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Unit 9 The Joy of Travel Supplementary Information.

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2 Unit 9 The Joy of Travel Supplementary Information

3 Part One Preparation 1. Words Association 3. Reading and Puzzle-Solving Words that are related to travel: hotel, motel, bus, boat, ship, train, plane, airport, railway station, guide, places of interest, scenic spots, scenery, travel agency, travel agent, map, taxi, highway, camera, photograph, passport, visa, restaurant, food, telescope, money, credit card, postcard, museum, route, itinerary, beach, compass, tent, camp, excursion, tour, trip, journey, voyage, picnic, sleeping bag, tourism, sightseeing, adventure/adventurous, (means of ) transportation, entertainment, resort, mountain, skating, (water)-skiing, cable car, natives, guide book, culture, coach, local customs, suitcase, knapsack, luggage, airfare, train ticket, phrase book, sunbathing, foreign exchange, etc. Across 1. collection 5. modern 7.resort 8. clear 10.since 11. art 12. lane 13 sacred Down 1. commercial 2. center 3. industrial 4. mixture 6. drive 9. never

4 Part Two Listening-Centered Activities Listening I Exercise 1 1. C 2. B 3.D 4. D 5. B 6.B Exercise 2 SN862 SN863 TL 6,796 17:50 15:10 Listening II Exercise 1 Part 1 a. T b. F c. T d. F Part 2 a. F b. F c. T d. T Part 3 a. T b. F c. T d. F e. F Typescript

5 Listening I Typescript Maria: Good afternoon. Id like to book tow return air tickets from Istanbul to Athens, please. Travel agent: Certainly. When are you travelling? M: We want to take the flight tomorrow afternoon and come back Friday afternoon. T: First class or economy class? M: Economy class. T: Two adults? M: Yes. T: And your name is__? M: Almar. A_L_M_A_R. T: Initials? M: M.H. T: And the other passenger? M: P.J. Almar. T: On the 11th and the 14th, did you say? M: Thats right. Do we have to change planes? T: No, its a direct flight. Here are your tickets, Mrs. Almar. These are for the outward journey --from Istanbul to Athens on flight Sn862 at 17:50 on July 11th. And these are for the return journey--Athens to Istanbul on flight SN863 at 15:10 on July 14th. Dont forget to be at the airport 45 minutes before departure time. M: Thank you. Do you accept credit cards? T: Certainly. Thank you. Thats TL6,796. Could you sign here, please? Thank you very much. M: Thank you.

6 Listening II Typescript Part 1 Alex, a young Englishman, is staying in New York with Linda, a friend of his. He is only there for two days and wants to see as much as possible. He is talking to Linda about the most interesting places. L: So what are you going to do while youre here? A: Well. I dont know much about New York really, you know, just the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. You tell me! L: Youve just got tow days, right? Youre going to be pretty busy if you want to see all the sights! A: I m planning to start early tomorrow morning. What should I do first? L: I think you should start with the Empire State Building. Its not the highest building now, but the views just beautiful in the morning, when its clear and fresh. You have to do that! A: Mm. It sounds great! Ill definitely do that. Which is the highest building in the city now? L: The World Trade Center building. But you should go there at night for the view--theres a bar up there and you can relax and look at the lights of the city. Its really wonderful! Part 2 A: What else do you recommend? L: Well, it depends on what you like---art, shopping, theatre? A: Well, not shopping particularly. But Id like to see an art gallery or two. L: Oh, then you must go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is just enormous. You could spend tow days there! Thats by Central Park, so you can take a walk through Central Park at the same time, but not after dark, remember. Its dangerous then. A: Right.

7 P art 3 A: What about the Statue of Liberty? I must see the Statue of Liberty! L: Well, there are different ways to do that. You can take a tour by boat. The stops so you can get out and climb up to the top.l A: Yeah? L: Or the cheap way is just to take the regular Staten Island ferry -- thats not a tourist boat, so it doesnt stop--- but it passes right by. A: No, I think Ill be a tourist and climb up to the top! L: All right. Well, theres another interesting trip in the same area -- to Ellis Island. Theres a big museum all about the immigrants who arrived there. Thats pretty interesting! A: Mm. Yes, Id definitely like to do that, too. L: Sure, but youre going to be pretty busy. You wont be able to do that in one day. Its a long way, you know! A: Really? How far is it? L: Five or six miles at least! A: Is it? Ive got no idea where these places are. Have you got a map, perhaps? L: Sure, Ill go and get it, and you can plan your route.

8 Part Three Reading-Centered Activities Transformative Travel I. Words and Explanation II. Pre-Reading III. Passage Reading IV. Post-Reading

9 I. Words and Explanation alternative the word's historical relation to Latin alter, the other of two n.,, We have no alternative but to go on. adj., The way was blocked, so we went by an alternative road. alternatively adv. alter vt, vi,, alternation n. alterable adj. alterably adv. alterability n. alternate adj.,,, v.,, n. choice replacement substitute approval approve n., ; for sb.'s approval [ ] give one's approval to nod one's approval have sb.'s approval (=meet with sb.'s approval) present [submit] sth. to sb. for approval with [without] approval of [ ]... disapproval challenge vt … He challenged me to play another tennis game. ; I did not think he was right, so I challenged him. n. ; ; ; challenging adj., challenger n. confront defy dispute doubt question

10 circumstance n. [ ], ; Maybe under these circumstances we may say that man can conquer nature. [pl.], ; easy circumstance in no circumstances (=under no circumstances),, in [under] the circumstances, under all circumstances Circumstances alter cases., ; condition situation state commitment n. a commitment to pay $50000 to Red Cross 50000 He doesn't't want to get married because he is afraid of any commitments. ", " ; ; Commit vt If you commit a crime you can never escape being punished.", " to commit him to jail to commit oneself to a promise deliberately adv ; deliberate vt. ; ;, vi. (on, over); (with); (over, upon, on) adj. ; ;, ;,, a deliberate decision a deliberate murder deliberately adv. deliberateness n.

11 dimension dimensio ; n.,, ( ), ( ), A line has one dimension and a square has two. n. ( ) (pl) What are the dimensions of this language laboratory? ? engagement v. engage + -ment n. ; ; break an engagement enter into [make] an engagement with... meet ones engagements ( ) ; fantasy n -sies ; vt. ; vi. ; ; horizon n. ; ; horizontal adj., incorporate corpor/corp =body in – corpor - ate v. adj., ; ; incorporated, incorporation n.,,, ( ) incorporative adj., incorporator n., corporate adj.,,, corporately adv., corporation n.[ ],,,,,

12 insight n., insight into... insightful adj., intuition perception wisdom insulate vt., insulating adj. insulating tape insulation n. insulator n., isolate separate novel nov=new n., adj.,, novelty n.,,, innovate renovate novice perspective per=through +spect=look n ; adj., prospect retrospect inspect suspect sample n.,, vt.,,...,, structure n.,, vt.,,, transform trans- form transoceanic transcontinental transplant transition transport unfamiliar antonym : familiar adj.,,, n.,, wreck n. ( ),, (, ) vt.,

13 II Pre-Reading Understanding Words in Context 1.B 2. A 3.B 4. B 5. C 6. B III Passage Reading 1.A few days later I found myself unemployed and unattached, excited by the freedom, yet terrified about what to do next.( l.12-13) I found myself e.g. We went to sleep soon after we got on the train and woke up to find ourselves (=when we woke up we were) in Calais. Youll soon find yourself without any friends(=have no friends) at all if you keep on being so rude to everybody. Once or twice I found myself doubting my own judgment. 2. Probably most important of all, I forced myself to get out of my room and Go to meet people.( l24-25) + of allmost important of all first of all, most of all, worst of all e.g. First of all, answer these questions. Worst of all, he had no hope of shaking her resolution

14 3. therapy( l. 35), session(l. 36), appointment In this passage, the wordtherapy means the treatment of someone with mental illness or problem and a session is a period of time spent with a therapist. Therapy may involve a number of sessions and last a few months or even years. An appointment with a doctor is a formal arrangement to meet the doctor at a particular time. 4. I acted in unfamiliar ways just to see how it felt. (l. 47-48) In this sentence, to see how it felt means to find out what feelings I would have. The word feel means to give you the feeling especially when you touch or experience something. e.g. Her skin felt cold and rough. The metal felt smooth and cold. The ten-foot oars felt heavy and awkward. 5. There were times when I wanted to avoid doing those things I found most frightening. (l. 52-53) There are times when means sometimes. e.g. There are times when she makes me despair of the whole thing.

15 IV Post-Reading 1. Understanding the Organization of the Text A.1. His job 2. His engagement B.3. To transform himself C.4. He created a mindset that made him ready for the change. 5. He insulated himself from the usual influences in his life and the people whose approval was most important. 6. He structured his time in order to produce change and growth. 7. He pushed himself to experiment with new ways of being. 8. He made public commitments of what he intended to do so it would be harder to back down. 9. He processed his experiences systematically. 10. He made changes when he returned that continued the transformation that started while he was in Aruba. D.11. He would continue going on transformative trips to keep his growth in the future. 2. Rearranging the Process for Change c, f, b, d, g, a, c 3. Understanding Specific Information 1. C 2. C 3. D 4. A 5. C 6. A 7. C 8. D 9.B 10.A Vocabulary 1.end 2.booked 3.trapped 5.ended 6. appeal 7. trap 8. appeal 9. samples 10. Structure 11.value 12.structured 13.sampled 14.process 15.valued 16.process

16 Translation 1.I didn't realize putting on a play involved so much work. 2.The most important thing is not what you say but what you do. 3.The result is the best that can be expected in such circumstance. 4.It isnt the first time that youve found yourself in such a situation. 5.This difficulty challenges my mind to find an answer. 6.The new threat on the horizon is unemployment. 7.We have alternative ways of expressing the same idea. 8.He slipped into the old habit of drinking. Writting I like traveling. I even consider it as a part of my life. I find it can even do me a lot of good when I look back on my trips. Traveling brings me knowledge and pleasure. It puts me in a good mood. When I go back to my studies, I work happily. Traveling also helps me learn a lot about local customs and broadens my views. Three years ago, I went to the European City in Wuxi, where there are many models of European architecture. During that trip I learned something about Europe. Traveling is relaxing and we can get rid of our anxiety and stress. If friends travel together, they will improve their friendship through their experiences. They will also meet new people. In the future, I plan to do more traveling.

17 Statue of Liberty at Sunset Eiffel Tower, Paris Soldiers of the Imperial Bodyguard Red Square, Moscow Colosseum London Tower Bridge Egyptian Pyramids Sydney Opera House, Australia Taj Mahal, India

18 Eiffel Tower, Paris The Eiffel Tower, rising in the twilight sky above Paris, was built for the Worlds Fair in 1889. French engineer Alexandre Gustave Eiffel designed it as a cross-braced latticed girder with minimum wind resistance. onstructed from over 6300 metric tons (7000 tons) of highest quality wrought iron, it is a masterpiece of wrought-iron technology. Taj Mahal, India The Taj Mahal, designed as a tomb for the wife of a 17th-century Mughal emperor, was constructed by about 20,000 workers from 1631 to 1648 in Agra, a city in northern India. The massive domed structure was constructed in the Indo-Islamic style, using white marble and inlaid gems. At each corner is a minaret (prayer tower), and passages from the Koran, the Muslim holy book, adorn the outside walls. The bodies of the emperor and his wife remain in a vault below the building. London Tower Bridge The 244-m (800-ft) London Tower Bridge spans the Thames River in London. It was the only movable bridge crossing the Thames when it was completed in 1894. Sir Horace Jones designed the bridge, and Sir John Wolfe Barry built it. Soldiers of the Imperial Bodyguard These life-size terra-cotta figures are a small part of more than 6000 figures and horses that were made for the tomb of Emperor Shih Huang Ti of the Chin dynasty in China, 210 BC. They were originally painted in bright colors. The burial mound, in the northwestern province of Shanxi, was discovered in 1974. Colosseum The Colosseum in Rome (70-82) is best known for its multilevel system of vaults made of concrete. It is called the Colosseum for a colossal statue of Nero that once stood nearby, but its real name is the Flavian Amphitheater. It was used for staged battles between lions and Christians, among other spectacles, and is one of the most famous pieces of architecture in the world. Egyptian Pyramids Located on the west bank of the Nile River on the outskirts of Cairo, the pyramids at Giza, Egypt, rank as some of the most famous monuments in the world. The Egyptians constructed the pyramids between 2700 BC and 1000 BC to serve as royal tombs. Built without the use of cranes, pulleys, or lifting tackle, the massive structures stand as testaments to the engineering skills of the ancient Egyptians.

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