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Updating the Council State Plan Mary Beth Greene Program Specialist Administration on Developmental Disabilities Faith McCormick Director, Office of Programs.

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1 Updating the Council State Plan Mary Beth Greene Program Specialist Administration on Developmental Disabilities Faith McCormick Director, Office of Programs Administration on Developmental Disabilities

2 42 USC 15024 SEC. 124 STATE PLAN. IN GENERAL. -Any State desiring to receive assistance under this subtitle shall submit to the Secretary, and obtain approval of, a 5-year strategic State plan under this section. From regulation Sec. 1386.30 State plan requirements Development of the State Plan and applicable annual amendments are responsibilities of the State Developmental Disabilities Council. _________________________________________________ Strategic - forming part of a long-term plan or aim to achieve a specific purpose [Code of Federal Regulations] [Title 45, Volume 4, Parts 1200 to end

3 Sec. 1386.31 State Plan submittal and approval. (a) The Council shall issue a public notice about the availability of the proposed State Plan or State Plan amendment(s) for comment. The Notice shall be published in formats accessible to individuals with developmental disabilities and the general public (e.g., tape, diskette, public forums, newspapers) and shall provide a 45 day period for public review and comment. The Council shall take into account comments submitted within that period and respond in the State Plan to significant comments and suggestions. A summary of the Council's response to State Plan comments shall be submitted with the State Plan and made available for public review. This document shall be made available in accessible formats upon request.

4 (d) The Commissioner must approve any State plan or plan amendment provided it meets the requirements of the Act and these regulations. (demonstrates responsibility of ADD) (e) Amendments to the State plan are required when substantive changes are contemplated in plan content. [49 FR 11779, Mar. 27, 1984, as amended at 61 FR 51160, Sept. 30, 1996] Substantive - substantial in amount or quantity; having practical importance, value, or effect; In law: a matter of substance as opposed to a matter of procedure

5 Components of the 5 Year State Plan Section ICouncil Identification/Membership Category Section IIDesignated State Agency Section IIIComprehensive Review and Analysis Section IVAreas of Emphasis and Performance targets Section VAssurances Section VIProjected Council Budget Section VII & VIIIPublic Review of Plan/Evaluation Plan

6 5-Year State plan ADD Format 1. Establish and maintenance of Council SECTION I: COUNCIL ID State Plan Period Contact Person Council Establishment Date of establishment Authorization Authorization Citation Membership Council staff What do you report in your amendments?

7 5-Year State planADD Format 2. Identify DSA SECTION II: DSA [Section 125(d)] The Designated State Agency (DSA) is the Council The Designated State Agency (DSA) is an other agency Direct Services. If DSA is other than the council, does it provide or pay for direct services to persons with developmental disabilities? Does your council have a Memorandum of Understanding/Agreement with your DSA? DSA roles and responsibilities related to the Council. If DSA is other than the council. Date Council or Agency was designated as DSA (grandfathered in?) What do you report in your amendments?

8 5-Year State planADD Format 3. Comprehensive Review and Analysis i. Services under other federally assisted state programs, plans, and policies ii. Agencies under federally assisted State programs pursue Interagency initiatives iii. Extent to which Community services benefit individuals iv. Collaboration of ADD programs SECTION III:STATE SERV SYS & TRENDS [ Section 124(c)] Prevalence Environmental factors State service system Community serv and oppor Waiting lists Unserved/underserved Rationale for goal selection

9 Discussion How do you prepare the comprehensive review and analysis at your Council?

10 For goal determination ask the following questions: What is the rationale for the goals selected? Are goals based on quantitative/qualitative data? Is there a strategic plan for development and implementation of goals? Are issues addressed that were discussed in comprehensive review and analysis? Do goals and objectives build on currently existing resources? Are resources allocated across areas of emphasis? Is the Council working in several areas of emphasis? If not – justify.

11 5-Year State planADD Format 4. Plan Goals i. derived from unmet needs ii. Goal to: establish or strengthen program for direct funding of State self-adv. org. led by individuals with developmental disabilities support individuals with developmental disabilities to provide leadership training support participation in coalitions SECTION IV: AREAS OF EMPHASIS & PERFORMANCE TARGETS goal description strategies objectives resources collaborators

12 5-Year State planADD Format 4. Plan Goals Description of Goals consistent with indicators of progress strategies methods to determine achievement SECTION VIII: EVALUATION Summarize Councils plan for monitoring, reviewing, and evaluating State plan annually

13 5-Year State planADD Format 5. Assurances use of funds 70% political subdivision supplement not supplant non- Fed funds Complement & augment rather than duplicate or replace serv funds available to public/ private entities DSA – ½ costs; 5%/&50,000; not more than 20% SECTION VI: PROJECTED COUNCIL BUDGET [Sec.125(c)(8)] Cost Categories Areas of emphasis General DSA functions

14 5-Year State planADD Format 5. Assurances state participation conflict of interest urban/rural poverty areas program accessibility stds human rights minority participation employee protections staff assignments non-interference State QA SECTION V: ASSURANCES [Sec.124(c)(5)(A)- (N)] Signed assurances submitted to regional office/ approving official

15 5-Year State planADD Format 6. Public input and review, submission and approval plan based on public input DSA – plan consistent with State law Secretary approves plan SECTION VII: PUBLIC INPUT [Sec.123(d)] Summarize Councils process for public notice and review Include Councils response to public input & comments Summarize public involvement in development of plan

16 Planning & Design ImplementationEvaluation & Communication BEGINNINGS If assumptions about the factors that influence issues are true… PLANNED WORK Then the activities built on assumptions… RESULTS Should contribute to results expected. Management Plan Performance Reports State Plan Logic Model Theory Activities Outcomes

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