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MRS. SZYMANSKI 8 th Grade Science. Communication For Students:  During the school day: Ask questions during class (written notes or ask them) Stay after.

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1 MRS. SZYMANSKI 8 th Grade Science

2 Communication For Students:  During the school day: Ask questions during class (written notes or ask them) Stay after class if question is short (my classes are back to back) Come to Corral time – my door is always open to all students who need any kind of help After school: by appointment only or email For Parents: Email is the best way all day Phone calls to school only; calls returned at my convenience Make sure you are current in our system to receive Skyward updates Email:

3 Course Descriptions I teach both On-level and Pre-Ap Understand that:  Both classes have the SAME objectives and will be tested on the SAME objectives in class and on STAAR  This means that whatever Pre-AP is required to learn, so is on- level In other words: the material in On-Level will not be “easier”, it will be approached differently depending on the objective.  Sometimes both classes do the same activity. Sometimes we do not. Don’t compare your class to my other classes. I assess each class independently.  Its ok to talk to each other…you’ll learn something by talking!

4 Topics Covered 1 st Six Weeks: Chemistry 2 nd Six Weeks: Physics 3 rd Six Weeks: Astronomy 4 th Six Weeks: Earth Science 5 th Six Weeks: Environmental 6 th Six Weeks: In the works….could be SUPER fun!

5 Class Expectations I expect each student to: Be respectful to everyone in the room  Be aware of your words and body language  Students, teacher, substitute, parent, etc. Do only your best work  Use your planners & my GMS webpage to stay current on work Always practice safe behaviors  Always following directions  No running, no throwing, no loud talking

6 Grading You will be graded on how well you understand the state objectives. I will determine your understanding by using the following:  Observation during class & labs  Written and reading comprehension work  Laboratory experiences  Class work and homework  Quizzes  Projects  Tests

7 Grading I believe that it is important that you understand how and when you will be graded. Therefore:  You will receive a grading rubric before each project so you know exactly what you need to do to get the score you want  You will know of any test dates at least a week in advance. This will be posted online and on my board calendar  You will know of any quiz dates at least one day before. Quizzes are small and usually over the notes or the lab from the day before.  You will be given clear instructions of any assignment that is given in class. It is your responsibility to ask questions if my directions are unclear.

8 Science Binder (INB) You will be responsible for keeping a science binder, or what we call an Interactive Notebook (INB). You keep EVERYTHING in the binder. Even your terrible quiz or test. Yes, even if you got a 12%. I do not grade the binder – it is for your benefit So why bother keeping up on your binder?

9 Science Binder (INB) & My Tests You are allowed to use the INB on the last 10 minutes of the test.  That means that you can look at ANYTHING in your binder that is yours that can help you The more you have….the better off you are! Threw that paper away? Sorry about your choice to throw it out.

10 Tests = I can use my binder on my tests! Its like a legal cheat sheet!  = No test corrections because you could have looked up the answer in the first place  At the very least, could have used information in the binder to help you make a really good guess.  You do have an opportunity to re-take the test, but its not fun (coming up…) My tests are cumulative: You will continually be tested over all of the objectives all of the time to keep the knowledge fresh.  This helps cut down the time we review for STAAR in April  Think of how fabulous that binder will be if you can look up stuff from months ago!

11 Tests You can expect a test once every 2 weeks  About 3 tests per grading period All tests under a 70% must be signed by a parent and returned for credit. You keep the test, but I count your parent signature as a homework grade. Yes, it shows up on your report card.  If you lose your test, all is not lost. A written note or phone call from home stating that they are aware of your test score will be fine. Its my way of making sure your parents know what’s going on.

12 Test Re-Takes Note: 1 Re-take per grading period ONLY To qualify for the re-take:  Must score under a 70% on first test  Must attend 1 Corral session within 1 week AND before next test (you will be reviewing information that was tested on)  The re-take is an essay test taken either during Corral or by appointment after school  Forgot to come to the retake? Unless its excused by another teacher, the first test score remains  The re-take is a pass/fail (you either show me you understand it or you don’t).  A pass score = score is increased to a 70%  A fail score = first test score remains

13 Daily Work (Home or Class) Each assignment worth 10 points  1pt for the heading (name, date, class period)  3pts for being on time  3pts for fabulous answers  3pts for it looking fabulous You will receive the homework rubric in the next day or so. I will go over the details then.

14 In and Out Paper I like to check often to see how much you are remembering. I do an “In and Out” paper. Kept in your binder until its due “In”:  This is an opening question on the overhead. This is to be done BEFORE we start class “Out”:  This is done BEFORE you leave class. This is a homework grade – ideally, you will see 5 or 6 In and Out grades per grading period. You can expect about 5 questions per week. It will be graded using the rubric you will receive soon. Many of these will be great STAAR review questions (that save us time in April)

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