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Introduction The BAJAJ Nite Raider series Light Tower in 9 and 12 meter height is general purpose mobile light tower intended for remote and emergency.

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2 Introduction The BAJAJ Nite Raider series Light Tower in 9 and 12 meter height is general purpose mobile light tower intended for remote and emergency lighting conditions designed thro advanced 3D software to provide safe, simple, reliable and user friendly features for longer life. The light tower can be raised vertically up to of 9 &12 meters by means of a manual winch. The tower tensioning system is designed to provide the necessary tension to safely control the pivot of the tower. Outriggers and rear support stand are provided for stability of tower when deployed. The lighting system of BAJAJ Nite Raider series Light Tower is comprised of 4/6 No HPSV or Metal Halide 400/1000 watt lamps. The capacity of DG set shall depend on the number of luminaries. Typical lighting coverage is between 2.5 to 9 acres depending on type and number of luminaries in each tower. The control panel has provision to receive power from either DG set or other local source. As an added feature, auxiliary output receptacle is provided which can be used for other applications. The control gear components of luminaries are located in the weather proof control panel and contains ON/OFF circuit breakers for each floodlight. For ease of service or transport, each floodlight is equipped with a quick- disconnect connector that allows the flood light to be removed quickly. This feature is extremely useful during transport of the light tower over rough terrain. It is always better to remove the floodlights and pack them safely to avoid any damage. Bajaj Nite Raider mobile light tower is supplied with or with out DG set. If you are providing the Dg set we request you to use DG set confirming to Environments (Protection) Rule 1986 and CPCB compliance OF reputed manufacturer's. Unique Features of Nite Raider Mobile Light Tower Designed thro solid modeling on advanced Pro-E software for Indian Conditions Tower can be made ready for operation with in 15 minutes Modular design – Can be used with / with out DG Set Easy handle operated jacks Simple manual operation of winches* Adjustable toe hook suitable for tractor or pick-up vehicles Heavy duty Brake winches Mast tensioning system for smooth operation 360 degree rotation in erected position from ground CPCB* approved Electric start DG set with canopy 50/100 Liters capacity Fuel Tank* DG set with automatic shutdown for low oil pressure and high temperature* Hourly Meter to monitor DG set. Directly coupled Brushless Alternator* Easy availability of Spares and service for DG set Choice to use 4 / 6 – 1 x 400 / 1000 W or 2 x 400 W Luminaries with HPSV or MH lamp* Pre-wired Luminaries with plug & receptacles for easy removal, installation and maintenance. *These are features may vary depending on type of unit and Dg set ordered.

3 We can provide illumination level calculation for above on request. We suggest to go for 9 m unit with 2x400 W HPSV or MH lamps. This unit has 400 W lamps 8 lamps where failure of one or two lamps will not have much impact at the same time are easily a available and less in cost.

4 Specification Construction: The light towers comprise heavy-duty solid trailer suitable for rough and uneven terrain with 2 pneumatic tyres, parabolic leaf spring suspension and seamless tube axle. Tower lock/release pin secures mast during transport and allows unit to lift safely. The locking pin maintains a tight hold of the tower section, reducing bounce, vibration and light fixture damage. Four handle operated jacks and jack stands and sturdy outriggers provide utmost stability and are equipped with automatic latch pins and handle for easy extension and retraction. The tower in three sections equipped with mast tensioning system provides the constant tension necessary to safely and smoothly raise and lower the tower. Spring loaded mast locking/release pin holds tower in vertical position when erected. The tower can be rotated 360 degree in fully erected position. Tow hook is provided to couple with pick up vehicle or tractor and the trailer is fitted with reflectors. Raising and Lowering Mechanism: The system comprises heavy-duty brake winch and 6 mm diameter stain less steel wire ropes with special end fittings for utmost security. The winch mounted on the trailer tilts the tower from horizontal to vertical position and winch mounted on the tower extends tower to a height of 9M. The brake winch safely holds the mast in position with out any external support. Diesel Generating Set: D.G. SET of reputed manufacturer enclosure confirming to requirements of Environments (Protection) Rule 1986 is certified and type approved as per latest CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) norms. Adequate provisions are made for Control of Sound Level within 75 dB (A) at a distance of one meter. Luminaries, Electrical System, Control Panel, Cable and Cable Connections: Four / Six numbers luminaries are provided on cross-drilled T-bar, which allows luminaries to mount in vertical or horizontal position. The cable system comprises the cable housed inside the guides; quick disconnect (receptacle and plug) pre-wired luminaries system for fast and easy luminaries attachment and removal if needed for damage repair, assembly and transport. The control panel comprising the incomer MCB, Changeover switch to receive power supply either from DG set or other local supply, Individual luminaries control MCB and auxiliary supply receptacle. The ballasts, capacitor and igniters are also mounted in the control panel. A Convenient receptacle externally mounted on the panel allows the accessibility to power without opening the side panels. Standard Data Sheet A multi core cable is provided from panel to T bar which is terminated inside the T bar. Receptacles provided on T bar to plug the luminaries. Earth point is provided on the body of mast along with Earth spike and flexible cable.

5 Jack Operating Handle Out Rigger Locking pin Cradle Locking Pin Cable Guide Vertical Winch Tow Hook Quick Release Locking Pin Cable Support Hook Unique Features

6 Tensioning Spring Tower Rotating Handle Mast Extension Winch Exhaust Fan Auxiliary Socket Removable Plate for Maintenance Changeover Switch Termination Chamber Quick Disconnect For Luminaries Bar For Mounting Four / Six Luminaries Unique Features

7 Contact Details Our branch team will visit you to understand and offer the lighting solution and also to choose the right combination. On supply of unit our branch team will co- ordinate with you for the commissioning of the unit and organizing representative from the DG set supplier. On commissioning and demonstration of the set we will provide the email ids of our representative and nominated service dealer of the DG set for seeking faster service. You can contact us on the address given for any assistance. REF:MLTCRO300408

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