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Zero Waste Action Plan Glendale, California Zero Waste Associates Gary Liss, 916-652-7850

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1 Zero Waste Action Plan Glendale, California Zero Waste Associates Gary Liss, 916-652-7850;

2 Reduce Reuse Recycle Zero Waste =

3 Zero Waste is a goal that is ethical, economical, efficient and visionary, to guide people in changing their lifestyles and practices to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use. Zero Waste means designing and managing products and processes to systematically avoid and eliminate the volume and toxicity of waste and materials, conserve and recover all resources, and not burn or bury them. Implementing Zero Waste will eliminate all discharges to land, water or air that are a threat to planetary, human, animal or plant health. Definition of Zero Waste Source;

4 Landfills are one of the largest sources of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Methane is 21-105x more potent than CO 2 Zero Waste & Global Warming 71 Tons Upstream For Every Ton MSW Recycling & composting all discards in CA = eliminating all auto exhaust in CA Wasteberg

5 10,000 tons of SW = Landfill - 1 job Composting – 4 jobs Recycling – 10 jobs Reuse – 75 –250 jobs Source: Zero Waste and Green Jobs Recycling Industry = Size of Auto Industry

6 Nature Is The Model Zero Waste, Or Darn Close Businesses Have Achieved Over 90% Waste Reduction Is Zero Waste Attainable ? Picture: Methane Earth; Credit: GISS, NASAGISSNASA

7 Zero Waste Businesses are Leading the Way (>90% diversion) Anheuser-Busch, Fairfield, CA Apple Computer, Elk Grove, CA Epson, OR Fetzer Vineyards Frankies Bohemian Café, SF Greens Restaurant, SF Hewlett-Packard, Roseville, CA Honda Mad River Brewery New Belgium Brewery Pillsbury Playa Vista, LA, CA Ricoh Electronics San Diego Wild Animal Park Scomas Restaurant, SF Subaru Toyota Vons-Safeway Xerox Corp 900 Businesses in Japan See

8 Saves Money Reduces Liability Increases Efficiency Reduces GHG and emissions Marketing Edge Right Thing To Do Why would a business DO this? Source: Gil Friend, Natural Logic

9 Zero Waste Communities Canberra, Australia NZ – Entire Country Over 66% of NZ Cities Seattle, WA Chicago, IL Central Vermont Waste Mgt.District Austin, TX Toronto, Ontario Buenos Aires, Argentina Telluride, CO Boulder City & County, CO Summit County, CO Nelson, British Columbia (BC) Regional Districts BC Kootenay Boundary Central Kootenay Cowichan Valley Sunshine Coast Halifax, Nova Scotia Source: www.

10 CA Zero Waste Communities Del Norte County San Luis Obispo Co. Rancho Cucomonga Culver City (Sustainability Plan) Sacramento (in General Plan) El Cajon Fresno Burbank Working on ZW Plan: City of Los Angeles Glendale, CA SF Bay Area San Francisco Oakland San Jose Santa Cruz County & all cities in County Berkeley Palo Alto Marin County Novato Fairfax Sunnyvale

11 Glendale Discards Sorted into the 12 Market Categories Note: Half of the Materials are Suitable for Compost

12 Revenue Potential from Glendale Discards Market%TonsValue ($/ton)Total Value 1. Reuse2.03,240 $550 $1,782,000 2. Paper27.043,740 $50 $2,187,000 3. Plant Debris5.58,910 $ 7 $62,370 4. Putrescibles17.027,540 $7 $2,187,000 5. Wood4.06,480 $8 $51,840 6. Ceramics8.012,960 $4 $51,840 7. Soils10.016,200 $7 $113,400 8. Metals4.06,480 $50 $324,000 9. Glass2.03,240 $10 $32,400 10. Polymers8.012,960 $100 $1,296,000 11. Textiles2.03,240 $100 $324,000 12. Chemicals0.5810 $15 $12,150 No market10.016,200 00 Total100.0162,000- $ 8,424,000

13 Zero Waste Goal Commercial Recycling Rule Organics Recovery Reduce - Producer Responsibility Reuse – Bulky Goods Key Recommendations in Glendale Draft Zero Waste Plan

14 Zero emissions to air, water, land Do not burn or bury resources Currently Divert 53% 70% by 2015 90% by 2021 Zero Waste Goal

15 Comply with State Mandate Source Separate or Process Mixed Waste No materials direct to landfill Mixed Waste – At least 25% recovery City continue to offer free recycling Commercial Recycling Rule

16 Compostable Organics out of Landfill Processing facility at Scholl Canyon Digest to Recover Energy Compost digestate Pilot for commercial organics first Organics Recovery

17 Adopt EPR Policy Purchasing preference for take-backs ID problem products for local actions Advocate State and Federal legislation Citywide ban on stores distributing free single-use plastic shopping bags Styrofoam – follow County lead Takeback guide on City website Reduce & Producer Responsibility

18 CA 20-Year History of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) EPR Programs in CAResponsibility Beverage ContainersGovt.–Producers – Retail TiresGovernment – Retailers Used OilGovernment – Retailers MonitorsGovt.–Producers – Retail Cell PhonesRetailers Takeback Rechargeable BatteriesRetailers Takeback

19 Reuse Bulky Goods – Reuse ahead of route truck Promote E-Services (Craigs List, e Bay, LA Shares?) Used Building Materials Reuse Guide on Website

20 Zero Waste Resources Glendale Zero Waste Yahoo Group: Los Angeles ZW Planning: Oakland Adopted ZW Plan: Burbank ZW Plan: GrassRoots Recycling Network: Zero Waste International Alliance: Earth Resource Foundation: Glendale Zero Waste Questions: Tom Brady, 818-550-3435:

21 If youre not for Zero Waste, how much waste are you for?

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