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1 Design Project What is – As the domain name suggests the website will be focused on online retailing female specific gifts e.g. Perfume, lingerie, flowers etc. As such the sites target market will be extremely varied, from a 30 year old man ordering his first anniversary present to a 45 year old woman ordering a mothers day gift for her mum that lives on the other side of Australia, to that same woman ordering a gift to congratulate her daughter who just announced her first pregnancy, to a 25 year old woman just wanting to send a little something to let her best friend know she is thinking of her during a difficult time right through to a 38 year old woman who just wants to treat herself with something special. So the design needs to have broad appeal to be acceptable to such a wide range of people. Above all the design needs to therefore be professional and finished to inspire confidence in all these shoppers but most importantly it should be a reflection of the women for whom the products are being ordered and the way that the buyers may well view them. (n.b. While men will constitute a large percentage of shoppers on the site, I expect women to be a much higher volume 25 / 75). There are 3 terms that I feel that should sum up these women / gift recipients which are Sophisticated (mature, intelligent and style conscious), Pretty (whether latent or overt, all of them have a very feminine side and are very aware of beautiful / pretty things and love, love, love them!) and Environmentally Aware (this term does not necessarily mean that they are staunch greenies but that they have concerns and opinions about the world around them whether it be global warming, poverty in Africa, animal cruelty or even just something as simple as local graffiti). All products sold on the site will fit into at least one of these categories. Below and following I have tried to clearly outline in both words and pictures what I am visualising in my head. I hope I have made myself moderately clear. Please contact me via email or phone (0433 122 557) if you require further guidance. Graphic Overview / Theme – Essentially the idea of the overall theme would be Soft Pink Soiree In The Garden or Glamorous Garden Party. Think of a beautiful home on Sydney Harbour at dusk hosting a glamorous party or wedding reception on the terrace behind the house overlooking the harbour. The women are all dressed in soft, feminine, flowing cocktail dresses. The butterflies, ladybeetles, dragonflies and the birds (lovebirds of course) are having one last hurrah before they take themselves off to bed while the air has become softly fragrant, a mix of sweet, soft perfume and the fragrance of spring flowers, honeysuckle, lavender, roses. The sun is setting casting a soft pink hue across the scene of blue water, creamy sand and green lawn yet still catching the occasional sparkling reflection from diamonds and crystal champagne glasses alike while the fairy lights draped over the willowy trees are just starting to visibly twinkle in the further reaches of the garden. Love and joy are the theme of the party. Page 3 offers a visual representation of how I view the above which is exactly as stated... A mix of sophistication (and / or glamour) combined with the prettiness displayed both in the choice of colours as well as the butterflies and flowers which can also be viewed from an environmental perspective. What may also be helpful to use as inspiration is simply well designed wedding invitation stationery which uses a lot of these types of themes.

2 I would like the following key elements to be used in all design – a)Colours – The key colour, as would be expected, is to be a shade of pink. I ideally would like these matched (across business cards etc) with a blue, green and lilac while all text on the website etc will be in charcoal rather than black. Again page 3 offers a reasonable indication of my preference for colours. b)Figures / Illustration - I would ultimately like to have a range of simple flowers, bugs and birds created in conjunction with the logo that can be used individually as well as together in an In The Garden type theme as previously outlined. All the bugs, flowers and birds are to be created using the key colours but they are all to be created using love heart shapes examples of which are shown on Page 4. n.b. This is purely a very crude example of how to use the love heart and not meant in any way to represent exactly what they should ultimately look like. Logo Design – The closest logo I have found to that which I would like designed is the Botaniq (on following page) logo. The key elements that I like and would like in some way replicated in my logo are – a)Font – Non structured yet still modern as opposed to something swirly like French Script which I would very much like to stay away from. b)Illustration – Used behind the product name. This should be one of the illustrations described above – birds, love birds, lady beetles, dragonflies, butterflies, fragrant flowers (lavender, honeysuckle, gardenia, jasmine, lily, orange blossom, peony rose), frogs, bunny rabbits. Moreover I would like that these elements can be used together and separately. c)I would like to be able to use the g on its own. Other Logo Considerations – a)The logo must be able to be used (or modified e.g. By just using the g and illustration) on a square tile particularly for twitter and facebook. b)Slogan – To be incorporated with the logo in a second version and to be displayed in a different font. SENT WITH LOVE & WARMEST WISHES XO Business Cards – Beyond what I have listed above about the design principles, I would simply add that I want the design for the business cards to be followed on both the front and back of the card rather than have a pretty front and a utilitarian back. On Page 5 I have attached a couple of examples of what I mean by this in terms of business cards that I feel have done this. Information to be contained on the cards are – Joanne Langstaff, Address PO Box XX, Southport QLD 4215, Phone 1300 XXX XXX, Fax 07 XXXX XXXX, Email, Internet Cards to also contain slogan and positioning statement. Positioning Statement – From simple trinkets to extravagant luxury gifts for women whether family, friends, lovers or yourself, for all special occasions or just to make her smile! Website Header – Please refer to page 6 regarding the website header design. Important Note – I would like to be given the original artwork files for all of these projects.



5 PREFERRED LOGO – This logo and its design treatment represents the closest indication of how I see the logo. BUSINESS CARD DESIGN – These cards display how I would like the design principles to continue on the back of the card as well as the front.

6 Header Design – The header must incorporate – a)The In The Garden Theme as a background; b)Contain the logo and slogan on the left hand side; c)Allow room for 1-2 icons on the right as displayed e.g. Shopping Cart summary and Free Shipping d)All for 6 buttons (titles may not necessarily be those displayed) as well as the Bookmark tab seen next to the Contact Us tab above. e)1300 phone number ABSOLUTELY MUST be displayed very clearly.

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