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Problem? Find a shortlist of 100+ sites at

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2 Problem? Find a shortlist of 100+ sites at

3 Solution One-window sale system for travel services. Imagine Amazon for travel

4 Solution Social and personal recommendations included -Travelling to New York next month? Well let you know your favourite music band performs there during that date -Going to Paris in May? Well show you an activity that was enjoyable for one of your friends -Do you want to visit Rio de Janeiro in September? Brazil independence day is on September 7 – you may want to see the fest Choose a journey of your dream using just 1 site!

5 Business Model We use existing services APIs and their affiliate programmes.

6 Market

7 Competitors Local sites Selling on global market Hotel booking, air tickets, event tickets Other local activities (guides, restaurants etc.) Recommendation engine

8 Marketing SEO + PPC activities Social Media Marketing Affiliate programmes for developers and travel bloggers

9 The team Valentin Dombrovsky (CEO) -5 years experience in internet marketing -Co-founder of company Nextup Media (sold his share in 2011) Co-founders of SevenQuark studio and MoscowDjango community Vitaly Korobkin (CTO) -Programming from childhood -6 years of professional web-development Denis Volkov (Lead developer) -3 years of professional web- development -Participated in creation of high-load projects (, etc.)

10 Perspectives Travel Services Recommendation Engine API 3 rd -party devs apps Our own services based on Travelatus platform

11 Thank you! Feel free to contact at © 2012

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