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Texas State Organization Headquarters The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International.

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1 Texas State Organization Headquarters The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International

2 Have you visited our state website?

3 Texas State Organization Executive Secretary/Treasurer Betty Vines

4 In the foyer of the Headquarters building is this lovely display cabinet donated by chapters in Area IX in honor and memory of the current and past Alpha State Presidents from Area IX.

5 In this close-up of the top of the cabinet you can see the intricate details of the figures.

6 Items in the Cabinet include a ceremonies scarf with the labelAnnie Webb Blanton, the brass candlestick carried by chapter presidents when they were presented at state conventions, a compact monogrammed with our Greek letters that belonged to founder Ruby Terrell Lomax, and International pins (not pictured) that belonged to Sarah Tobolosky, Alpha State President, International President, and 1984 International Achievement Award recipient.

7 A view of the Foyer features the Guest Book, the bluebonnet painting given to Bettye Mischen Dunbar when she was state president and donated by her husband in her memory, a plant given by Mary Rowlette and Laginia Hale in recognition of the Open House of the new Alpha State Headquarters, and a lamp table donated by Nelda Landrum in honor of her mother.

8 The delicate beauty of the rose-patterned china that was purchased by Annie Webb Blanton and given to Eula Lee Carter for her home on Haltom Road in Fort Worth.

9 The Foyer also features the Alpha State Charter with the frame given by the 2007 Alpha State Leadership Seminar Class and the campaign desk donated by the Beaumont Convention Steering Committee, Catherine and George Davis, and Van George in honor of Catherine Davis and in memory of Carolyn Larrison. The Altar candlestick was purchased in 1966 for the state convention in Austin by Jessie Sim, and the gavel case which contains the official Alpha State gavel presented in 1917 to Annie Webb Blanton by the Texas State Teachers Association for which she served as president.

10 The Headquarters Building is arrayed with an impressive collection of art and photographs. This rose picture was donated by Alpha Omega in honor of Frances White, Alpha State President (1969-1971).

11 These pictures were painted by an artist from El Paso named Novak; the one on the left was donated by Kappa, Zeta Iota, Zeta Pi and Eta Kappa Chapters in El Paso in memory of Ruby Lee Lafferty, Alpha State President (1965- 1967); the one on the right was given to Bettye Mischen Dunbar and donated to the new headquarters in her memory by her husband.

12 A stained glass panel, featuring a rose design and donated by Area III in honor and memory of the Area III Alpha State Presidents, adorns the Office of the Executive Secretary/Treasurer

13 Executive Assistant Tish Mulkey is working at the copier in the file room/ copy room/ kitchen.

14 The Conference Room is an inviting, comfortable place for meetings. State committees, as well as chapters, may reserve this room for meetings by contacting the Headquarters office and reserving the room on the calendar. Scheduling a visit is a great meeting idea.

15 An intricate cross stitch of the Delta Kappa Gamma crest came from Mary Lou Matlock in Austin. It has been entered in the Austin Stitchery Guilds competition.

16 This Bluebonnet painting by Waco artist Clark Flentge was commissioned specifically for the new Alpha State Headquarters and donated by Katherine Reid of Houston in 2006.

17 This bookcase is one of two given to Headquarters by the Leadership Seminar Class of 2009.

18 This wall-to-wall cabinet in the Conference Room serves to store and display Society artifacts.

19 Various artifacts and memorabilia are on display in the Conference Room. On the second shelf are the scissors and ribbon from the opening of the Headquarters Building. The brass candlestick is part of the brass collection displayed throughout the building. Alpha State is the only state to own a brass collection. The original brass was purchased in 1943 by Catherine Young Clack, Alpha State President (1938-1940).

20 On this center shelf note the gavels, Our Heritage signed by Eunah Temple Holden, bound copies of Lone Star News and convention minutes, a leather-bound Constitution, a clock donated by the Waco chapters in honor of Alpha State President Dorothy Stallings (1987-1989), and the brass Presidents candlestick.

21 These shelves contain more of the Alpha State Brass collection, various biographies, a letter from Annie Webb Blanton to Eula Lee Carter, a 1979 SW Regional 50 th Anniversary commemorative vase, Songbooks 1-6, original sheet music, and bound Convention Minutes.

22 In the Conference Room is the Wall of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society Founders. The center photograph is a signed photo that was given to Eula Lee Carter by Annie Webb Blanton.

23 A visit to our Texas State Organizations Headquarters Building is truly a wonderful journey. Alpha State members have a beautiful home for holding our meetings, conducting the business of our organization, and for experiencing our history and traditions.

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