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Bransom Bobcats Fifth Grade Curriculum and Procedures

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1 Bransom Bobcats Fifth Grade Curriculum and Procedures
Ms. Norris, Mrs. Pyles, Mrs. Scarbrough Helping your children succeed!

2 TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge Skills)‏
Everything we teach is based on the TEKS. You can find a list of these at 720&menu_id2=785 Students will take three STAAR tests this year. Math STAAR: April 1st Reading STAAR: April 2nd Science STAAR: April 23rd

3 Behavior Incentive Students earn “points” for positive behavior in class and is recorded with the program “Class DoJo”. Negative behaviors will lose points. Students are working toward earning points to have technology Fridays or extra recess on Fridays.

4 Social Studies In social studies we will be learning about American history. We will do this through projects as well as hands on activities. Students will be keeping a social studies journal with maps, vocabulary, and other study aids.

5 Language Arts AR: Students will be given a goal each six weeks. They will be keeping track of their goal on a data sheet in their binder. It will be written in their planner at the start of each six weeks as well. Istation is a great reading program for students. We will be doing it some at school, but your child can earn extra credit by doing it at home. For every 30 minutes of Istation at home, that is 5 points to their lowest grade. Spelling and Vocabulary words will be alternated each week. The students will receive their words and need to study for their test at home each night. The test will be on Friday. For reading, we use a variety of materials. We will be studying two novels this year. We also use the Jr. Great Books series. This is a inquiry based approach to reading and discussion.

6 Science Our science curriculum is an experiment-based program called BEST. Six units of study: two each of physical, earth and life sciences Lab Days: every Tuesday and Thursday Science Notebooks and textbooks 5th grade garden and the Burleson ISD nature center are located on campus. Homework: at least 1 night per week Assessments: 1 per week

7 Math You may access your child’s math book by logging on to: Students will access OLE at for homework Students will be watching videos, taking notes, and completing a short quiz for homework on Mon., Tues., and Thurs. Nights The logins and passwords are written in your child’s binder. Math tests will be on Thursdays in school.

8 Math It is very important for students to complete their math homework. Students will be missing important time to ask questions and get help if they have not completed the homework. If computer access is or becomes an issue, students may come to school at 7:15 on Tues., Wed, and Fri. mornings. Students who have trouble completing homework constantly may need to be put on a homework intervention plan for up to 6 weeks. This plan may include students doing homework during study hall and/or recess.

9 As Parents Ways to help your child bloom.
Encourage your child to read to meet their AR goal. Practice spelling words. Study math facts (such as multiplication and division). Study vocabulary words. Discuss world events, importance of rules, and good citizenship.

10 As Parents Ways to help your child bloom.
Be sure your child as adequate opportunity to complete their homework each night. Check out your teacher’s website, look at your child’s agenda, read the fifth grade newsletter, review graded papers sent home on Tuesday so that you can keep up with what your child is learning. For more STAAR resources go to

11 Report Cards Teachers will 3 week progress reports on the fourth Tues. of six weeks. Make sure your in Skyward is correct. If your child has a grade lower than a 75, it will need to be signed and returned. On 6 week report cards along with subject grades students will also receive a work ethic grade based on the following rubric. 4 3 2 1 Ready to Work The student anticipates and initiates the work. The student is prepared to work with supplies ready. The student is sitting in their seat, talking or with supplies not ready. The student is out of their seat, talking or with no supplies. Stays on Task The student is totally focused on the instruction and/or task. The student is working on task. The student is sitting, but not working; distracted. The student is out of seat, off task, talking, playing around, or distracting others. Works Cooperatively The student initiates assisting other students and teachers. The student is considerate/respectful, shares and helps others. The student is sometimes considerate/respectful, but rarely helps others. The student is not considerate/respectful, resists help, blames or argues. Independent thinking/ Problem Solving The student frequently contributes original thoughts for classroom instruction to solve problems. The student thinks independently, solving own problems. The student frequently acts without thinking; weak problem solving skills. The student relies on teacher/other students to solve problems. Productive/Quality The student exhibits superior thought and detail in assignments. The student turns in quality and completed work. The student turns in unfinished, messy or disorganized work. The student turns in little or no work; relies on others to complete work.

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