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NeXus Applications Inc. 100 Stone Road West, Suite 305 Guelph, ON (519) 341- 4789 neXus-sports.

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1 NeXus Applications Inc. 100 Stone Road West, Suite 305 Guelph, ON (519) neXus-sports

2 About NeXus Applications For the past 7 years, online registration companies have entered the market with a quick fix for hockey associations or sport associations need to register participants online, without taking into consideration the needs of the whole sport association.

3 NeXus Applications Focus is..

4 Our Software.. Is Web Based Has many online reports so that you know real-time who has registered and review the players history. Allows you to access your present member or member history anytime, anywhere. Allows you to export your association data to MS Excel Has built in legal agreements that parents must acknowledge when registering children. Allows you to have control regarding the text on registration pages. Allows for integration with online credit card providers such as PayPal or Internet Secure.* *Credit Card fees are not included in NeXus fees

5 Our Software continued.. Enables Associations to do more with their data. Allows clients to manage the full lifecycle of a player (registering, moving, leaving, re-registering, team assignments), keeping a history of all player activities. Is scalable and robust Is designed to streamline and integrate integral parts of hockey operations Will increase the efficiency of hockey offices.

6 NeXus Support is included

7 NeXus Fee Structure Why get caught in the start-up fee surprise? With Nexus there are no start up fees. The registration software is effectively designed and is based on a per registrant. This means that if there were 100 hockey players actually participated for your association yet 125 registered. The fee is based on 100 hockey players. The fee is approx $5.00 CAD per player * taxes in. **Customized Reporting may result in additional charges ** fees based on 2008 fee structure


9 neXus-sports

10 Features

11 Main Admin Menu

12 Player Search

13 Pending Registrations

14 Player Profile

15 Player Registration Particulars

16 Modifying Status Payment Status Registration Status

17 Player Account Particulars

18 Edit Player Info – Bulk Edit

19 Accounting -Manual Transactions

20 Transaction Types

21 Transaction Listing The treasurer can quickly tell if there are deposits to be made or look up cheque numbers and who it belongs too.

22 Accounts Receivable Report

23 Sample of Custom Report Menu

24 Sample Look of NeXus Registration Process

25 4 Step Process

26 Step 1 Process

27 Step 2 – Player Application

28 Step 2 - Player Application Customize this section for your needs OR

29 User Friendly You identify what fields are mandatory. Example of error messages provided

30 Step 3 - Authorizations or

31 Step 3 - Authorizations As well a legally binding alternative

32 Step 4 – Payment


34 Step 4 – Payment – cheque method NeXus assists associations with the issuing of CRA child fitness tax receipts

35 Editor used for Web Pages


37 NeXus Products - For Hockey Passes or Rep Fees Shopping Cart Style* additional fees apply

38 Benefits

39 Member Maintains Own Data

40 Member Reprints Receipts

41 NeXus Applications Inc. 100 Stone Road West, Suite 305 Guelph, ON (519) Why wait another season? Contact us today for getting your association online!

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