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How To Create Your Cosmetology Portfolio

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1 How To Create Your Cosmetology Portfolio
by Mi-lintee

2 What Is A Portfolio? A Portfolio is a collection of all of your educational background, skills and work in a specific industry. Your portfolio should contain the following: Resume Cover letter Letters of recommendation Honors/certificates Degrees/ licenses obtained Photos of your work

3 How Do I Create A Portfolio?
The best thing about creating a portfolio is you have the freedom to be very creative while still remaining professional. You can create a portfolio in the following ways: A leather bound book/binder Available at most stores such as Michael's or Staples DVD/CD Create your own presentation and give to employer

4 What Type of Pictures Should I Take?
Clear, digital and professional looking For best results take pictures outside in natural light Have fun, be creative take pictures of your model at the beach or a nice park Use color or black white Use pictures of your best work even if you only have 5 photos Take pictures of styles that you have you are good at doing Always update your portfolio, it is a work in progress

5 Organizing Your Portfolio
Use a table of contents to categorize your items, this makes it easy for the Head Stylist or Manager to quickly go to that particular section. Arrange your pictures on a table and begin selecting your best shots Remember that beauty comes in all forms, be diverse An example of a table of contents is on the next slide.

6 Creating a Table of Contents
Section 1 … Thermal Styling Section 2 … Color and Cuts Section 3 … Make-up Section Manicures Section , Resume Section Certifications Section Recommendation letters

7 Types of Photos to Include
Before and after Total transformation Make-up application Braids and extensions Color and cuts Manicures/pedicures Updos/special occasion Types of facials and skin treatments (Estheticians) Men's cuts


9 Make-up

10 Multicultural Beauty

11 Long Sexy Hair

12 Manicures/Pedicures

13 Final Points A portfolio is your creation, it is an extension of you. It is important that you start your portfolio at the very beginning of Cosmetology school. Update your portfolio once a month. Be sure to carry your portfolio to each interview. A well presented portfolio is highly favored by the employer. Remember, pictures are worth a thousand words!

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