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NSW Sports Federation Members Forum 23 rd October 2013 Helping Grassroots Clubs Succeed.

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1 NSW Sports Federation Members Forum 23 rd October 2013 Helping Grassroots Clubs Succeed


3 Volunteer Training Legislative obligations and risk management Creating a positive culture and maximising participation Achieving goals through effective volunteer management Financial management, controls and reporting Fundraising Marketing, Communication and social media

4 Flexible training structures

5 Future training “Level 2” and “Level 3” making 15 – 20 face to face sessions Additional online training sessions Online interviews and case studies Podcasts Webinars Marketing, Communication and social media


7 GNSW Club Development News Welcome to the sixth issue of Club Development News. This regular bulletin aims to provide clubs with important information about upcoming events and resources available to help support growth and development. Sponsorship Ever wondered why some clubs have heaps of sponsors while others don’t have a single one? Sports Community website,, has heaps of information about how to attract and retain sponsors to your club. Even if you have never been involved with attracting sponsors to your club or have no idea where to start just click on the link below: Here you will learn about what your club has to offer sponsors, how to approach potential sponsors, how to present your sponsorship proposal and how to maintain a successful long term partnership you’re your clubs sponsors. Don’t forget to register for the Sports Community fortnightly email newsletter with the latest grant and information for clubs.,,au

8 Sports Community is an organisation whose main aim is to help grassroots sport to succeed. Sports Community also provides services to other stakeholders in the grassroots sports club sector including all levels of government, state and national sporting organisations as well as commercial enterprises. Sports Community's flagship offering is its free website at with the latest information on grants as well as over 50 fundraising procedures and hundreds of free articles and templates containing advice for club volunteers on everything from running an AGM to developing strategic Sports Community's other services include: Support Help Desk (a service where local councils & sporting bodies can outsource their help desk to Sports Community for sports-related enquiries) Extensive training courses for club volunteers to helps clubs become self sufficient Providing grassroots sport-related content that can be republished by councils, sports associations & other industry bodies Consulting & advisory services Speakers for events & conferences For more information visit Introducing Sports Community Cheryl has most recently been the Active After Schools NSW State Manager. She has also been Executive Director of the Illawarra Academy of Sport, Executive Officer of the Premiers Soccer Taskforce and held many other portfolios. Cheryl comes with excellent qualifications and experience which will be invaluable to the Federation. She will commence on 21 October 2013. Those attending the Members' Forum & Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 23 October will have an opportunity to meet Cheryl personally. Cheryl Battaerd welcomed as the new CEO of the NSW Sports Federation

9 Club Support Hotline Subscription based service Allows the service to be free to clubs Expert telephone and email support Regular email newsletters Outbound and inbound support Proactive and reactive services

10 Summary of Services Free services Provision of club and volunteer relevant content Fee for service Club and Volunteer training “Club Support” hotline Telemarketing services

11 THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT Follow us on twitter @sportsclubinfo Like us on faceboook / register for our newsletter tell everybody about us!

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