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1 (800) Sprinkler Fitter Drug-Free Alliance ScreenSafe, Inc. Program Administrators

2 (800) Our National Substance Abuse Problem The Social Costs of illicit drug abuse add up to $110 billion each year U.S. drug users spend substantially more than $63.2 billion annually to purchase drugs There are more than 1 million drug arrests each year -- half of all arrestees test positive for illicit drug use

3 3 Drug Use and Alcohol Abuse: Consequences 1.4 million arrests for driving while intoxicated 4 in 10 fatal motor vehicle accidents involve alcohol

4 4 Drug Use and Alcohol Abuse: Consequences Among employed adults, the highest rates of current drug use and heavy drinking are reported by; White, non-Hispanic males years old

5 5 Drug Use and Alcohol Abuse: Prevalence According to the 2009 Household survey, 66.6 % of those who used illegal drugs in the past month are employed.

6 (800) Illicit Drug Use by Industry By occupation, the highest rates of current drug use and heavy drinking were reported by those employed as Food preparation workers, waiters, waitresses and bartenders (19%) Construction workers (14%) Service occupations (13%) Transportation/material moving workers (10%).

7 (800) Postal Service Study Results of an extensive U.S. Postal Service study indicate that employees who tested positive on their pre-employment drug test; 77% more likely to be discharged within the first three years of employment absent from work 66% more often than those who tested negative.

8 (800) Postal Service Study Had the U.S. Postal Service screened out all drug-positive postal service applicants during the time of the study, the authors estimated this would have saved approximately $52 million within two years.

9 9 The National Fire Sprinkler Association, Inc. and Sprinkler Fitters Local 281 have formed a partnership to address the problems caused by drug and alcohol abuse

10 (800) Goals and Objectives Recognition of the problem; Development of a comprehensive policy; Educate Participants; Promote the Employee/Members Assistance Program (EAP/MAP); Implement a fair and respectful drug testing program that conforms to Federal drug testing standards.

11 (800) Key Policy Issues Contractor participation and commitment is critical. Participant education. Supervisory training. Drug testing.

12 (800) Policy Requirements and Prohibitions The use of alcohol or drugs by employees on the job site or on company property (including company vehicles) is absolutely prohibited. Participants are required to submit to drug and/or alcohol testing in accordance with this policy.

13 (800) Policy Requirements and Prohibitions No participant will be tested for alcohol unless a reasonable suspicion exists that the person is under the influence of alcohol, or they are involved in an OSHA recordable on the job accident. Participants subject to this policy continue to have access to the usual protections provided as part of their union membership.

14 (800) Policy Requirements and Prohibitions All members of the Alliance shall be considered part of the testing pool and will be tested over a 2 year period. Participants will be selected randomly from the 50% pool. Participants who complete the testing process will not be returned to the 50% pool. At the same time there will be an ongoing 10% pool.

15 (800) Testing Procedures Names picked from the random pool. ScreenSafe contacts the Union or Contractors to find out where the union member is working. Designated (Company or Union) Representative called and informed to expect a fax regarding participants being tested.

16 (800) Testing Procedures ScreenSafe makes calls to Designated Representative in the AM. Forms sent to Designated Representative: Testing Procedures for the Sprinkler Fitter Industry Drug Free Alliance List of Collection Sites

17 (800) Testing Procedures By the end of the business day, the Designated Representative informs participant that his/her name has been selected. Participants are given until end of next business day to take test.

18 (800) At the Collection Site The Alliance Drug Test Information and Instruction Sheet Authorization for Consent to Drug Analysis and Authorization of Release of Results for testing Release of Information Signed for MRO, EAP and ScreenSafe

19 (800) At The Collection Site Participant Signs Consent Forms Collection Site Technician faxes Consent and Release Form Back to ScreenSafe

20 (800) Testing Procedures If the test is negative, no further action is taken. If the test is positive, the Medical Review Officer (MRO) calls participant to validate reason for positive. If no valid reason found, participant is in violation of policy.

21 (800) Testing Procedures Testing will also be done when there is reasonable suspicion. Accelerated testing (follow-up) takes place once a participant has been non- compliant. It is based on MAP evaluation.

22 (800) Testing Procedures - Safeguards Integrity of specimens insured by utilization of one collection procedure at all sites All labs have DHHS certification All positives confirmed by GC/MS MRO reviews all drug test positives

23 (800) Testing Procedures – Safeguards Urine samples separated into two containers at time of collection Other forms of testing for participants with confirmed medical conditions Blind testing

24 (800) Testing Occasions - Portability These provisions will apply to those individuals working under the portability rules. All traveling craftpersons will be subject to: Initial testing Random testing – 10% pool

25 (800) Testing Occasions - travelers Craftperson will be allowed to report to work immediately after providing proof of taking required urine test. A positive test for any prohibited substance results in immediate termination. Craftperson who tests positive must wait 30 days to test again in order to work in the jurisdiction.

26 (800) Policy Violations Policy Violations can include; Having a positive test result. Failing to take a test as scheduled Failure to call the MRO Failing to keep a scheduled appointment with EAP/MAP Failing to participate in and/or complete the assigned treatment or education program

27 (800) Policy Violations Policy Violations can include (continued); Substituting another substance or specimen Providing a dilute specimen for a second time without a valid medical explanation Providing a urine specimen which shows the presence of an adulterant

28 (800) Consequences Upon a first non-compliance; Participant will be referred to the EAP/MAP for evaluation Participant must complete recommended treatment or education program An apprentice or participant in training shall be referred to the training coordinator and action could include referral to EAP/MAP, disciplinary action or cancellation from the training program The participant will be placed in an accelerated testing program.

29 (800) Consequences Upon a second non-compliance; Participant will be referred to the EAP/MAP for evaluation Participant must complete recommended treatment or education program Participant may be returned to work prior to program completion An apprentice or participant in training will be canceled form the apprenticeship or training program The participant will be placed in an accelerated testing program.

30 (800) Consequences Upon a third non-compliance; Participant will be referred to the EAP/MAP for evaluation Participant must complete recommended treatment or education program Participant may be returned to work prior to program completion The participant will be placed in an accelerated testing program. The participant will be required to sign a "Last Chance Agreement" between him/herself and the Alliance.

31 (800) Consequences Upon a fourth non-compliance; Participant will be referred to the EAP/MAP for evaluation Participant must complete recommended treatment or education program Participant will not be returned to work prior to program completion Participant shall be terminated from employer The participant will be placed in an accelerated testing program. The participant will be required to sign a "Last Chance Agreement" between him/herself and the Alliance. 31

32 (800) Testing Procedures- Reasonable suspicion/for cause A supervisor calls Screensafe for paperwork and procedure. A supervisor must confront you. A supervisor must drive you to the test site. A supervisor must find a way home for you. The designated representative is notified of result. If a participant is negative any lost wages are reimbursed. If the participant is positive you are considered non-compliant.

33 (800) Implementation of Program Decide upon a Helping Program EAP Register all contractors Identify Designated Representatives at all the contractor sites. Enroll all contractor employees in program. Participant education Supervisory training Initiate testing

34 (800) CONCLUSION Our approach is always fairness and objectivity for the employee and for the employer. Our intention is always to help. Our goal is always to assist in providing a safe and drug-free workplace.

35 Employee Resource Systems (800)

36 Member Assistance Program History - Member Assistance Programs (MAP) Who is Covered 1-6 Session MAP Confidential Free 36

37 (800) Who is covered? Member Spouse or Life Partner Children Older Adult Parents 37

38 (800) Why call the MAP? Relationship issuesPsychological Concerns StressLegal Issues Substance AbuseFinancial Issues Elder CareChild Care …and other problems we all experience! 38

39 (800) Who will know I called? The MAP is a confidential service: Any information you share with the MAP counselor is strictly confidential No one will know you called... EXCEPTIONS 39

40 (800) What does the MAP cost me? The following services are free: Calling a counselor 24/7 at In-person sessions with a MAP counselor 24 hour Work-Life Access with Instant Message Exceptions 40

41 (800) What languages does ERS speak? My mother doesnt speak English, how will you help her? Some members may not speak English or they have family members who do not speak English. A language interpretation service with 174 different languages are available to provide confidential interpretation services. 41

42 (800) What to expect when you call Assessment of your situation Supportive counseling, information & resources Follow-up 42

43 (800) What to Expect When You Call For Example: What prompted your call today? When was your last physical exam? What medications do you take? Is there a family history of serious medical conditions? How often do you drink alcohol, and how much? Is there a family history of mental health or substance abuse issues? 43

44 (800) Credentials & Locations Staff credentials Affiliate network 44

45 (800) Work-Life Consultation Access to Work-Life experts for advice and referral - by web-based IM - by Assisted Search Available in English and Spanish 45

46 (800) Work-Life Referrals Confirmed matches to your needs - each provider is called to confirm availability Detailed information on services and fees Delivered, on average, within 12 business hours - 6 business hours for emergency requests Delivered by , fax, mail - your choice 46

47 (800) What resources are available? Provider Profiles Tip Sheets Check Lists Handbooks Spanish Language Materials A wealth of resources available at your request: 47

48 (800) What is the on-line service? 48 The on-line services: Self-search locators for: child & elder care; public & private schools; adoption; volunteer opportunities Wellness assessments Streaming audio & video Self-assessments & personal plans Interactive on-line training courses

49 (800)

50 (800) On-Line Savings Center Save time and money with great discounts online, catalogs, and select in-store shopping Access at Use the company code Advantage to register A wide array of discounts from leading retailers Save on movie and event tickets Savings up to 25 percent off regular price! 50

51 (800) Childcare Consultation & Referrals for: Child Care Centers Family Day Care Centers Back-Up Care Sick-Child Care Nannies Lactation Support Summer Camps Adoption Public & Private Schools Tutors 51

52 (800) Eldercare Consultation and Referrals for: Assisted Living Facilities Nursing Homes Adult Day Care Programs Care Giver Support Retirement Communities Meals-On-Wheel Programs Home Safety Elder Driving Geriatric Case Managers Hospice 52

53 (800) Education Consultation & Referrals for: Pre-schools Public & Private Schools K-12 Tutors Colleges & Universities Technical Schools Continuing Education Adult Education Classes 53

54 (800) Health and Wellness Consultation & Referrals for: Fitness Centers Aerobics Classes Fitness Instructors Fitness Equipment Nutritionists Personal Health Coaches Smoking Cessation Support Weight Loss Programs Complimentary Medicine 54

55 (800) Daily Living Consultation & Referrals for: Pet Sitters Apartment Rentals Relocation Support Caterers Consumer Information Travel Information Wedding Planners Home Helpers Plumbers 55

56 (800) The Member Assistance Program Any Questions? 56

57 (800) The Member Assistance Program: A Management Tool 57

58 (800) How Do Members Contact the MAP? Self/Voluntary Referral Informal Company Referral Management Consultation Job Performance Referral (JPR) 58

59 (800) Self/Voluntary Referral An outlet for personal difficulties Confidential help 59

60 (800) Informal Company Referral Member confides in his/her manager or co- worker about a difficult situation and requests help Suggest the member contact the MAP There may not have been a decrease in job performance Confidentiality 60

61 (800) Management Consultation Manager (with the assistance of Human Resources) contacts the MAP to discuss concerns about the decline in an members job performance. 61

62 (800) Management Consultation The MAP will: Make recommendations for intervening in the situation Help the manager devise a plan for addressing his/her concerns Help set a time frame for the manager to resolve the situation 62

63 (800) Co-worker/Colleague Consultation MAP will determine whether referral is appropriate MAP will make recommendations and discuss referral of co-worker/colleague 63

64 (800) Job Performance Referral Members job behavior or performance has changed Assess and clarify Document Discuss with Human Resources Contact the MAP and discuss work performance with a counselor 64

65 (800) Job Performance Referral Decision to refer to the MAP Call MAP first and get counselors name Meet with member Discuss the job behavior or performance concerns Refer to the MAP Voluntary program Contact and cooperation Provide MAP counselors name Supervisor continues to monitor work performance 65

66 (800) A helping hand when you need it most CALL: (800) WEB: Username: local281 Password: member Brought to you by: Employee Resource Systems, Inc. 66

67 (800) Questions

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