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CARE Tajikistan Knowledge Transfer for Key Roles ACD Program October 2006.

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1 CARE Tajikistan Knowledge Transfer for Key Roles ACD Program October 2006

2 2 Outline Current Situation Proposed Actions Going forward Objectives of Knowledge Transfer Knowledge Transfer Plan (ACD Program) General Guidelines Next Steps (ACD Program)

3 3 High dependency on some key people Several Key Management people leaving organisation at the same time Low local capacity for proposal development Successors not identified / new structure not in place Lack of time to conduct all necessary handovers Succession Planning Current Situation Key Focus Areas Administration Program Management Dependencies Clear Roles and Responsibilities Polices and Processes Conduct Knowledge Transfer for key areas (ACD positions) Identify successors Develop Knowledge Transfer plan and calendar Communicate plan Document key information / processes Expand roles of existing team people to offload Admin function? Restructure to allow for shared activities in admin function Succession Planning is a critical people management practice that enables the organization to identify, develop and retain key talent Lowered dependency on specific individuals Key knowledge is maintained in the Country Office Detailed knowledge transfer planning will ensure continuity of service quality Minimal disruption to business as usual BenefitsChallengesRecommended Activities

4 4 Proposed Actions Going Forward 1.Identify New Structure and Successors (align with overall re- structure) 2.Develop Specific Knowledge Transfer Plans –ACD / Program Manager ACD Program –ACD / Admin Manager Sylvia Francis 3.Transfer Responsibilities for key roles 4.Assumptions –New structure confirmed –Successors identified in time for Knowledge Sharing –Candidates have the required skills and capacities to perform in the new roles –Training and CARE orientation are in addition to this plan

5 5 Objectives of Knowledge Transfer Key business process, customer knowledge, policy knowledge and program knowledge is maintained People get up to speed in the shortest amount of time and are successful in their new roles Staff receive the appropriate amount of training and knowledge transfer time Teams work collaboratively to successfully transfer the knowledge required to effectively support both current and future programs Quality documentation of existing skills, knowledge and information are developed and retained for future use Service levels are maintained and that disruption is minimal during the transition period Prioritize information and knowledge to be transferred so that the right focus is given to business critical activities Each individual must have a clear and realistic knowledge transfer plan with which they feel comfortable

6 6 Plan handover Identify Successors Gain commitment from leadership Communicate to all involved Schedule Meetings with Key stakeholders / key relationships Document of key processes Overlap in Activities / Hands-on Overview / Discussions Coaching And Support 1 week Successor Identified Planning 2 weeks4 weeks2 months Program Management Staff Development Representation and Relationship Building Final Handover Agreed timeline and objectives Other Responsibilities Knowledge Transfer Overview Plan for ACD Program handover and knowledge sharing TBD – Nov/Dec Strategy and Program Development

7 7 Participate in the development and lead implementation of program related initiatives in Long Range Strategic Plan Assure that the program related activities in CO AOP are carried out Ensure that each project has an AOP in line with to the CO and ARMU AOPs and project goals and objectives Collaboratively develop project staff IOP Proposal Development (Refer prop dev. Document for detail) Ensuring alignment of all programs and cross cutting management Ensure Communication materials are available (ex. brochures, CARE US website information etc.) Carry out program related initiatives –CBO studies –Underlying cause of poverty study –Etc.

8 8 Program Management Ensure Program Quality –Ensure adherence to Mission, Vision, Core Values, Programming principles, RBA, Gender and unifying framework Supervision of Project Managers to ensure timely implementation –Individual Project Meeting (Project Managers) –DIP Planning and monitoring –Budget Monitoring –Monitoring and Evaluation (including reporting) Run Monthly Program Meeting (All Program Managers and Program Support) –Program updates and new initiatives –Strategy, Quality and other relevant topics Proposal Development Maintain Program Documentation Ensure good working relationships with Finance and other Program Support Units Ongoing activities –Monitor and review reports to donors –Conduct Periodic Field Visits –Oversight of Sub-office

9 9 Staff Development Coordinate and approve training initiatives Oversee learning and resource centre CARE Academy

10 10 Representation and Relationship Building Liaison with Donors –Attend donor meetings and keep up to date with new strategies (eg. CIDA Strategy, AID new strategy) –Monitor websites for upcoming strategies, meetings and call for proposals Liaison with CARE international members –CARE USA –CARE Canada –CARE Netherlands –CARE Deutschland Liaison with Tajikistan Government –Attend meetings, respond to requests, meet with visiting representatives etc. –Ensure Communications officer reports accurately to government

11 11 Other Considerations Acting CD (when required) Supervision of Admin Assistants Supervision of M&E Supervision of Communication Officer

12 12 Proposed Organigram (6-12 months) CD Louis Program Manager Dilbar Program Manager TBD Rural Livelihood Coordinator Kerry Mary Dean Key Focus Area on Program Management DAP Education Sexual Rep Health Chemonics New Projects ARMU initiatives Gender CARE Atlanta initiatives Could be handed to other PM as a block of activities Consultant support Strategic Management Proposal Development Part-time support with the intention to train Program managers to learn skills and take over responsibilities DipacT VHFSP (Ending) Climate Change (1 yr ext) Biodiversity FACT (Ending) Some programs ending, long term goal to hand over program management to Program Managers Key Focus Area on Strategic Management Proposal Development External Relationship Management Donor Reporting Academy / Learning Communication Officer TBD M&E Unit TBD

13 13 General Guidelines / Comments Estimated time commitment : –Planning activities approx 50% of time –Overview and Discussions 20% of time –Overlap and Hands-on 20% of time –Coaching (ongoing for 2 months from off site) 5% of time Establish an on-site coach –Based on final meeting and agreed support areas –Establish regular checkpoints Utilise benefits of promoting internal candidates –Familiar with ways of working, processes, core values –Key relationships already in existence Align with other transition activities

14 14 Next Steps – ACD Program 1.Complete and agree Knowledge Transfer Plan timing and content 2.Assign Successors and New Organisational Structure 3.Communicate with all stakeholders Internal (Staff) External (CARE, Donor, Government etc.) 4.Start Knowledge Transfer

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