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Fashion Advertising By: Cheyenne Tarselli (Prada 2007-2013)

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1 Fashion Advertising By: Cheyenne Tarselli (Prada 2007-2013)

2 What is Fashion Advertising In the fashion advertising business, you are responsible coming up with the promotions for the company you work for. The goal in fashion advertising is to connect potential customers with the product. So in other words, you get to be creative one who thinks of a good commercial, magazine ad, or slogan for a company that will catch the buyers attention. The tone and content of the ad will vary depending on the target audience.

3 Anna Wintour The current editor-in-chief of vogue magazine. She stared off her career working at Harpers & Queen in London. She worked her way up with her eye for style and fashion trends. In 2009, a documentary was published called The September Issue. This showed the publication of the largest issue printed in Vogue history.



6 QUALITY & QUANTITY The people who provide the number and the inventory for a company work for merchandising. The three main questions to ask yourself are: 1.How much of the product do you need quantitative factor 2.What kind of the product to have qualitative factor 3.When do you need the product by timing factor Money plays a large role in these questions because the amount of money you have determines how much and what you can buy.

7 Promotion The promoter needs to name the objective : whom are we selling to? The employees need to be able to come up with an idea at any time incase their original idea does not go the way it was intended. Their job is also to find creative ways and solutions to promote a specific product. Fashion is constantly changing day to day with different trends and styles.

8 Designing Designing brings out the creative side of someone. Someone hundreds of years ago got the idea to sew fabric and make up different styles of clothing with it. Designers need to know the industry in and out and be ready to go to straight to the drawing board. Many have a specific style. They create very abstract pieces that make a statement when you wear them.

9 Appendix

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