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In PORTUGAL CHRISTMAS TRADITION. CHRISTMAS IS … The religious celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

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3 The religious celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.


5 Peace, harmony and having the family reunited. CHRISTMAS IS …

6 The Christmas spirit

7 Along the streets, we can see coloured lights and Christmas decorations


9 Recreation of the Nativity scene In every house, people re-create the stable where Jesus was born. The Nativity scene is built with moss, straw, vegetation and pieces of pottery at the beginning of Advent. Baby Jesus is placed in the Christmas crib only after the midnight Mass (the Mass of the Rooster).


11 At home, just as in the local church, people find a special place to put the Saviours crib from the nativity.

12 Christmas ornaments

13 In Portugal, especially in the North, on the night of the 24th of December, Christmas Eve is called consoada. Christmas Eve

14 Families get together for the Consoada dinner.

15 Extra places are set at the table for the alminhas ("the souls of the dead").

16 The Consoada meal consists of boiled codfish, eggs,

17 Boiled potatoes, cabbages, onions,

18 and octopus

19 And for dessert a wide variety of traditional sweets

20 Rabanadas

21 Red Wine Rabanadas Creamed Egg Rabanadas

22 Sonhos

23 Formigos or Mexidos

24 Aletria

25 Bolo Rei

26 Chocolate Bolo-Rei with dried fruits

27 Bolinhos de Jerimu

28 Azevias

29 Filhoses

30 Pão de Ló

31 Coscorões

32 And many other desserts

33 After the meal,the table is never completely cleaned. Some cakes and dried fruits are left for the souls.

34 At the end of dinner, people sing Christmas Carols and play games.

35 Before midnight, all the family members go to church to attend the mass of the rooster which starts at midnight.

36 Baby Jesus is given to be kissed

37 In the regions of Bragança, Guarda or Castelo Branco, a Yule log is burned in the atrium of the village church after mass. People sing and dance around it. It helps keep everyone warm through the night and to wish family and friends a Merry Christmas.

38 At midnight, there is a firework display

39 Others prefer to return home and open the presents

40 Portuguese Christmas suffered some influences of other traditions o One of the influence is the replacement of the Baby Jesus by Father Christmas in the delivery of the presents.

41 Before, children would put their shoes in the living-room for Jesus to leave a present in them.

42 Now, it is Santa Claus that hands-out the presents.

43 On the 25th, lunch consists of the traditional Roupa Velha (old clothes), made of the leftovers of the previous day.

44 Dinner consists of various meats.

45 Roast Turkey

46 Roast kid or pork meat

47 The family eats and drinks all night.


49 Work done for the Comenius Project

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