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Does it matter how we dress? What can people tell about you by the way you dress?

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2 Does it matter how we dress?

3 What can people tell about you by the way you dress?

4 Numbers 15:38-41 –Blue border on garment - to distinguish them from the nations around them, and to signify that they were God's peculiar people and to help them remember to be obedient and not go after the world. Deuteronomy 22:5 –Women should not dress like men, or men like women for God saw this as an abomination Isaiah 3:16 – 24 –God is displeased with the jewellery and hats and all manner of clothing for pride and display What does God say in the OT?

5 1 Timothy 2:9,10 –God is concerned about what we wear – modest clothes, without flirtation, fancy hairstyles and jewellery, or unnecessary adornment 1 Peter 3:3,4 –God is more concerned about our characters, and we are more attractive to Him if we are righteous in our behaviour. Revelation 19:8 –From the beginning garments have represented character What does God say in the NT?

6 What does God say to us today? Ellen White, Gods end-time messenger gave much counsel on various subjects, Including: –Education –Healthful Living –Diet / Exercise –Rest / Recreation –Sabbath keeping –Publishing –Work of the ministry –Health care work - sanitariums –Family life –And Proper Dress

7 The people of God are not now required to have a special mark placed upon their garments. But in the New Testament we are often referred to ancient Israel as examples. If God gave such definite directions to his ancient people in regard to their dress, will not the dress of his people in this age come under his notice? Should there not be in their dress a distinction from that of the world? Should not the people of God, who are his peculiar treasure, seek even in their dress to glorify God? And should they not be examples in point of dress, and by their simple style rebuke the pride, vanity and extravagance of worldly, pleasure-loving professors? God requires this of his people. Pride is rebuked in his word. 2SM 473-4 Is God still interested in what we wear?

8 Overview of the Dress Question at the time of Ellen White Fashion at the time of Ellen White –Hoops, corsets, long skirts trailing in the dirt –Corsets laced tight to compress waist- actually displacing the organs. These extreme fashions promoted much disease. –Bare shoulders & arms while body heavily dressed- also promoted disease. –Awkward, extravagant, un- healthful!

9 Wasp Waists & Hoop Skirts ! These actually contained wire cages hung on the hips below the compressed waists! Normal breathing was impossible. Imagine the filth picked up in the streets! (Horses!)

10 DRESS REFORM WAS REALLY NEEDED!! But the Devil wanted things to go from one ridiculous extreme to another!

11 American Costume& Bloomer Costume Advocated by the feminists of the day, masculine trousers, boots and jacket with very short skirt True it certainly was better for health-- but God said it was an abomination, too much like a man. It was also worn by the spiritualist movement. Even then, Satan was mixing health & Spiritism!

12 American Costume – A Joke- but an accurate portrayal. It was Womens Lib movements that got women smoking!!

13 Satan is the designer of Womens Fashions But God stepped in with a Better Plan for His People! Simple, Neat, Practical, Modest, Healthful and Convenient! What a Blessing the Reformed Dress as given by God would have been for our people – if only…

14 The "Reform Dress" (1) Made by a precise or definite pattern (2) From 8-10 inches from the floor (3) High neck, arms and legs covered. The latter by lined, full pants tapering at the ankle-reaching below the "short dress." (4) It was loose-fitting so as not to reveal the woman's form [top or bottom] (5) It was healthful and modest (6) Inexpensive, and made of durable material (7) Convenient (8) Raised much prejudice (9) This dress was discarded. Instructions were given later not to promote the short dress with long pants unless we had the word of the Lord for it.

15 Adopting the Reform Dress God would now have His people adopt the reform dress, not only to distinguish them from the world as His "peculiar people," but because a reform in dress is essential to physical and mental health. 1T 525 To those who consistently adopted the reform dress, appreciating its advantages and cheerfully taking their position in opposition to pride and fashion, it proved a blessing. 4T 635

16 Reform Dress Rejected Some rejoiced and found it a Blessing. Some others wore it but: –Compelled others consciences –Failed to adopt it properly Wrong material and colours were used, with lack of order/neatness Extra trimmings added – Tried to mix in fashion- even adding small hoops! Complained, murmured and made it a grievous yoke Those who rejected it: –Fashion had so strong a hold upon them that they were slow to break away from its control, even to obey the dictates of reason and conscience. 4T 635-6 Result: In a vision given me at Battle Creek, January 3, 1875, I was shown the state of things which I have here represented, and that the wide diversity in dress was an injury to the cause of truth. That which would have proved a blessing, if uniformly adopted and properly worn, had been made a reproach, and, in some cases, even a disgrace. 4T 637

17 Result of rejecting the Reform Dress I saw that our sisters were departing from the simplicity of the gospel. The very ones …..who claimed that they would not be influenced by the spirit of the world, had now taken up the fashions they once condemned. Their dresses were arranged with all the unnecessary adornments of worldlings in a manner unbecoming to Christians and entirely at variance with our faith. Thus has been developed the pride of heart indulged by a people that profess to have come out from the world and to be separate. Inspiration declares that the friendship of the world is enmity with God; yet His professed people have expended their God-given time and means upon the altar of fashion. 4T 637-8

18 Who should we follow? God designed the reform dress as a barrier to prevent the hearts of our sisters from becoming alienated from Him by following the fashions of the world….. Will my sisters accept this style of dress and refuse to imitate the fashions that are devised by Satan and continually changing? No one can tell what freak fashion will take next. Worldlings whose only care is, "What shall we eat, and what shall we wear?" should not be our criterion. 4T 640 God allowed the Less Objectionable Dress to be promoted.

19 The "Less-Objectionable Dress" (1) Made by no definite pattern or style. (2) No precise length given but was longer than the "short dress" (longer than 8-10 inches from ground) and still avoided the mud of the street. Approximately ankle length; the dress meets the shoe or ankle or boot, and covered the inside pants or leggings. (shown open here to reveal the inside pants)

20 (3) It was modest, covering the arms; with a loose- fitting jacket to cover the upper front body. (4) It was healthful. Lined pants or under pants could be worn underneath the skirt to keep the legs at an even temperature without being exposed. The dress covered the pants completely. It was also loose-fitting, not revealing the woman's form (top or bottom). (5) Inexpensive and durable material (6) Convenient most of the time. (7) Raised less prejudice. (8) This would forever put the subject of dress lengths to rest as far as the Testimonies were concerned. (9) Notice that it was the SHORTER Reform dress that was 8-10 inches from ground. The Less Objectionable Dress was LONGER about to the ankle- but should fully clear the ground!



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