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Mozambique May 2011. Matthew 28: 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, …

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1 Mozambique May 2011

2 Matthew 28: 19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, …

3 Arco Iris Ministries

4 Heidi Baker deep in prayer for some women.

5 Improvements since 2006 trip Running water thanks to storage tank - no more hauling water up the hill for bathing and flushing toilets! New church building – no more church under a tent!

6 A contrast of beauty and severe poverty

7 New Visitors Center – lots of security

8 Visitors center houses up to about 100 people – tin roofs, no air conditioning. There are 4 toilets and 4 showers with cold running water.

9 Food – the standard fare is rice and beans with the occasional goat, chicken or fish thrown in. Avoid the goat – it may be intestines!

10 Typical village mud hut with thatched roof – no windows or doors – everyone sleeps in same room.

11 Projects We painted two of the girls dorm rooms in time for the Childrens Day celebration. We also visited a local hospital and prayed for the sick. Some people went to the prison and witnessed to the inmates. They also prayed for them. Other opportunities are the food give-away for village widows, helping with the sewing and spending time with the babies or boys or girls.

12 International Childrens Day Celebration Children lined up for hours to come into the compound.

13 Serving Food On International Childrens Day, Iris Ministries served meals to 4,500 children. They heard the gospel, played games and received candy and gifts. We helped in the food service by rinsing hands before the meal, washing dishes, serving food and rinsing hands as the children exited. After all the children were fed, about 30 of us scraped food off the cafeteria floor for 30 minutes!

14 Camela Bush-Bush Outreach We traveled 3-4 hours in the back of a covered truck to the village Camela. We arrived after dark and set up our tents. The Jesus Film was being shown. Most of the village received Christ including 3 witch doctors. Many people came received healing. It rained hard that night.

15 The church was dedicated and there was a worship service. Then there was a double wedding afterward. Bride and groom do not smile or touch each other.

16 The women work incredibly hard in hauling water, preparing food, doing laundry by hand, and watching after the children.

17 Your transportation – air-conditioned with bench seats or covered with no seats. Either one is guaranteed to leave you with bruises and a stiff back! I also got whacked by branches!

18 Mieze A Village Transformed in Seven Years A practical Gospel was used and many peoples lives have been saved both physically and spiritually.

19 A Creative Miracle happened Sunday 5/29/11 at the Iris Church. We prayed for a woman whose left leg was amputated above the knee. Over a period of about one hour, we watched the leg grow out several inches and a knee cap form. My index finger is where the leg was to begin with.



22 Another Creative Miracle at Mieze An 18 month old girl was completely blind, in fact she only had white for eyes. Many people prayed for her. Finally she ended up on the lap of Heidi Baker. As she held the girl and prayed, God told her to wash her eyes. When she poured water into the eyes, the iris, lens, pupil and opening were created in both eyes. She was able to see. Heidi stood her up. She had never stood on her own. She began to walk with assistance. She had never walked before.

23 Mieze – An Aids Miracle A high percentage of people in the villages are HIV positive. They decided to have the children in the center tested for HIV. The pastor prayed over each child before they traveled to be tested. Every single child did not have HIV positive. Even a child whose mother had died of AIDs while nursing her was clear of HIV!

24 Whats next? August 1 st – 25 th I will travel to Malawi and Uganda, giving four conferences on healing and deliverance. I covet your prayers as I prepare the materials and then go. Donations are welcome. What about you? Has God spoken to you about a missions trip? Even if you can not travel, you can pray for those who go or donate to help send them. You will receive the same reward!

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