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Manual Flo-tap Installation Instructions

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1 Manual Flo-tap Installation Instructions
Quick Installation Guides: rev. EA – 485 Flanged Flo-tap rev. DB – 485 Threaded Flo-tap

2 Nomenclature Top Plate Instrument Connections
Full Insertion Marking Nut Support Plate Head Plate Lock Nut (Retraction Drive Nuts) Insertion Drive Nuts Insertion Rods Full Port Isolation Valve

3 Weld the Mounting Hardware Onto the Pipe
Threaded Flo-tap Flanged Flo-tap

4 Tack Weld the Mounting Hardware with 4 Equal Length Tacks
Tack weld anywhere on the mounting hardware Then again directly across from the first tack weld Then on the other 2 sides 1 3 2

5 Check to See that the Mounting Hardware is Level and Square
If it’s not, use a rubber mallet to lightly adjust the hardware and recheck

6 Verify that the ODF Dimension Matches What is Listed in the QIG
The ODF is the dimension from outside pipe diameter to face of flange 485

7 Verify that the ODF Dimension Matches What is Listed in the QIG
The ODF is the dimension from outside pipe diameter to face of flange For Threaded Flo-tap the dimension from the pipe OD to the top of the threadolet is called LMH: 485 Sensor Size 1: 1.38-in. (35 mm) 485 Sensor Size 2: 1.56-in. (40 mm) 485 Sensor Size 3: 2.06-in. (52 mm)

8 Complete a Continuous Weld Around the Perimeter of the Unit

9 Attached the Full Port Valve to the Mounting Hardware
Threaded Flo-tap First, thread the guide nipple into the mounting then thread the valve Flanged Flo-tap ODV The valve stem should be in-line with the pipe so it will not interfere with the insertion rods The valve must be a full port valve to allow the Annubar to pass through the valve into the pipe

10 Verify the ODV Dimension
The ODV is the dimension from the outer diameter of the pipe to the top of the valve Flo-tap / Flange Rating 485 Sensor Size 585 Sensor Size ODV Dimension Threaded 1 --- 7.51-in. (190.9 mm) 2 8.17-in. (207.5 mm) ANSI 150 # 11 10.5-in. (266.7 mm) ANSI 300 # 11.75-in. (298.5 mm) ANSI 600# 14.06-in. (357.2 mm) 22 11.25-in. (285.8 mm) 13.00-in. (330.2 mm) 16.38-in. (416.0 mm) 3 44 12.75-in. (323.9 mm) 16.25-in. (412.8 mm) 19.50-in. (495.3 mm)

11 Drill the Hole by Using a Hot Tap Drilling Machine
Guide Ring in Rosemount Supplied Mounting Hardware Tag with correct drill hole size attached to the Annubar

12 After the Hole is Drilled, Retract the Drill Past the Valve and Close the Valve
Vent drilling machine and remove the per manufacturers and site procedures Threaded Flo-tap Flanged Flo-tap Remember that the hot tap drilling machine is under pressure and exposed to the process fluid

13 Attach the Fully Retracted Flo-tap Assembly to the Valve
Threaded Flo-tap

14 Attach the Fully Retracted Flo-tap Assembly to the Valve
Flanged Flo-tap – Use a hoist strap and crane if needed

15 Quickly Open and Close the Valve to Pressurize the Annubar, Check for Leaks

16 If Leaks are Present, Tighten the Packing Gland Nuts

17 Loosen the Insertion Limiting Nuts

18 Simultaneously Tighten the Insertion Drive Nuts to Insert the Annubar

19 Lower the Head Plate Lock and Full Insertion Marking Nuts to the Head Plate
Head Plate Lock Nut

20 To Retract the Annubar – Loosen the Retraction Limiting Nuts
Retraction Limiting Nuts (Same as Insertion Drive Nuts)

21 Loosen the Retraction Drive Nuts to Retract the Annubar

22 Other Installation Considerations
During insertion, the rods can twist and the top plate and support can come out of alignment. Makes insertion difficult Hit the top plate with a rubber to put them back in-line

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