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Business Presentation ISTMARKET© 2012.

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1 Business Presentation ISTMARKET© 2012









10 And We are here to Show The Way to every individual who believes in the power of human potential We are IST Market ISTMARKET© 2012

11 promote the development of business partners, providing modern high quality services in sphere of tourism through information of technology ISTMARKET© 2012

12 IST Market implements professional combination of information technology and travel for partnership and development ISTMARKET© 2012



15 OUR EXPRERTISE We are professionals with deep and rich experience and expertise from diverse skill sets like travel advertising, media, market research and informational technology ISTMARKET© 2012

16 Our leadership team brings in years of expertise in shaping pioneering business Founder and CEO Tambe Omkar Co-Founder and Vice CEO Jeff Evans Marketing Director Susan White Support Administrator Subramanium Tanvi OUR TEAM

17 THE POWER OF 3 ISTMarket brings together the three amazing industries today in unique combination to create a distinct value proposition THE CONCEPT INTERNETTRAVELHOME BUSINESS ISTMARKET© 2012


19 TRAVEL 7 000 000 000 000 $ More than 90% people are eligible to travel Is approximate Turn over for Travel Industry per Year ISTMARKET© 2012

20 Home Business ISTMARKET© 2012



23 IST Market products and services are designed to help you amplify your abilities and multiply possibilities in travel. ISTMARKET© 2012

24 Hot Deals 100 000 hotels Last Minute Best Prices HOTELS ISTMARKET© 2012

25 AIR TICKETS All directions 700 air companies Huge discounts Multy-city ISTMARKET© 2012

26 CAR RENTAL Many Locations Different cars Low Miles 24 / 7 ISTMARKET© 2012

27 Cruises Round trips New Ships Whole world ISTMARKET© 2012 Special Offers

28 ISTMARKET© 2012

29 250 ISTMarket membership is valid for a LifeTime… No annual renewals, No extra fees… just special rewards that are exclusively yours as a ISTMarket member. ISTMARKET© 2012

30 The IST Market members get newsletter that features premium content that guides you on your journey around the world with best travel tips. ISTMARKET© 2012

31 31 ISTMARKET© 2012









40 WELCOME TO A FUTURE FULL OF UNLIMITED POTENTIAL… The IST Market membership is designed to start your earning process from: - Cost of each membership: USD 250 - Cost when paid through Liberty Reserve: USD 270 ISTMARKET© 2012


42 INCOME STREAMS 1. Cycle earnings 2. Direct referral income 3. Group income 4. Rank bonus 5. Travel bonus ISTMARKET© 2012

43 Along with a host of other products & services, every members cycle from the matrix will give you 350$ per cycle. You can cycle as much as you want. This income is IMMEDIATELY CREDITED to your back office and ready to withdraw Cycle earnings ISTMARKET© 2012

44 Refer someone, share the rewards For every 5 direct referral tou will be credited 50 USD Its your choice of how much you can have ! You can sponsor unlimited number of people in your downline Direct referrals ISTMARKET© 2012

45 Group income Get the power of the group to work for you Our system maximizes the power of your network to reward you multiple times You need to sponsor two people in the network directly to become qualified and enjoy unlimited earnings This qualification criteria is only a one time process ISTMARKET© 2012

46 Total people in team Team BONUS($$)TOTAL ($$) 100100$ 200 +100$200$ 500 +300$500$ 1000 +500$1000$ 2000 +1000$2000$ 5000 +3000$5000$ 10000 +5000$10000$

47 Rank Bonus As higher you are… …the MORE you get ISTMARKET© 2012 Its very nice to climb the career ladder. You should have 3 personal partners to receive this kind of bonus. If you cycle out the matrix 3 times in a calendar month - you get the rank of Silver, and get a bonus of $ 200. Next, you're helping partners get their personal rank of Silver. When you have three Silver and make three cycles in a calendar month - you get the rank of Gold and a bonus of $ 300, etc.

48 Cycles are counted at the end of the calendar month, Partners with ranks can be at any depth, in three different branches Current RankPeople in Team# Cycles in Month New RankRank Bonus ($) Associate3 associate (direct refferals) 3Silver200 Silver3 silver3Gold300 Gold3 gold3Diamond500 Diamond3 diamond3International Diamond 700 International Diamond 3 International Diamond 5Platinum900 Platinum3 platinum7Presidential Associate 1200 Presidential Associate Share of World income of the company. We spread it among Presidential partners

49 Travel Bonus As higher you are… …the MORE you get If your Direct Referral is going for travel - you as a sponsor will get additional 3% from his booking from our portal ISTMARKET© 2012



52 At IST Market, we value all your team and hard work and strive to ensure you maximize earnings on the sales you make. In our marketing plan we decided that: all your member will no be flushed out and hence, they will always follow the sponsor at any matrix. NO FLUSH OUT ISTMARKET© 2012

53 LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP A Lifetime of Benefits Even if you choose not to work under IST Market after 52 weeks, all your benefits still available to you. This Life Time Membership for you as a GIFT ! ISTMARKET© 2012


55 250 ISTMARKET© 2012


57 Touch base with one who introduced you to the website or sent you this presentation 1 Visit and click JOIN NOW Its simple as that 2 ISTMARKET© 2012






63 Corporate Information ISTMarket, Inc. 12/f International Commerce Centre 1 Austin Road West Hong Kong Contact Number: +852 8192 4465 Company email: ISTMARKET© 2012 How to get in touch ?

64 The power of your YES- to change your life and the world beyond

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