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Spring 2013 Presented by the TCNJ Intramural Department.

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1 Spring 2013 Presented by the TCNJ Intramural Department

2 Deborah Simpson Director of Intramurals and Club Sports 609-771-2190 Anthony Johnson Intramural Assistant Ed Dean Assistant Intramural and Club Sport Coordinator 609-771-2190 Scott Wagenblast Intramural Assistant Scott Allerton Floor Hockey Supervisor

3 Teams are required to wear color- coordinated shirts for their athletic contests Scrimmage vests will be given out if two teams are wearing the same color

4 Rosters will be accessed on Captains can manager their rosters from their team site All participants must create an account on IMleagues Teammates can be added to the roster at game time Make sure all contact information is correct! If we cannot contact a team representative you may miss important information and subject to forfeiture

5 Students are required to have health insurance in order to participate in Intramurals

6 Mens A (Competitive) Mens B (Recreational) Co-Recreational (Co-ed) Participants can only play on one (1) like gender-team and a Co-Rec team Ex. Male can only play on a Mens A team and a Co-Rec team, not on both a Mens A and Mens B teams

7 Season will start Monday, March 4 th Games will be played Monday & Wednesday, 6-10pm Teams may play 1-2 games per week Captains will be notified and emailed when schedule is available Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to sign in for your game

8 A $25.00 fee will be required. Captains will sign in players 15 minutes before the scheduled game time. OFFICIALS' DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Two forfeits and the team will be eliminated from the league. Report all injuries to the Supervisor to be sure you are covered in case of an insurance claim. Protest must be in writing to Deborah Simpson within 24 hours of the incident. Teams are given a five (5) minute grace period. In order to play in the playoffs, all team members must be on the roster by then!

9 Inform team of intramural rules Available online at Proper sign-in with intramural supervisor 15-30 minutes before game TCNJ ID card: No Exceptions!! Team schedules, standings, rules, rankings, updates, photos, announcements will be available on website Team captains will be emailed or called for special circumstances (cancellations, forfeits, etc.) Will be posted online first, so check before calling WEATHER CANCELLATIONS CAPTAINS WILL BE NOTIFIED

10 No jewelry of any kind! This includes necklaces, earrings, watches, bracelets, rubber bands, nose rings, belly rings, etc. Jewelry cannot be taped down No bare feet, flip flops, or open-toed shoes Soft casts are permitted Knee braces are permitted with protective covering and approved by the on-site Intramural Supervisor

11 Team captains will have game vests. These vests must be worn over a T-shirt or the player shall not be allowed to participate unless the team has matching jerseys. Game vests may be picked up by the Supervisor. Sticks will be provided by the Intramural and Recreation Department and will be available at Packer Hall before each scheduled game. A stick bin will be located in each team's bench area. Sticks will be counted before and after each scheduled game. If any sticks are missing the team will be responsible and charged for the replacement costs.

12 Only sneakers will be permitted on the gym floor. Black soled shoes will not be permitted. Goalkeeping equipment will be provided: leg pads, glove, facemask and waffle board. No jewelry of any kind can be worn. Medical bracelets must be taped down.

13 Entry fees ($25) can be turned tonight at the Captains meeting No Cash! Checks payable to The College of New Jersey

14 All students, faculty, and staff may participate in the Intramural program. A student is defined as a person enrolled in The College of New Jersey that is paying a student activity fee. All part-time students and non- matriculated students who have been assessed an activity fee are eligible to participate. Faculty/Staff members may organize their own teams. However, they may play on the same team with students as well.

15 Ex-Varsity players will be permitted to participate in intramurals under the following guidelines: An ex-Varsity player is defined as any player who won a varsity letter In the A-league only 3 ex-Varsity players will be allowed per team Players who participated in varsity sports more than 5 years ago are not considered varsity athletes any more Individuals who are participating in a collegiate sport for the current season will be ineligible to participate in that intramural sport Teams using illegal players will be suspended!!!

16 PROTESTS INVOLVING JUDGEMENT CALLS BY AN OFFICIAL WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED! A protest can only be made based on rule interpretation or player eligibility. All rules can be found on the Intramural webpage. Protest must be put into writing and sent to Intramural Director and Assistant within 24 hours of the contest.

17 Participants who are ejected from their contest must meet with the Intramural Director and Assistant Coordinator before they are allowed to play in another contest Penalty can range from sitting out halves/games and suspension of a specified date

18 Remember they are students too! They dont deserved to be abused! Judgment calls cant be argued or protested! Without student officials we wouldnt be playing!

19 Teams will consist of a goalie and five floor players with substitutes. The game will consist of three periods, each ten (10) minutes in length. No overtime in the regular season. In the playoffs, a five (5) minute sudden death period will be played until a winner emerges. Stoppage of play without a penalty is caused by: Injury Unplayable ball (out of bounds) Frozen Ball After a Goal Off-sides Illegal Hand Pass

20 Any ball played off the hand in the offensive zone may only be touched by that player. It cannot be touched by a member of the same team. Abuse of the official WILL NOT be tolerated. This will result in a five (5) minute penalty (served by another player on the team) and a game ejection and possible suspension from all intramural activities. No floor players are permitted in the goal crease for any reason. Exception: if knocked into crease by opposing player.

21 The goalkeeper may not hold the puck outside the goal crease. He/she may not hold it if he is not under pressure. This is a delay of game. If a player breaks a stick, they must drop the stick immediately. Throwing or not dropping a broken stick will be a one minute penalty. Team Captains are responsible for their team's actions and are subject to penalties. Stick abuse will not be tolerated. This includes throwing, slamming, or kicking of the hockey sticks. Failure to abide by this rule will result in an immediate ejection and a minimum of a one (1) game suspension.

22 Team Captains are required to assist the Program Supervisor in setting up goals and disassembling after games. The Program Supervisor is considered a referee when a flagrant penalty occurs outside the official's view. Players may attempt to block a shot from a stationary position; i.e. kneeling down from where they are standing. Players may NOT attempt to block a shot while moving; i.e. sliding across in order to block the shot. Due to the outbreak of fights, there will be NO CHECKING. An area in front of the goal will be the only place where any intentional contact will be permitted. The defensive player will be allowed to tie up or clear any offensive player from a zone in front of the net. The check still must be within the confines of a legal check. Checking of a serious nature will result in an immediate ejection at the officials and program supervisors discretion.

23 Checking Tripping Hooking Slashing Butting Crosschecking Interference Boarding High Sticking Roughing Illegal Shot Block Broken Stick Violation A player who is assessed three penalties in one game will be ejected from that game.

24 Fighting This will be followed by an automatic ejection from the game, the league and all intramural activities for a minimum of one year. The penalty will be served by another member of the team. Accompanying violations which results in a serious injury, including bleeding, will result in a suspension of (2) games to one year.

25 A team may not attempt a shot until a female team member has touched the ball in the offensive zone.

26 If you do not have a team, please meet down front. Captains who need additional players, please meet down front as well.

27 Best of luck this season! Feel free to contact the Intramural Department at any time during the season.

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