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Steve Potter Commercial Manager Wordery

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1 Steve Potter Commercial Manager Wordery

2 Wordery Founded October 2012 By 5 ex-employees of The Book Depository Working with publishers and authors from the UK and beyond Aim is to replicate the hand selling experience you get from your favourite independent / high street bookseller

3 acquired by Japanese giant Rakuten in 2011 Network of marketplaces from Europe, US and Japan – great route to reach globally is largely a marketplace for other merchants – organisations and individuals Focus is as strong on the local and independent as it is on the global and corporate Rakuten also purchased Kobo – so will become a eBook destination Publishers / authors can also set up their own store front on

4 The world’s largest network of marketplaces Home to the collector, specialist and the niche Increasingly known for selling new products Unique relationship with PayPal. Other major booksellers, including Amazon, do not accept PayPal Again authors can set up and sell their own books

5 Working with retailers – The High Street
Get involved – libraries, independent booksellers and Waterstones branches hold events, author signings, reading groups. Offer to get involved Readers and reviewers – online reviews are very important, but remember booksellers and librarians make recommendations too. Give copies of your book to those with influence Work with local newspapers – mention your local bookshop in articles / interviews It’s not just bookshops – book are sold everywhere from gift shops & garden centres to National Trust shops Think about the relevance of your book – would a local / national society want you to speak at an event

6 Working with retailers
Get the basics right Most important tool for any bookseller (on and offline) is data and content. Create video, downloadable content, bookmarks, flyers etc. Things booksellers can use The best booksellers will know their sections or indeed their whole shop inside out. But online the number of titles available can be in the millions. Bibliographic data must be as up to date and relevant as possible. Most retailers will take a feed from Nielsen, but can also add extra content such as review quotations, additional synopses, first chapters and lists of contents.

7 Working with retailers
Keep retailers informed about what you have been up to / how you have been promoting your book Publicity – updates on press reviews or any upcoming activity are very important for booksellers. Radio interviews are extremely powerful for online purchases Share knowledge to promote your book. Anniversaries / events etc that are relevant Suggest and promote with retailers. This can be anything from suggesting a themed promotion in which your book could feature, writing a guest blog to giveaways and competitions Give your publicity a route to market. Some authors are better than others at promoting themselves. Whether it is traditional or social media, always ensure your efforts are linked to a retail site. Every blog, every tweet and every review is a potential book sale

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