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Dual Credit Program Presented by Alaina Names Special Admissions Coordinator/Advisor.

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1 Dual Credit Program Presented by Alaina Names Special Admissions Coordinator/Advisor

2 What is dual credit? & You earn high school and college credit for the same course! Courses taught by Collin College professor at your HS or on a Collin campus Begin a college transcript – transfer options

3 Fall 2014 Course Offerings for Frisco ISD Academic courses satisfy Texas Core Curriculum Transferable to most public four year colleges/universities in Texas Please check with private and out-of-state institutions Economics English Government College Algebra Technical Courses

4 Transfer U –

5 Dual Credit Eligibility Students complete the entire admissions process plus a permission form for registration at Collin College Available with permission from your high school each semester for every course Must meet college readiness standards as defined by Texas Success Initiative (TSI) (more details to follow) Students must earn a C or better in each course to maintain participation in the program

6 Things to consider… HS and Collin calendar may be different –You follow the Collin calendar –Holidays may vary –Collin College may hold classes at the high school if the high school building is open, even when high schools are not in session (ex: teacher work day) –If the high school site is not available, professors may make arrangements for online assignment or hold class at Collin campus –Weather closings--if the location where your class is held closes, you do not have class

7 Things to consider… Attendance and Time Management are very important! –Attendance policies vary by professor –Get to know the course syllabus –Keep a planner –For every hour that you are in class, plan to spend at least 2-3 hours outside of class studying and preparing for next class –Find the right balance between your course load and extracurricular activities

8 Things to consider… FERPA and Personal Responsibility –Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act –Federal law that ensures privacy of student educational records (begins when student starts college regardless of age) –Collin cannot share grades, course schedules, test scores, etc. with parents –Students opportunity to gain new responsibilities and act on his/her own behalf

9 Things to consider… Collin College deadlines for Drop/Withdraw –Listed in Collin College registration guide –Drop is before the terms census date and will not appear on college transcript –Withdraw is after terms census date and will appear as W on college transcript, does not affect GPA –Must complete paperwork on Collin campus –Impact on graduation –Discuss with your HS counselor

10 Things to consider… Collin College Student Handbook –You are a college student! –Abide by all policies, procedures and decisions of the college as outlined in the current Student Handbook (available online) –Dean of Students Plagiarism/Discipline

11 I am ready to sign up for dual credit … What do I do now?

12 Start with your High School Counselor!

13 Checklist Admissions: 1. Submit an Application 2. Submit Completed and Signed Permission Form 3. Submit Official HS Transcript 4. Submit Proof or Request for Exception - Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination 5. Submit residency proof if required Testing: 6. Complete the TSI requirements Registration: 7. Register Online via CougarWeb After Registration 8. Pay Tuition 9. Buy Books 10. Get Student ID and Parking Sticker

14 1. Application for Admission WHEN do I apply? –You may apply online starting now for Fall 2014! –Must be complete before anything else can occur at Collin. HOW? –Complete online with the Texas Common Application at

15 Questions on Create an account/profile and then an application. –List your SSN if possible Collin is a two year school. Most students select Degrees-General for First Choice School and Associate of Arts or Science for Major. For Admissions Basis, you will select Dual Credit. Residency/tuition is decided based on your answers on the application and the documentation you provide. -Questions? Please contact our Admissions and Records office

16 2: Concurrent Permission Form

17 3. Official High School Transcript Collin needs the most recent high school transcript for every student. May include test scores, such as STAAR, SAT or ACT. May include vaccine records. Follow your high schools specific steps to request one.

18 4. Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination State Law (SB 1107) requires all students under the age of 22 entering a higher education institution to provide one of the following: –proof of having the vaccine or document an exception or exemption – for more information This is an admissions requirement for Collin College and should be completed before registration. May sign Request for Exception if taking courses on HS campus only (purple form in packet).

19 5. Residency Information Students typically base residency on their parents Collin may ask for 12 months residency proof on your parent/guardian for tuition purposes Watch for email from

20 6. Texas Success Initiative (TSI) The TSI is designed to measure competency in reading, writing, and mathematics. Students need a status in all subject areas. It is used for placement purposes. Students must be at college level in reading and writing for the majority of courses. Most math and some science and technical courses require college level in math. See the college catalog for placement and prerequisite information.

21 TSI Exemptions ACT/SAT scores may be on your HS transcript or you can request to have them sent from the testing source directly to Collin College ACT19 Math 19 Verbal 23 Composite SAT 1Minimum 500 Math Minimum 500 Critical Reading 1070 Combined Math and Reading

22 TSI: What will I need to do? Complete Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA), print certificate of completion Print testing referral emailed to you at the time of admission or obtain a testing referral from Admissions and Records or Academic Advising with a photo ID. Pay the cashier, cost is $29. Walk in to test with any campus Testing Center. You should bring your testing referral, receipt, a picture ID, and PAA certificate of completion. See an Academic Advisor to review your results.

23 What if my TSI scores are low? The purpose of this assessment is to find out what level you should start your coursework. Mandatory Advising (MA) hold Will be on your account if you place below college level in at least one area, must see academic advisor (no appt needed) before you can register online If you do not place at college level in the areas required for your course that means you need to focus on your high school work at this time.

24 Checklist Review Admissions and Testing Complete! 1. Submitted an Application 2. Provided Completed Concurrent Permission Form 3. Submitted Official High School Transcript 4. Submitted proof of Meningitis Vaccination or documentation for exception or exemption 5. Provided residency proof if required 6. Met the TSI requirements Now you are ready for registration (step #7)!

25 7. Register for Courses Online Go to Add or Drop Classes once logged into CougarWeb –enter your specific CRN for your designated course Use Look Up Classes to enroll in general population courses How-to video is available on our website –

26 We will be checking! Must enroll in the subjects on your permission form Prefer another subject? Turn in a new form! Limitations: –No more than two courses per semester Seniors may take three with additional approval –No express or mini sessions –No PE or developmental courses

27 Summer 2014 Important Dates You can apply online at now! Registration is going on now! Please see the e-schedule for classes: Rising juniors and seniors may take 2 courses over the entire summer One course in Summer I and/or one course in Summer II OR Two courses in Summer III Summer I is June 9 th -July 10 th Early registration and payment deadline: May 21 st at 8p.m. (registration after May 21 st requires same day payment) Summer II is July 14 th -August 12 th Early registration and payment deadline: July 7th at 8p.m. (registration after July 7th requires same day payment) Summer III is June 9 th -August 12 th Early registration and payment deadline: May 21 st at 8p.m. (registration after May 21 st requires same day payment)

28 Fall 2014 Important Dates You can apply online at now! Registration is June 17th-July 30 th online Registration and payment should be complete by Wednesday, July 30th at 8 p.m. Allow yourself time to purchase books, find your classes if at campus and enjoy having your schedule set! Fall semester is August 25 th -December 14th

29 8. Pay Tuition $39 per credit hour for students residing in Collin County –$119 for a 3 credit hr course $78 per credit hour for students residing out of Collin County –$236 for a 3 credit hr course $138 per credit hour for out of state or out of country students –$416 for a 3 credit hr course Tuition waived for students qualifying for free or reduced lunch at the high school *Total cost per 3 credit hour course includes a $2 per semester student records fee *All fees subject to change upon approval of the Collin Board of Trustees.

30 9. Get Books You have to buy books in college! You can find out which books you need by going online to the college bookstores website a couple of weeks before the semester begins. You may purchase books from your preferred retailer.


32 10. College ID and Parking Sticker Pick up from a Student Life office on any campus Both are FREE! Allows you to use campus services IDs available August 14 th for Fall Do not need for first day of class– please pick up at your convenience

33 Collin College Resources FREE for all Collin Students! Accommodations at Collin College for Equal Support Services (ACCESS) Career Services Counseling Library Math Lab Tutoring Writing Center

34 Thank you! Questions? Please contact us. 469-365-1850

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