taken by him.

3 __________ asks for Juliets hand in marriage, offering money to her father as an incentive. Lord Capulet invites Paris to a masquerade ball that evening. Lord Capulet gives the guest list to a servant who cant read. This servant asks Benvolio and Romeo for help. Benvolio and Romeo decide to____________ __________ will be there!!

4 We meet Juliet and the Nurse. Lady Capulet asks her 12 year old daughter how she would feel about being married. Juliet agrees to marry Paris, a man she has not met.

5 Romeo and his friends, a bit drunk, go to crash the Capulet party. Romeos best friend Mercutio – the Princes nephew – laughs at Romeos fear over a dream he had that afternoon. Mercutio tells a complicated tale about Queen Mab, the fairies midwife. Mercutio hides a secret sadness with his drunken foolishness. Romeos dream is not funny; he dreamt that he would die if he went to this party. This is called DRAMATIC IRONY.

6 The men successfully crash the party. Romeo sees Juliet; Roseline is forgotten. Tybalt sees Romeo and wants to fight. Lady Capulet stops him with a curse. Romeo and Juliet meet and kiss. Romeo finds out Juliet is a Capulet. Juliet finds out that Romeo is the son of her familys worst enemy.

7 Dramatic Irony: when the audience knows something that the character does not. Oxymoron: Use two contrasting terms together to emphasize confusion or humor.

8 Act II You are invited to the Wedding of the Year!!!

9 Second Prologue: Summary of Act I Romeo now loves someone else who seems unattainable, but love will find a way. This is the audiences second chance to leave, but this time they would not get their money back.

10 Benvolio and Mercutio make fun of Romeo and his many loves. They chase him through the back alleys, calling him names and chanting. It is shortly after 12:00 am Monday morning. Romeo climbs an orchard wall to escape their taunts.


12 Romeo sees Juliet on her balcony and praises her beauty. Juliet, not knowing that Romeo was listening or even in the garden, prays that he will denounce his family and come to her. Romeo jumps from the bushes; they talk long into the night, speaking of love, satisfaction, and finally marriage. The nurse calls Juliet repeatedly; Mercutio keeps calling Romeo. Neither distracts the young lovers from their conversation. Romeo promised to see Friar Laurence about the wedding plans. Juliet will send the Nurse to see Romeo at the church at 9:00 am – a short four hours from now.

13 We meet Friar Laurence for the first time. He is the local priest and Romeos mentor and confidante. Romeo speaks of his plans, but the Friar is first angry then skeptical. He asks of Roseline and tells Romeo is a fickled fool. Later, the Friar changes his mind about the marriage, thinking that this may be just the way to end the feud. His intentions are good, but misplaced.

14 Mercutio and Benvolio tell of Tybalt's written challenge to Romeo – an answer to Romeos crashing the party on Sunday. Both men fear that Romeo is too lovesick to win a duel with the skillful swordsman Tybalt. The Nurse enters and asked for Romeo; she is a very haughty woman who invites teasing from the young men with Romeo. Assuring her of his sincerity, Romeo tells the Nurse to tell Juliet to come to Friar Laurences room that afternoon to be married.

15 Juliet waits impatiently for the Nurse to return; it has been three long hours since she left the Capulet house. When she returns, The Nurse teases Juliet then tells her of the wedding plans. Juliet has her fathers permission to go to prayers that afternoon, so no one will be suspicious of Juliets absence.

16 The Friar is worried that Romeo and Juliet will go too far if he does not marry them quickly. Romeos intense physical attraction to Juliet frightens the old priest. Haste can only lead to despair, in his opinion. The wedding takes place on Monday afternoon with only three people in attendance. The couple parts at 5:00 pm with Romeos promise to sneak into the Capulet house after midnight. This is the last happy moment in the play. The audience would be aware that problems to come and would probably call after the characters as they separate.

17 Foreshadowing: hints about the future. Figures of Speech: poetic forms that add to the comparisons and feelings of a written work. Metaphor Simile Pun Alliteration Imagery Aside

18 The Turning Point of the Tragedy

19 Benvolio pleads with Mercutio not to be on the streets since if they are seen by the Capulets, there will be a fight. Tybalt enters and challenges the men as Romeo arrives – only five minutes after his wedding. Tybalt renews his challenge to Romeo. Romeo does not want to fight his new cousin-in-law, so he wishes Tybalt peace and walks away. Mercutio, thinking that Romeo is being a coward or a lovesick fool, challenges Tybalt. Tybalt accepts the challenge humorously. He knows that Mercutio is drunk and a very poor swordsman. Mercutio and Tybalt fight half-heartedly, but Romeo becomes fearful of what could happen to Mercutio.

20 Romeo steps between the two swordsmen to stop the fight. Tybalt was coming toward Mercutio at the time and accidentally stabs Mercutio under Romeos arm. Mercutio is struck to the heart while Tybalt stands confused. He never meant to hurt Mercutio. Mercutio, dying, cursed both the Capulet and Montague houses for their bloodlust then crawls off stage to die. Benvolio runs off stage but returns quickly to say that Mercutio is dead! Tybalt runs in fear of Prince Escalus promised punishment.

21 Romeo, feeling guilty and angry, forgets his marriage and runs after Tybalt to kill him. Romeo and Tybalt fight viciously until Tybalt is killed. Romeo realizes what he has done in killing his wifes favorite cousin …I am Fortunes Fool… Romeo runs away to Friar Laurences room. Prince Escalus comes to see what is happening in the square and discovers his own nephew dead and Tybalt bloody in the streets. Benvolio tries to explain, but Lady Capulet calls for Romeos blood. The Prince believing Benvolios account of the fight only banishes Romeo from Verona. But, he promised Lady Capulet that if Romeo ever returns to Verona, he will be killed.

22 Juliet is anxiously awaiting for Romeo to arrive for their wedding night. The Nurse comes to tell of a death, but she is so distracted that Juliet, at first, thinks that Romeo is dead. Finding out that Tybalt is dead at Romeos hand, Juliet first curses Romeo then feeling guilty worries for his safety. Juliets immaturity in handling problems shows here; she is still a child! Juliet says that she will kill herself, but the Nurse talks her out of it by agreeing to go talk to Friar Laurence. The Nurse is sent to the Friar to tell Romeo that Juliet still loves him and needs to see him.

23 Friar Laurence tells Romeo of his banishment. Romeo says that death is preferable to being sent away from his home forever. The Friar reminds him for his responsibility to Juliet and tells him to stop whining like a little girl. When the Nurse arrives to tell of Juliets reaction, Romeo tries to stab himself with garden shears. The Friar slaps him to the floor. The Friar has a plan:

24 Romeo is to go to Mantua – a town 10 miles away – until the Friar can: A. Stop the feud. B. Reveal the secret marriage. C. Obtain the Princes pardon for Romeo. None of these ideas have a chance of working, but the Friar wants Romeo to stop crying. Romeo was to go to Juliet first, but he had to be out of Verona before sunrise.

25 Lord Capulet, not knowing about Juliets marriage, tells Count Paris that they should postpone their wedding until Juliet has mourned over Tybalt. Count Paris insists that a wedding would help Juliet with her grief. Lord Capulet finally agrees to the wedding in three days. Lord Capulet instructs Lady Capulet to go to Juliet first thing in the morning – Tuesday morning – to tell her the good news about the wedding.

26 As the scene opens, the lark is singing outside – a sign that the sun has already rose on the lovers. The lovers part quickly with Juliet asking if they will ever meet again. Lady Capulet enters to tell Juliet of her approaching wedding. Juliet – for the first time in her life – screams at her mother. She says that she WILL NOT marry Count Paris or any one else!! Lady Capulet tells Lord Capulet, and he breaks into Juliets room with an ultimatum: she will marry Paris, or he will disown her – throw her into the street to die. Juliet turns to her mother for help only to be told that her mother wishes that Juliet had never been born! Both parents have now rejected the frighten girl, so she turns to the person who always helps her, the Nurse. But, the Nurse does not side with Juliet this time. She tells her to forget Romeo and marry the wealthy Paris. Juliet is shocked, so shocked that she fires the Nurse. Juliet tells the Nurse that she is never to speak to her again.

27 Juliet grows up at the moment. From this point on, she will become a young woman making adult decisions and mistakes. Juliet decides that she must go to Friar Laurence, but she cannot leave the house without permission – permission she wont get unless she agrees to marry Paris. For the second time, Juliet lies to her father. She apologizes for her outburst, agrees to marry Paris, and asks permission to go to Confession to repent of her sins. What Juliet really intends to do is get Friar Laurence to take her to Romeo or give her a plan of escape from the marriage to Paris. The Nurse will know nothing of these plans. This will prove to be a major mistake for Romeo and Juliet.


29 -more dark and dark our woes Romeo – Act III, Scene 5

30 Juliet meets Paris at the Friars room and is terrified when he mentions their marriage. Juliet threatens suicide if the Friar does not help her. The Friar has a better plan: Juliet is to take a sleeping draught that will make her fall into a deathlike sleep for 42 hours. While she is being buried, Friar Lawrence will send a message to Romeo explaining all. They can then escape to Mantua with no one after them.

31 Lord Capulet is so happy that Juliet is acting as she should that he changes the wedding day to Wednesday instead of Thursday. Juliet must now take the potion a day early, but she neglects to tell Friar Laurence who still believes that he has two days to reach Romeo.

32 The Nurse helps Juliet prepare for the wedding, but Juliet still refuses to speak with her. The Nurse knows nothing about the plans. It is Tuesday night. Juliet, before she drinks the potion, has doubts: What if the potion does not work? She puts the dagger under her pillow. What if the Friar, feeling guilty about his part in the wedding, gave her poison instead of the sleeping draught? What if she should awake in the tombs with all the dead bodies before Romeo arrives? What if Tybalts ghost is waiting for her in the tomb?

33 Lord and Lady Capulet joyously make the final preparations for the wedding on Wednesday morning. Paris arrives, and the Nurse is sent to wake Juliet for her big day. Friar Laurence gives a letter to Friar John – the Postmaster – to take to Romeo. Friar John riding on an old donkey usually takes two days to get to Mantua. Romeo would receive the letter Friday morning.

34 The Nurse finds Juliet dead. The family is devastated, particularly her father. Paris and the Friar enter to hear the sad news. Friar Laurence is worried, but he encourages the family to bury her quickly. He must find a way to get another letter to Romeo before the news of Juliets death spreads.


36 It is Thursday afternoon after Juliets funeral. Balthasar, Romeos servant, having seen the funeral, arrives in Mantua with bad news. Romeo, not having received Friar Laurences letter, does not know that this is a hoax – Dramatic Irony. Feeling guilty, Romeo visits the apothecary where he buys poison. Romeo and Balthasar leave Mantua, passing Friar John as he enters the city.

37 It is Thursday evening. Friar Laurence knows that his message will not reach Romeo in time. He is feeling guilty and sinful at what he has done and has planned. Juliet is to awaken in three hours, so Friar Laurence sets out for the crypt. He does not want Juliet to awaken alone.

38 Paris, coming to the crypt with flowers, meets Romeo and tries to stop him from going to the crypt. He thinks that Romeo, a Montague, means to vandalize the grave of the Capulets. Romeo warns Paris to leave, but Paris attacks him. As he dies, Paris asks Romeo to put him in the crypt. Romeo calls Paris another fortunes fool.

39 Romeo apologizes to Tybalt for killing him Romeo then delivers a SOLILIQUY (speech to himself) telling of Juliets beauty even in death and accusing her of being Deaths paramour. Romeo drinks the poison and dies. Friar Laurence arrives seconds later to find Romeo and Paris dead and Juliet awakening. The Friar tells Juliet of the deaths. The Friar hears the night watchman coming and begs Juliet to come with him. When she refuses, he flees in terror.

40 Left alone, Juliet tries to kiss the poison from Romeos lips. When this does not work, she stabs herself with his dagger. A night watchman finds the open crypt with three fresh bodies. Another watchman finds Friar Laurence and Balthasar hiding in the crypt garden.

41 The Capulets and Montagues are summoned to the crypt. The Prince, who was at Mercutios crypt, arrives immediately. Friar Laurence confesses all and awaits punishment, being sure to tell that the Nurse was involved. Balthasar, Romeos servant, gives Prince Escalus a letter from Romeo, in which he admits his deception and asks for forgiveness for Juliet and Friar Laurence.

42 Lord Montague tells that his wife killed herself when Romeo was banished. The Prince blames all of the families and those who should have known better for these deaths. The two families repent of the feud and agree to bury their children together in a new crypt. The Prince pronounces judgment on those responsible for the deeds done. The Prince then delivers a eulogy for the star-crossed lovers. He ends with: For never was there a tale of more woe/Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.


44 Romeo? Juliet? Tybalt? Lady Montague? Friar Laurence? The Nurse? Mercutio? Paris?

45 Benvolio? Rosaline? Prince Escalus? Balthasar? Lord Montague? Lord and Lady Capulet?

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