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2 sport4charity is an association set up by the professional footballer Salif DIAO. The aim of the association is to bring together top sportsmen and sportswomen, and in particular Africans, for a joint objective: Humanitarian Aid sport4charity engages with humanitarian associations to bring in funds in order to develop projects concerning the topics of: health with CAAP AFRIKA, the Donna Louise Trust (England - education with SOS GAZELLES sport by developing socio-educational sports centres We are convinced that sport is a vector for development and a genuine hope for young African populations. Through this commitment we want to make top sportsmen and sportswomen and in particular Africans aware of their responsibilities to make a better contribution for the development of these young populations.

3 Salif DIAO: Senegalese international footballer, 32 years old. Born on 10 February 1977 in Kedougou, where he has set up a school and football training youth centre. He is a midfield player. - 1997 winner of the Champions Trophy with AS Monaco - 2000 Champion of France with AS Monaco - 2002 Finalist in the African Cup of Nations with Senegal. - 2002 Quarter finalist in the World Cup of Football in Korea/Japan award for scoring the finest goal in the World Cup (FIFA Museum) - 2003 Worthington Cup winner with Liverpool - 2005 medal winner in the Champions League 2005 with Liverpool. At present he plays in the English Premier League for Stoke City. His News: Salif DIAO has been recalled for selection for his talents as a player but also and chiefly for his spirit and energy. sport4charity

4 The CAAPAfrika Association( supported by great Prince Albert de Monaco, Massimo Michelis, Chairman of the Foundation, Lionel Brun, representative in France of the American firm Johnson &Johnson Thomas Perry, singer, composer and author of many titles of the Scorpions group John McLaughlin, one of the best guitarists in the World (has played with Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, and others)

5 Salif DIAO is very involved in supporting young people through: with Alain Boghossian & Véronique Chaplain * Tee Break June 2008 - SOS GAZELLES Association for the benefit of children Education, Sport & Health * President of SOS Gazelles, - his school and sports centre at KEDOUGOU (SENEGAL) - UNICEF in Casamance against Arms, - SOS gazelles ( with which he has inaugurated several youth centres in


7 Kedougou which is one of the very new Administrative Regions of Senegal is a continental zone, lacking facilities for agriculture and stock-rearing. It has been considered as a mining area for a long time. Situated at the crossroads of Senegal, Mali and Guinea, Kedougou has the advantage of a highly multicultural population. In spite of the abundant human and natural potential of Kedougou, the region lacks the basic infrastructure to guarantee the future for young people. The education provided by the only Technical and Vocational Secondary School does not meet the specialised training needs expressed by the great majority of young people who are no longer in the educational system. This being the case, their hope for survival seems to be emigration, which sometimes does not take place under the conditions required. The damage caused by illegal immigration and its consequences sometimes go so far as to affect the families. We want to face up to this situation and create a real socio-educational and sports reference establishment in KEDOUGOU. FOUNDATION OF THE PROJECT

8 THE PROJECT For sport4charity it is a matter of building, on the former «SONACOS» site, a Multipurpose and Multifunctional Youth Centre, thus contributing to the policy led by the authorities with the aim of resolving the lack of basic sports and socio-educational infrastructure. The Centre will make it possible to open up a large range of subjects for training and therefore possibilities of employment. It will comprise: A Vocational Training Centre offering several subjects; A Relaxation and Leisure Facility for children, young people and adults; Space for Documentation, Information and research for the teaching staff, sports managers, athletes and players; A New Communication Technologies Centre; A restaurant / cafeteria; A childrens play area; A multipurpose sports ground.

9 Together with the Technical and Vocational Secondary School of the town, the local businesses and the few rare sports facilities, the project will contribute towards establishing links for cooperation in order to: Keep young people settled in their home area Develop confidence and convince them of the potentialities of their Region; Reduce the illicit emigration, considered by the young as their only way forward, which however causes too much damage among this very important sector of our population; Help these young people to develop their skills after training in their Region by initiating their own projects (e.g.: rational exploitation of the numerous natural mining resources of the sector: marble – gold – iron, etc.) The centre will guarantee specialised training leading to a diploma for its students. It will also be able to serve as a location for practical and additional experimentation for the Technical and Vocational Secondary School of the town.

10 The project is progressive; the first phase which will make it operational will comprise the following structures: SOCIO-EDUCATIONAL EQUIPMENT Workshops and Rooms for training/initiation into computer technology Library Cyber café / Internet space SPORTS FACILITIES The Synthetic Football Pitch Play area for children Multipurpose facilities for Basketball, Volleyball, Handball and Tennis Gymnasium / fitness area PROGRAMME


12 Founded over twenty years ago, the initial structure was intended as a framework for the development of education and training. Sport, in particular football, was the spearhead for setting up this structure. Indeed, as the founders had rightly thought at the time, the young people must be brought together around a football, and directed towards the promising associated prospects. The centre supporting vocational and technical training, operational since 1990, is presented as an alternative to parents concerned about the social and vocational future of their children. The structure, located in a sensitive socio-economic environment, aims to develop efficiently the youth potential present in the area. It is a matter of offering these girls and boys the basic tools needed to face the labour market. ORIGIN

13 In its philosophy, the structure integrates sports activities and apprenticeship in trades in perfect synergy. As the adage so rightly says a healthy mind in a healthy body. The purpose of this centre is to offer the appropriate context for work. Specialising in industrial trades, today the centre welcomes young girls and boys excluded from the classic system of education into three (3) subject areas. The three (3) subjects offered are : Steel Construction Electricity General Mechanics To give all the young people who request the services of the centre the same chances, we have defined two entry levels: The first level concerns all the children who could not have the benefit of sound schooling. These pupils are grouped together for an elementary common core syllabus for one year to gain access to the specific three-year training. With regard to the second level, it is open to all young people who have a good level of general education and want to learn a practical manual trade.

14 With our concern for credible and qualifying training, we have implemented a plan for alternation between school and companies. In this way, the young people are able to undertake permanent placements in companies. These periods of training lasting for 3 to 6 months enable the students to understand the business better and gain experience. In this context, we have formally established a solid partnership with local companies. Just training the young people cannot be an end in itself. Whoever says training, implicitly says integration. The latter thus constitutes the centres post-training phase. We implement a plan of integration which involves directing the trained young people towards local partners and businesses. The network of companies whose loyalty the centre has won is fully incorporated into this constructive approach which thus makes it possible: To make the apprenticeship more proficient To establish a formal link between training and the world of work To integrate the students.


16 FOUNDATIONS OF THE PROJECTS The centres are a pretext to attract young people so that their icons, the «top sportsmen and top sportswomen» can pass on positive messages on health and education. «Lets have the messages passed on in a better environment»

17 Specification: 1 synthetic pitch 105x68m 1 synthetic half-pitch 70x50m 2 mini-pitches 40x20m 1 multisport facility 1 stand with roof 1 changing room and foyer 1 running track - 800 m KEDOUGOU SPORTS CENTRE (SENEGAL) This complex is closely linked to the development of the KEDOUGOU socio-educational centre; it represents the sports part of this centre.


19 Specification 1 synthetic pitch 105x68m 1/2 size synthetic pitch 70x50m 1 athletics track 400m 1 gymnasium 1 stand with roof 1 changing room and foyer 1 accommodation centre RUFISQUE SPORTS CENTRE (SENEGAL) This complex is closely linked to the development of the RUFISQUE socio-educational centre, It represents the sporting side of this centre.


21 To offer the opportunities these young populations deserve and to support them during their personal and vocational development, it is essential to communicate the universal values in a high quality functional framework. We are convinced that sport can be the vector of this approach. We need the support of institutions to take up this challenge and achieve success. Salif DIAO

22 sport4charity Sigma House, Lakeside, Festival Way Stoke on Trent ST1 5TD E : T : 01782205000 - F : 01782285986

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