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Apparel Industry Careers Apparel 2 Objective 6.01.

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1 Apparel Industry Careers Apparel 2 Objective 6.01

2 Apparel Industry Segments Textiles – fiber and fabric development Fashion Design Apparel Manufacturing – home and clothing Wholesale Distribution Retail Marketing and Sales

3 Textile Production – fiber and fabric development Textile Chemist Research, experiments, reports, solve problems Textile Converter** Apply colors, texture, finishes to fabric Chemical Technician Run the experiments, interpret data Machine Operator In textile mill, create fibers and fabrics

4 Fashion Design Apparel designer Create new ideas for garments and accessories Textile Designer** Creates new patterns or designs on fabric – works with designer or textile plant Design Associate Daily workroom tasks and manage data Sample Maker

5 Apparel Manufacturing – home and clothing Pattern Maker Translates designs into pattern pieces Grader** Cuts patterns into different sizes Sewing Machine Operator Supervisor** Oversees the workers in a factory Inspector – quality control Shipping and receiving

6 Wholesale Distribution Getting the merchandise to the proper locations Showroom sales Works for design house – shows the buyers what they have; take orders Travelling sale representative Visits department stores and clothing shops to sell their lines

7 Forecasting Predicting what will happen* Projection of interest in your product

8 Retail Marketing and Sales Fashion Promotion** Market Analyst: understand consumers Public Relations: sponsors events Sales reps: Fashion Models Graphic Designer Illustrator

9 Fashion Merchandising Fashion Director* Determines the fashion direction a business takes; communicates to everyone AKA “Fashion Coordinator” Buyer: predicts and buys what will sell Sales Associate Stock Clerk

10 Fashion Support Photographers Fashion Writers (newspaper and magazines) Display Managers

11 Compensation Hourly amount of pay no matter how many hours you work - # hours worked x rate of pay Salary – set Commission - % of your sales = pay Bonus – extra pay based on productivity Benefits – vacation, health insurance, uniforms, sick days

12 Business Location Make sure to have a good source for employees*

13 Training Degree Programs 2 year, associates 4 year bachelors – “professional” Chemists, designers, buyers Apprenticeship Working to learn how to do a job paid

14 Training Internship Work to learn Shorter time No pay Job Shadowing A day or ½ day to see if you are interested

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