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1 NORAD/OED Trust Fund for Evaluation Activities Nils Fostvedt Senior Advisor to the Director-General, Operations Evaluation May 26, 2005.

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1 1 NORAD/OED Trust Fund for Evaluation Activities Nils Fostvedt Senior Advisor to the Director-General, Operations Evaluation May 26, 2005

2 2 Financial Times May 20, 2005 Watchdog tells World Bank to focus on growth rather than health and education. The hard-hitting report by the Banks Operations Evaluation Department criticized the emphasis placed on education and health spending. Just getting spending up in the social sector is not enough for poverty reduction.

3 3 The Bank Group has Three Independent Evaluation Units Bank:Operations Evaluation Department (1973) IFC:Operations Evaluation Group (1996) MIGA:Operations Evaluation Unit (2002) Overseen by the Director-General, Operations Evaluation (DGO), who reports directly to the Board through the Boards Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE) Findings and Recommendations are not subject to approval by Bank Management Budgets are approved by the Board Work Programs are set by the DGO, with Board consultation and endorsement

4 4 Major OED Evaluation Products Ex post project evaluations Country Assistance Evaluations (over 70 CAEs) –New Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) Completion Report Reviews Sector/thematic and global evaluations –Extractive Industries, Investment Climate, HIV/AIDS Process evaluations –Global Programs, Africa Capacity Building, PRSs (Poverty Reduction Strategies) Corporate reviews –Annual Review of Development Effectiveness (ARDE) –Annual Report on Operations Evaluation (AROE)

5 5 Project Evaluations Self-Evaluation – Implementation Completion Reports (ICRs) followed by independent evaluation Objectives-based methodology Ratings Ratings database

6 6 Independent Project Evaluations All projects (ICRs) subject to OED desk reviews Subsequent in-depth Project Performance Assessment Reports (PPARs) for 25% Internal quality review process Send drafts to Bank staff and to Borrowers for comments All PPARs are now disclosed

7 7 Key Ratings: Project Outcome Rating Scale –Highly Satisfactory –Satisfactory –Moderately Satisfactory –Moderately Unsatisfactory –Unsatisfactory –Highly Unsatisfactory Based on three components –Efficacy:To what extent were objectives achieved? –Efficiency:Cost effectiveness of operation? –Relevance:Were these the right objectives?

8 8 Outcome Ratings Note: 2004* Partial (dashed line)

9 9 Interactions with Management Get comments on evaluation reports from Bank management before sending to CODE; draft Management Response accompanies evaluation. Review managements actions committed in Management Response and report to the Board in the Management Action Record (MAR). Respond to management comments on evaluation products at CODE/Board Meetings.

10 10 Reporting to the Board Meet with Board Committee (CODE) and the full Board on major corporate reviews (ARDE, AROE) Present sector, thematic and process reviews to CODE Discuss CAEs and methods with CODE Subcommittee Do not negotiate content of reports with CODE/Board Provide comments to Board and participate in CODE discussion of selected Management reports and proposals

11 11 Part of the Banks Evaluation and Control System Independent Evaluation (Reports to Board) –OED, OEG, OEU Quality Assurance (Reports to Management) –QAG, QACU (Bank, at entry, safeguard compliance) –Quality Assurance Teams, Credit Review (Bank, IFC) –OPCS, CPR, CES (Bank, reviews; IFC, risk and compliance) Financial Probity (Reports to Management) –Internal Audit Department (effectiveness of controls) –Institutional Integrity Department (fraud, corruption) External claims of noncompliance –Inspection Panel (Bank, investigative, reports to Board) –Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (IFC, MIGA to management )

12 12 Dissemination of Evaluation Products Evaluation reports are disclosed unless Board specifically decides not to do so – per Disclosure Policy Most major evaluations disclosed in books, study series, country cases, working papers, and summaries Evaluation websites provide access to products and services OED Help Desk provides rapid response to information requests Evaluation capacity development and training including International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET)

13 13 NORAD/OED Trust Fund for Evaluation Activities NKr15 million over three years Funding supports selected OED evaluation studies and training activities The funds are used for consultants, dissemination activities, evaluation capacity development (ECD) Funds are can be used for consultants from any member country But we wish to strengthen evaluation partnership with Norway

14 14 OEDs Use of Consultants About $5 million per annum, mostly for individual consultants Consultants typically work in teams led by an OED Task Manager They are identified based on specific requirements, which depend on work program Also use senior individuals on advisory panels for major evaluations

15 15 Possible consulting requirements next three years include –Impact evaluations –Evaluation capacity development –Judicial reform, agriculture, environment, economic sector work, public sector reform, small & medium enterprises, fiduciary systems and infrastructure –Also work on evaluations of projects and country programs –Need specialists in these areas with an understanding of evaluation –Experience in developing countries an advantage

16 16 If you think you have something to offer: Look at OEDs website for types of products Contact Patrick Grasso or Nils Fostvedt And dont hold your breath

17 17 Thank You

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