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Summer Sports Club Forum. Welcome Agenda Guests Format Introduction.

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1 Summer Sports Club Forum

2 Welcome Agenda Guests Format Introduction

3 Structures Roles and responsibilities Club information Communication Organisational Structure

4 Greg Talbot- Local Laws Smoking Laws

5 Risk assessments Council report Last season 20 grounds available This season 22 grounds ( added Gordon Barnard West, Highfield North, upgraded Camberwell SportsGround ) Council outcomes and next steps Club responsibilities T20 cricket


7 Risk Clubs undertake own inspections Pavilion maintenance Pavilion inspections Inspection checklist (monthly) Tenancy guide outlines expectations Let us know of any issues

8 Dont store junk and flamables Dont block fire equipment and doorways Dont leave bins out Dont leave items next to pavilions that enables people to climb onto pavilion Testing and tagging own electrical equipment Dont leave cash or stock or equipment or valuables in pavilion, there are breakins – -report breakins to council and police Swipe cards Pavilions

9 Reminder of Tenancy Guide details Clubs new or varied licence come to Sport Services first (if club altered tenancy or liquor times, altered pavilion etc) Sport Services review varying or new details prior to clubs applying to VCGLR Standard renewal clubs direct to VCGLR Council is not decision making body Liquor Licence


11 Background Clubs to contribute 70% total costs Conservative $105,000 total Usage matrix system Invoiced with Tenancy Fees Sportsground pavilion utility contribution

12 Sportsground pavilion utility contribution scheme Club Utilities - Cost Low Usage 1-2 Sessions Medium Usage 3-4 Sessions High Usage 5+ Sessions High Pavilion$400$600$800 Low Pavilion$225$400$600

13 Seasonal information Ground allocations sent to Clubs Review allocations and notify Steve if any changes by 15 October Invoicing during November (with utility costs) Invoices will not be altered if clubs realise their allocation is not accurate/used and they have been overcharged Security Bond Deposit – Most clubs roll from season to season, others will be invoiced Club Development

14 (More details at Sport Development breakout group) -2 Year Tenancy – First season, will be reviewed -Allocation Policy – consultation, help guide Council -Green message – Check Tenancy guide, signs -Volunteers – new Laws, attract, support and retain -Food Handling – Tenancy Guide processes -Incorporation – Consumer Affairs Club Development

15 Council has internal annual Community Grants (very few sport clubs apply) Steve will email other relevant grants as they become available Clubs also look at options Council run grant workshops Grants

16 (information from Glen in breakout) Pavilion upgrades Training lights Cricket nets Fences Synthetic wickets Irrigation Capital and renewals

17 (Information from Matt in break-out) Curators Ground condition & maintenance Turf wicket preparations Covers Turf

18 (More information from Mark in breakout) BOSS Allocation policy Shared usage (dogs, residents, etc) Club growth Open Space

19 5 minutes Break out groups Break

20 Club Development – David/Steve Capital / renewal – Glen Turf – Matt Open space - Mark Break out groups

21 Thanks for attending Good luck for the season The end

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