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Chrysler Pilot Portal & Process Overview July 2013.

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1 Chrysler Pilot Portal & Process Overview July 2013

2 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Course Outline Pilot Portal Introduction Access & Use Standard Ticket Types & Responses Shipment Plan Reply & AETC Pilot Labeling Highlight: 830 Release Highlight: Material Availability on CN Supplier Profile Reference Information Question & Answer 2

3 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Portal - Introduction The pilot portal is your web-based tool to connect with the Pre-Series Team about pre-production part requirements. The pilot portal is a live-system with daily updates. That means you will see pilot requirement changes here even before to your weekly 830 release updates. Contact your Pre-Series Supervisor with any questions or concerns. Our goals are 100% transparency for early identification of supply issues and delivery of all parts on or before the Material Requirement Date (MRD) without expedited shipping. We work with you and the various internal groups at Chrysler to resolve barriers that pose risk to those attaining those goals. Requirements tracked in the pilot portal may include: - Formal pilot build phases, such as VP(S1) and PS(S2) - Manufacturing builds - Compliance bucks - Additional partial build requirements 3

4 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Portal – Access and Use 4 The Supplier Portal is currently accessed through the Chrysler Portal in Under the Applications tab, search for My Applications select Supply Portal Scoreboard. It may be necessary to register for the application with your corporate administrator if this is your first use. Remember to register for global access!

5 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Portal - Access and Use 5 Once you have access to the Supply Portal Scoreboard, you will see the following. Note that SMART access is also required to access your pilot portal tickets.

6 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC 1)Click on the Pilot tab in the outbound Portal. 2)You must create your profile BEFORE attempting to view your pilot tickets on your first use. 3)Mouse over the Pilot link and select Supplier View from the pop-up menu. Pilot Portal - Access and Use 6 Update the following and save changes: Time Zone User Role (supplier) Parts and/or Containers (parts only) Daylight Savings Time (check box if applicable)

7 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Portal - Access and Use 7 There are different ways you can search for your pilot tickets: - Supplier Code (base 5-digit location ) - Ship From (with Alpha code where applicable) - Final Destination (assembly or manufacturing plant) - Part Number - Communication Type (Readiness, Readiness Confirmation, Pilot Past Due, Manual) - Communication Status (Open, Answered, No Promise, Partial Promise) - Readiness Answer (No Answer, Yes, No) - Sort By (Supplier, Final Destination, Lineup, Ship Date) Note: the Ship Date allows you to sort in order of build timing You can also filter by multiple selections at once by selecting multiple filter options

8 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Portal - Access and Use 8 Your information is available for download to Excel for easy sorting, filtering and storing. After your selections are made for screen view and your search is complete, click Select Excel. Then select the information you want to download in the order you want to see it, and click Generate Excel Report.

9 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Portal - Access and Use 9 A few things to keep in mind: Always check DAILY for ALL open tickets for ALL destinations. Tickets can re-open for a variety of reasons. New release Part level change due to CN decision Re-Source Ticket status change Quantity, ship from location or ship date changes Tickets not answered within two business days are subject to a 10-point deduction to your DRIVe rating, which can impact sourcing decisions for future business. Pilots tickets will be visible up to 14 weeks prior to the Material Requirement Date (MRD) to help in planning. It is likely that your tickets will be available here before an 830 release is visible. The destination location shown in the pilot portal may be different than your actual ship to location. Always reference the Ship To Location in your 830 release. Always ship the exact quantity released in your 830 release, not in production pack sizes. You will not receive an 862 CSDS Daily Production Release for your pilot requirements.

10 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Portal - Access and Use 10 A few more things to keep in mind: The same part number could be released for multiple pre-production phases. Each ticket must be answered individually based on your ability to meet the requirements. Once your parts have been confirmed received, the ticket will no longer be visible. Should additional or replacement parts be needed, the ticket will re-appear with the original quantity plus the increase. It is critical that you ensure full requirement delivery on or before the build MRD. MRD is published in a SMART bulletin as well as a Covisint Bulletin. Be sure to check these information sources on a regular basis for updates. Pilot tickets are issued the day the parts are released for the pre-production build event. Unlike production shortage tickets that are exception-based, the ticket does not disappear until your parts are confirmed received in full quantity at the destination.

11 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Portal – Access and Use 11 To see additional information on your pilot ticket: Hold your pointer over the Black underlined text and an information balloon will appear. Click the Blue underlined text for more information. System Ship by Date is an automatic calculation based on the suppliers transit time to arrive in time for MRD from ship from location. If you are a new supplier, or shipping to a new plant with no route in place, the time used is a default. It is your responsibility to know your actual transit time and ensure that your parts arrive at plant on or before MRD. If you are not certain of the correct date refer to the builds bulletin or contact your Pre-Series Supervisor. NOTE: If the ship from location shows as *****, the system will default to the in-transit time for the base location. 12345 12345 A 12345678AA 12345678

12 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC 12345 12345 A 12345678AA 12345678 Pilot Portal – Access and Use 12 How to read a ticket The main components that you will want to focus on are: part number, quantity, final destination and ship by time. How to respond to a ticket Click on the orange triangle on the left-side of your ticket and a new window will open with options to answer the ticket. If there is a previous comment, you can also access the comment dialog box by clicking on the post-it note icon. Response requirements vary depending on the Communication Type on the ticket. After you have submitted your update, verify that Answered or Partial Promise appears in the Comm Status column. If it reads Open, your ticket has not been answered. Entering a comment only does not answer a ticket and will result in a DRIVe violation if open for 2 business days.

13 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Portal – Diary of Communication 13 Diary of Communication (View displayed when you select Comment. Comment box entries from ship plan replies also populate this record.) Cannot ship without PPAP. Will be complete 01/30. Working with Chrysler Engineer Jorge Jones Supplier S-ID Chrysler T-ID System Generated Communication T####LL S####LL This this the information that downloads to Excel for your internal use, as well as our Part Status Reports. Parts not delivered to the destination plant by MRD are published internally and include the information you provide. The diary of communication dates back to the first date the pilot ticket was created and maintains the entire communication history – from quantity changes to your commitment of support – all with date and time stamp.

14 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC 14 Standard Response by Ticket Type Readiness Ticket These are typically your initial tickets. They require a YES/NO answer. Proper responses are: Yes (will ship the requested quantity on or before the ship by date shown) -OR - No (will not ship the requested quantity on or before the ship by date shown) If answering No, provide all of the following detail in your ticket comment: - promise ship date, - quantity you are able to supply - issues root cause and action plan - contact person(s) – internal and external A response of No is appreciated and expected when applicable because it notifies us that there is an issue to be addressed.

15 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC 15 Readiness Confirmation Ticket Your tickets will convert from Readiness to Readiness Confirmation approximately one month prior to the Chrysler plant MRD and your tickets will re-open. This type of ticket requires a YES/NO answer to confirm or update your previous response. NO answers also require you to submit a date when you can commit to shipping parts. If you do not know the exact part availability date, select a date 30-45 days after the ship by time as another way to flag a serious issue. Standard Response by Ticket Type

16 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC 16 Pilot Past Due Ticket Your ticket will change automatically to Pilot Past Due and re-open if: 1) The Ship On or Before Date to Meet MRD has passed 2) You have not submitted an ASN for the entire released quantity 3) Your part enters negative accum status This is systematically driven and will happen no matter what date you have promised to ship your parts. If you have already shipped the requested quantities, simply enter the actual ship date and quantity in the Shipment Plan Reply with a comment of Already shipped. Standard Response by Ticket Type

17 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC 17 Standard Response by Ticket Type Manual Tickets These tickets are created to track special requirements (such as powertrain builds and compliance bucks). They must be answered with a Ship Plan Reply and detailed comments.

18 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC 18 Standard Response by Ticket Type For your convenience, we have added an enhancement to allow you to answer multiple pilot tickets at one time for those Readiness or Readiness Confirmation tickets. This feature is only available when the delivery promise is Yes. Remember, the response Yes applies only when all 3 of the following shipment conditions apply: 1) For the full quantity 2) On or before the ship date shown to meet MRD 3) At the released part level Please exercise caution with this tool. Never answer Yes before part availability is confirmed. Ticket responses are considered to be an official commitment.

19 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC 19 Click No Transportation mode SR Option 1 - 2 - 3 Enter issue, root cause, action plan and contacts. Additional requirement for expedited shipments If updating a ship plan, delete your previous response prior to entering your new plan. Shipment Plan Reply & AETC 23 – Pre Production Options available for shipments after the Ship On or Before Date: 1)WITH THE CREATION OF AN SR AETC Code (supplier responsible): Under AETC, select NEW Your AETC number will appear above the ship plan after you click submit 2)WITH THE SAME SR AETC CODE CREATED FOR A PREVIOUS PART ON THIS BUILD: Under AETC, select ENTER 3)WITH NO AETC CREATED: Under AETC, select NONE (not available with expedited transportation modes) Required information for any shipment plan

20 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Portal - Access and Use 20 Specific Information for Sequenced Part Delivery Suppliers: The pilot portal was designed to manage requirements for end-item pilot parts with complete requirement delivery prior to the build date. The ship date automatically calculates the end-item MRD (material requirement date). This is the date you must have all parts in-house to support broadcast. A Yes response for a SPD ticket means that you will have all parts on-hand and ready to build at the released part level at least two weeks before published start-of-frame. A No response must be used for any other situation. Comment requirements are detailed root cause, action plan, contact at your facility and any Chrysler contact related to the issue must be provided. Provide the first date and quantity you would be able to support a broadcast in your ship plan reply. Pilot requirements will also be found in your 830 releases. If you have questions or concerns about quantities in your 830 releases or pilot tickets, contact your Pre-Series supervisor for assistance.

21 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Supplier Profile 21 Please ensure that you have a designated Pilot Contact in your Chrysler Supplier Profile. Your profile should be reviewed for each active suffix location on a regular basis to ensure that all information is current. You will need to have requested and received authorization for the Supplier Profile Update System application (overnight process). The Supplier Update Form can also be found on the Supply Portal home page by clicking on the REFERENCE tab and finding the Supplier Update Form document. Source: Supplier Profile Update, Updated 03/01/2013 Pilot Contact

22 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Help Desk Contact Information 22 CountryLanguageDirect DialToll Free FranceEnglish+33-9751818250800-910563 CanadaEnglish1-647-556-59881-800-841-1752 (same of US) ChinaEnglish+86-400-120-075810-800-713-1504 GermanyEnglish+49-3056837005170800-181-9127 IndiaEnglishNot available1-800-841-1752 InternationalEnglish+44-2033182510 (same as UK) +800-85573586 (WHEN DIALING A UNIVERSAL TOLL FREE NUMBER THE CALLER MUSTFIRST DIAL THE APPROPRIATE COUNTRY'S INT'L ACCESS CODE (+)) SerbiaEnglishNot available0800-190-163 TurkeyEnglishNot available00-800-8529-5936 UKEnglish+44-20331825100-800-088-5543 USAEnglish1-646-513-26941-800-841-1752 ItalyItalian+39-02-266002 618800-555797 PolandItalian+48-22307119400-800-1410155 BrazilPortuguese+55-11323012040-800-0380623 ArgentinaSpanish+54-11521758600800-666-1239 MexicoSpanish+52-554624241701-800-099-0297 VenezuelaSpanish+58-21233574830-800-100-4658

23 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC In addition to the pilot tickets, pilot part requirements appear in your 830 Weekly EDI release. These are the steps to access your 830 Releases through SMART. 830 Releases 23

24 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC 830 Releases Your Release 24 Your Behind Accum

25 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC 830 Release A condensed view of the two SMART screens can be viewed via the Chrysler Supplier Portal, WebCHAMPS or CHAMPS/CMS Application, Web Audit Screens, Release Information tab 25

26 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC It is the suppliers responsibility to ensure that the material delivery date is not compromised in any way. MAT = Delivery Date at Ship To Location (not ship date) All CNs require supplier concurrence (spin only a date you can truly support). Late engineering changes do not constitute authority for failing to have material for the specified plant by the MATERIAL REQUIRED DATE (MRD). In-transit, holidays and weekend are not automatically factored in on the suppliers CN Spin input screen where number of days from decision are used. Material Availability Date on CN You are responsible for any pilot downtime that may occur as a result of part delivery after the build MRD. If you are at risk to miss this timing, you must create an SR AETC using the tickets Ship Plan Reply. Expedites in the US or Canada should contact Expeditors at 1-800-893-6211 (or Expedites from non-NAFTA locations should contact their Pre-Series Supervisor for shipping instruction after creating the AETC. 26

27 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Label Instruction 27 Label instructions and templates for vehicle and powertrain pre-production builds can be accessed in two ways: Select the Reference tab and search by name for Supplier Delivery Development. In the new window, select the Pilot Part Supplier link. Click on the Pilot Training link in the Pilot Portal. Either method bring s you to this screen. Click on the Pilot Part Supplier link on the left menu Select the desired link from the right side

28 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Labels are to be applied to all sides of the shipping container(s). Select the appropriate Pilot Phase Form from the Template Form File. (Ensure that the format does not change from the Template Form provided.) Labels are to be printed in portrait orientation with 8 ½ x 11 inch paper. Labels are to be printed in color or on the appropriate color paper. All S0 Phases: Green All S1/VP Phases: Orange All S2/PS Phases: Blue Pilot Label – Vehicle Builds NOTE: If your part is a current production part required for a pilot build, you do NOT need to ship a separate container for pilot and no pilot labeling is required. You can answer your Pilot Tickets as YES, and note in the comments section that the part is a current production part. GREENORANGEBLUE 28

29 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Labels are to be applied to all sides of the shipping container(s). Select the appropriate Pilot Phase Form from the Template Form File. (Ensure that the format does not change from the Template Form provided.) Labels are to be printed in portrait orientation with 8 ½ x 11 inch paper. Labels are to be printed in color or on the appropriate color paper. All GAMMA (S0) Phases: Pink All PRE-PILOT (S1/VP) Phases: Mint Green All PILOT (S2/PS) Phases: Lavender Pilot Label – Powertrain NOTE: The pilot portal does not display powertrain build phases. 29

30 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Label Instruction Correct labeling example: Incorrect labeling examples: No pilot label evident Incorrect / Hand Made Labels Labels for different pilot phase (wrong color / phase) 30

31 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Label Instruction 31

32 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Pilot Label Instruction 32

33 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Useful Contacts Pointer File Issues: Release Ship From:CHAMPS analyst EDI Issues: Jeff (US suppliers) Rene (Mexican suppliers) Commercial Issues: Production Buyer PPAP or AQP Issues:Chrysler Supplier Quality Engineer (SQE) (Covisint application > CQMS > Enter Part Number > Click Contact Information) Chrysler Group LLC New Supplier Checklist and Links can be found at: Chrysler Supplier Portal – Supplier Delivery Development Select the Reference tab and search by name for Supplier Delivery Development. ( Free 24/7 on-line training at WWW.CHRYSLERTRAINING.COMWWW.CHRYSLERTRAINING.COM Group email: to be used if you have a question on a pilot ticket for any destination and do not know how to reach your Pre-Series Supervisor. Include your contact information and complete details (destination plant, supplier code, part number, etc.) and your request will be directed to the appropriate 33

34 CHRYSLER GROUP LLC Glossary of Terms AETC#: Authorized Excess Transportation Cost number. 6-digit number authorizing a shipment beyond its normal means of transportation (i.e. a truck expedite or an air charter). There are two types of AETCs – a CE, which is a Chrysler-Expense excess transportation move (Chrysler pays for it), or an SR, which is a Supplier-Responsible excess transportation move (supplier pays for it). Ahead/Behind Quantity: The quantity that you are either ahead or behind in shipment. (Behind is noted in red text with a negative sign.) Communication (Comm) Type: The type of ticket that has been sent. (Readiness, Readiness Confirmation and Manual) Current O/H: On hand quantity the plant has in inventory. Date Created: The date the ticket was originally created. To see when the ticket type changed (i.e. from a Readiness to a Readiness Confirmation), click on the CMT icon ( ) and review the history Final Destination: The assembly plant location that the part is to ship to. This could include an Extension of Plant location (i.e. 02452 E) Last Shipped Date/Quantity: This represents the last recorded shipment date you made and the respective quantity of the specific part. Last Received Date/Quantity: This represents the last received date and quantity that the plant has recorded for the specific part. Material Required Date (MRD): Date when all parts in full quantities are expected to be at the plant. Promised Date/Time: Guaranteed date and time that the part will ship on. Promised Quantity: Guaranteed amount of parts that you will be shipping. Pilot Phase: A specific phase the vehicle is in. Requested Quantity: Minimum amount of parts needed to be shipped. SAN: A specific vehicle code. SAN = System Automated Number Ship By Time: Date that all parts must be shipped by to meet the MRD. 34


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