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Zero Waste Action Plan for Glendale, CA Zero Waste Associates Richard Anthony 858-272-2905;

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1 Zero Waste Action Plan for Glendale, CA Zero Waste Associates Richard Anthony 858-272-2905;

2 Zero Waste is Good for All of Us

3 Reuse, Recycling, & Composting Reduce Resource Use & Greenhouse Gas Production AluminumSteel PaperGlass Energy Use 90-97%47-74%23-74%4-32% Air Pollution 95%85%74%20% Water Pollution 97%76%35% Mining Wastes 97%80% Water Use 40%58%50% [1] R. Letcher and M. Shiel, “Source separation and Citizen Recycling”, in William Robinson, ed., The Solid Waste Handbook, New York, 1986.

4 All discards can be sorted into 12 Market Categories… 1. REUSABLE Appliances Durable Plastic Items Textiles Mattresses & Furniture Composite C & D Books & Catalogues Other Repairables 2. PAPER Cardboard White Ledger Newsprint Magazines / Catalogs Other Office Paper Paperboard Other / Composite Paper 3. PLANT DEBRIS Leaves & Grass Pruning's Branches & Stumps 1.PUTRESCIBLES Food Waste Fish and Meat Waste Sewage Sludge WOOD Untreated Wood Treated Wood CERAMICS Concrete Asphalt Paving

5 7.SOILS Gypsum Board Fines 8. METALS Auto Bodies Aluminum Cans Steel Cans Ferrous Metals Non-Ferrous 9.GLASS Clear Glass Green Glass Mixed Glass Brown Glass Window Glass Other Glass 10. TEXTILES Poly Fibers Cotton and Wool 11. POLYMERS # 1 PET, #2 HDPE, #3 PVC #4 LDPE, #5 PP, # 6 PS #7 other labeled plastic Other plastics, Asphalt Roofing Tires 12. CHEMICALS Used Motor Oil Household Hazardous Waste Disposable Diapers / Feminine Hygiene Treated Medical Waste

6 Glendale Discards Sorted into the 12 Market Categories Note: Half of the Materials are Suitable for Compost

7 Revenue Potential from Glendale Discards Market%TonsValue ($/ton)Total Value 1. Reuse2.03,240 $550 $1,782,000 2. Paper27.043,740 $50 $2,187,000 3. Plant Debris5.58,910 $ 7 $62,370 4. Putrescibles17.027,540 $7 $2,187,000 5. Wood4.06,480 $8 $51,840 6. Ceramics8.012,960 $4 $51,840 7. Soils10.016,200 $7 $113,400 8. Metals4.06,480 $50 $324,000 9. Glass2.03,240 $10 $32,400 10. Polymers8.012,960 $100 $1,296,000 11. Textiles2.03,240 $100 $324,000 12. Chemicals0.5810 $15 $12,150 No market10.016,200 00 Total100.0162,000- $ 8,424,000

8 Zero Waste Goal Commercial Recycling Rule Organics Recovery Producer Responsibility Key Recommendations in Glendale Draft Zero Waste Plan

9 Zero emissions to air, water, land Do not burn or bury resources Currently Divert 53% 70% by 2015 90% by 2021 Zero Waste Goal

10 Comply with State Mandate Source Separate or Process Mixed Waste No materials direct to landfill Mixed Waste – At least 25% recovery City continue to offer free recycling Commercial Recycling Rule

11 Compostable Organics out of Landfill Processing facility at Scholl Canyon – Digest to Recover Energy – Compost digestate Pilot for commercial organics first Organics Recovery

12 Adopt EPR Policy – Purchasing preference for take-backs – ID problem products for local actions – Advocate State and Federal legislation Citywide ban on stores distributing free single-use plastic shopping bags Styrofoam – follow County lead Takeback guide on City website Reduce - Producer Responsibility

13 Reuse Bulky Goods – Reuse ahead of route truck Promote E-Services (Craig’s List, e Bay, LA Shares?) Used Building Materials Reuse Guide on Website

14 Market Category Clusters Recyclables/Blue Bin Paper, metals, glass, polymers Compostable Organics/Green Bin Food, vegetative debris, food dirty paper, paper, plant debris, putrescibles, wood Reusables/Curbside or Drop off sites Furniture, appliances, clothing, toys, tools, reusable goods, textiles Special Discards/Resource Recovery Park Chemicals, construction and demolition materials, wood, ceramics, soils

15 R euse and Repair

16 R ecycling

17 C omposting

18 Special Discards

19 It’s a win, win, win, win thing for all of us… Creates jobs Saves wildlife and ecosystems Saves taxpayers and businesses money Reduces pressure on raw or virgin resources Reduces pollution (including greenhouse gas emissions) Benefits of Source Separation:

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