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CSBG Policy and Procedures A Multi-Faceted and Useful Tool.

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1 CSBG Policy and Procedures A Multi-Faceted and Useful Tool

2 CSBG Policies and Procedures States Communicate Expectations in a Number of Ways –State Plan –State Law –Contracts –Directives/Guidelines –Memorandums –Manual – Policy or Policy and Procedures


4 What’s the Value? Helps the State & Subrecipients –By Establishing & Concisely Communicating Expectations What the State Expects of Subrecipients What Subrecipients Can Expect of the State –Comply w/Enabling Legislation –Comply w/State Requirements Elaborates on Contract Language –Saves Time

5 What’s the Value? Helps the State & Subrecipients –Ensures Continuity in the State’s Implementation –Provides an Explanation of How CSBG is Implemented in Kansas A-133 Audits OCS & Other Federal Reviews

6 Policy Manual for the Kansas CSBG ● CSBG Legislation OMB Circulars Information Memoranda CSBG Terms & Conditions Shared Information (Colleagues & NASCSP) –As a Discussion Point or a Policy The Kansas Experience

7 Policy Manual for the Kansas CSBG Sections –Topic Areas Requirement and/or Discussion Section 4 – Grant Administration 4100 Monitoring 4101 Monitoring is an on-going process and is not limited to the periodic “on-site monitoring visit.” The on- going process includes review of.... 4102 On-site monitoring may occur at anytime and without notice....

8 Policy Manual for the Kansas CSBG Expectations Beyond the Federal Requirements –ED Performance Appraisals –Planning Calendar –Community Needs Assessment Contents –Strategic Plan –Professional Development for Key Staff –On-Going Board Training

9 A Living Document Updated About Every 3 Years –Align w/Practice –Sync w/Requirements –Respond to the Current Environment In Consultation w/the Network Bound Copies to Each Eligible Entity Web-Posted

10 A Relevant Document It Is Referenced –Notice/Agreement (Contract) –Order of Precedence –Worksheet for On-Site Review –Reports of On-Site Review (Monitoring) –When Responding to Questions (TA) –Encouraged Read – Prof. Devlp. Plans (Policy 10010) It Is Followed –State Practice Syncs w/the Manual

11 Referenced in Notice/Agreement IV.Grantee Performance A. Grantee shall, in a satisfactory manner as determined by the Grantor, and in accordance with the governing statutes, regulations, and documents listed herein and the approved Grantee application, develop and implement a program in order to assist low-income residents of Kansas. 1.42 U.S.C. § 9901 et seq. 2. U. S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars A-87, A- 102, A-110, A-122 and A-133, as applicable. 3. ACF Community Services Block Grant Term and Conditions. (Posted at 4. The Kansas Policy Manual for the Community Services Block Grant. (Posted at publications.aspx) publications.aspx

12 Order of Precedence – Kansas 1. CSBG Enabling Legislation 2. OMB Circulars, as Applicable 3. Kansas Form D-146a 4. The Notice of Financial Award and Grant Agreement 5. The Kansas Policy Manual for the Community Services Block Grant

13 Monitoring Is Tied to Policy 6109 The board has established procedures to ensure that board members are not related to one another or to the executive director as defined within Policy 6107. Yes No 6109 The board has established procedures to ensure that it is compliant with Policy 6108 (eligible to serve). Yes No 6501A documented process ensures initial and continued board training which includes, as applicable, non-profit board responsibilities, ROMA, program & service information, causes/effects of poverty, emerging issues, the origin, source and impact of CSBG funding. Yes No 7200 A calendar of planning activities exists and insures systematic and annual performance of key board activities. Yes No 9104GTR matches system-produced documentation. Yes No 9102DGTR submissions meet the due date – 15 th of the month. Yes No 9102BGTR contains an original signature of authorized signatory – non-fiscal. Yes No

14 Compliance Matter 5.1 Evidence of an annual performance appraisal of the Executive Director was not identified within personnel files. Kansas CSBG Policy 6204 states, “The governing board of each private, non-profit eligible entity shall undertake an annual performance evaluation of the entity’s executive director. This evaluation shall include a statement of outcomes for which the executive is responsible and shall provide a progress statement relative to the achievement of those outcomes. Dated evidence of the evaluation shall be contained within the executive director’s personnel file.” Compliance Matter 5.2 Policy 10006 requires eligible entities to “maintain an employee- signed and dated job description indicating current tasks for which the employee is held accountable.” No such job description was observed for the agency’s Executive Director.

15 “Eight (8) items within the report are identified as Compliance Matters. “Please prepare and submit a quality improvement plan addressing each item. The plan is to be provided in a table format with, at minimum, the following column headers.” Compliance Matter Action Plan Responsible Position(s) Anticipated Completion Date Documenta- tion to Support Completion Comments


17 NASCSP Issue Brief: State CSBG Office Policies and Procedures /policies_and_procedures_10-27_final.pdf NASCSP  CSBG  CSBG Issues Briefs Policy Manual for the Kansas CSBG KHRC  Special Needs  Community Services  Forms & Publications

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