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Romeo and Juliet  Exam Review. Name That Character.

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1 Romeo and Juliet  Exam Review

2 Name That Character

3 Balthasar  Tells Romeo Juliet is dead  Falls asleep outside the Capulet vault

4 Benvolio  Is the peacemaker in the play  Advises Romeo to get over Rosaline by looking at other girls

5 Lord Capulet  Tells Tybalt not to mess with Romeo because he’s a good kid  Tells Paris he must win Juliet’s heart  Threatens to disown Juliet  Moves Juliet’s wedding to Paris to Wednesday

6 Lady Capulet  Isn’t very close to Juliet  Asks Juliet how she feels about getting married  Casts Juliet aside, telling her to do whatever she wants

7 Paris  Is Juliet’s “arranged” husband- to-be  Gets killed outside the Capulet vault

8 I Know My Characters

9 Prince Escalus  Warns the family if anyone fights again, the punishment will be death  Exiles Romeo  Is punished for the the feud also by losing two relatives

10 Friar Laurence  Agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet to hopefully end the feud  Runs out of the tomb leaving Juliet alone

11 Juliet  Is closer to the Nurse than her mother  Has doubts about drinking Friar’s potion

12 Lady Montague  Dies from grief over her son’s exile

13 Mercutio  Likes to joke around  Believes that dreams mean nothing  Curses the houses of Montague and Capulet

14 Hodgepodge (It Could Be Anything)

15 Nurse  Tells Juliet to marry Paris for her first marriage is “dead”  She finds Juliet dead

16 Verona, Italy Late 1300’s  The main setting of Romeo and Juliet

17 Rosaline  Romeo’s love at the beginning of the play

18 Lord Montague  Romeo’s father

19 Tybalt  Is saucy and fiery  Challenges Romeo to a duel  Kills Mercutio

20 And Then There Were More Still More Characters (and Places) from Romeo and Juliet

21 Romeo  Falls in and out of love quickly  Comes between Mercutio and Tybalt as they fight  Kills Tybalt

22 Apothecary  Sells Romeo poison

23 Friar John  Is unable to deliver the letter to Romeo because he was locked up because they thought he was infected

24 Mantua  Where Romeo stays during his exile

25 Potpourri

26 Turning Point/Climax in the Play  Romeo kills Tybalt

27 Exciting Force  Romeo reads the party invitation for the illiterate servant

28 What Is the Catastrophe?  The deaths of Romeo and Juliet

29 What Type of Play Is Romeo and Juliet?  Tragedy

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