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AS Level - Week 1 Practical Module 3 – Personal Exercise Programme.

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1 AS Level - Week 1 Practical Module 3 – Personal Exercise Programme

2 Purpose and Aim Personal Profile Gender - Age - Height - Weight – Sport Sports Achievements Paragraphs to discuss: How you got to where you are and current standard.How you got to where you are and current standard. Current training and playing schedule.Current training and playing schedule. Any other sports or factors that need to be taken into account.Any other sports or factors that need to be taken into account.

3 Fitness Requirements for …(your sport)… Two lines on the general requirements and demands of your position/sport within competition. A left midfield player is required to attack and defend. They have to be able to run for the whole match, make effective tackles, crosses and sometimes shoot. They therefore need: Health Related Components Discuss and highlight the components of fitness that apply to you and your sport. Define them then apply them. muscular endurance – the ability of the muscles in the body to against a resistance or a prolonged period of time. For a long distance runner it is necessary to keep running strong at the end of the race. Skill Related Components As above. Then a paragraph outlining your fitness strengths and weaknesses you feel you have in a game/competition.

4 Fitness Tests Outlined Outline benefits of fitness testing. Then using a table state; Test and how it is administered. Component it measures. Advantages.Disadvantages.Validity.Reliability. Your score/level. TestConductedComponentMeasuredAdvantagesDisadvantagesValidityReliabilityScore/level

5 Fitness Tests Evaluated A couple of paragraphs to discuss the components of fitness you are going to work on in relation to your PEP as a result of your fitness tests. Compare results to how you perceived your strengths and weaknesses were as outlined earlier.

6 Safety Considerations Warm Ups Discuss the benefits of performing a warm up prior to taking part in physical activity. Outline the warm up you are going to perform using diagrams to illustrate stretches, mentioning which muscles or systems that are being used. (see handout Pg 273) Cool Downs As above but for cool downs General Training Safety Issues Discuss general training safety issues such as clothing, hydration etc. Specific Training Safety Issues Discuss safety issues and implications for the type of training you are going to do. E.g lifting weights and using correct technique.

7 Outline of Training This is where you outline the specific exercises you are going to use to improve your fitness. Identify the muscles involved and how they are worked. Use pictures and drawings of illustrate the movement and parts of the body used. Use correct terminology. Personal Factors Discuss safety issues that concern you personally with regards age, gender, injuries asthma etc.

8 Suitability and Purpose Of Exercises Various Types of Training Discuss the various training methods such as continuous training, weight training, circuit training etc. Selected Training Method Discuss the suitability of the training method you have chosen in relation to improving the components of fitness you have identified. State the aim of your PEP.

9 Impact on Skill and Performance Discuss the impact and effect you expect your exercise programme to have on your level of skill and performance in your sport once it is completed.

10 Application of Theory Principles of Training Discuss and apply the principles of training to the stated aims for your PEP. Specificity Progressive Overload ReversibilityModerationVariancePlusFrequencyIntensityTimeType

11 Intensities of Workload Calculate your workload intensities using the Karvonen Principle and 1 repetition max. Justify your aerobic training zones. Justify the weight you plan to lift and number of repetitions. Apply this to the components of fitness you are trying to improve. Other Relevant Factors Discus any other factors that might effect your exercise programme. Such as other training commitments, injury etc.

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