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Cars and Fashion Name College affilition. From catwalks to car showrooms, the intersection between the worlds of cars and fashion is becoming increasingly.

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1 Cars and Fashion Name College affilition

2 From catwalks to car showrooms, the intersection between the worlds of cars and fashion is becoming increasingly apparent. Porsche Designs autumn/winter 2013 collection at New York Fashion Week marked the first time a car company has made a serious stab at creating a fashion empire. Conventioanally everyone who cares about design cares about all of the things around them, including cars

3 Fashion statement is an item of clothing or set of clothes that expresses something about the attitude, point of view, or lifestyle of the wearer. On a wider perceptive fashion items can include any form of art that as defined by individuals e.g. cars. Fashion statement has something to do in our choice of fashion such as in our fashion lifestyle, choices of clothing style

4 Under normal circumstances what looks the best and says the most about them, which includes cars. Just like clothes Cars speak volumes about people who drive them. Subconsciously and consciously people are motivated by fashion when choosing their ride. There is also a close relationship between modeling and cars because most companies use models to market their cars.

5 As every fashionista knows, the image you present to the world goes way beyond a nice what you wear. Cars and fashion go way back. The car you drive speaks volumes about how fashionable you are and, to which fashion tribe you belong to. With cars now a fashionable item, more designers have started getting involved. There is an apparent relationship between fashion design and cars

6 oleg cassini amc matador This designer version of Car and Drivers Best Styled Car of 1974 had copper-colored trim and copper buttons on black fabric seats courtesy of the luxuriantly mustachioed Oleg Cassini. GUCCI CADILLAC SEVILLE Through the years, Gucci has been involved in a number of automotive monkeyshines, including the AMC Hornet Sport about and, most recently, Fiats 500 Gucci.

7 LEVIS EDITION AMC GREMLIN AMC blazed trails in the world of co- branded cars. And Levi Strauss was along for the ride, outfitting multiple models with its Levis logo. Most tragically awful was the Levis Gremlin, touted as the economy car that wears the pants. The seat upholstery was at least blue denim, right? VERSACE LAMBORGHINI MURCIÉLAGO LP640 The Versace version of the Lamborghini Murciélago carried the Italian fashion houses familiar Greek-key motif sewn into the seats and plastered on the doors, which is... actually, a Versace Lamborghini is maybe perfect for a fairly high percentage of Lamborghini owners weve met.

8 BUGATTI VEYRON FBG PAR HERMÈS Four of these 1001-hp handbags were sold for round about $2 million each. That means that 1.3 percent of the worlds most insane supercar ever carried the H- pattern grille inserts, special wheels, and fragrant bull-calfskin interiors of the Hermes edition. PAUL SMITH JAG X-TYPE Okay, so the Paul Smith Jaguar X-type was just a one-off to be sold at a charity auction. But Smiths candy stripes so highlight the dreariness of the X-type that we find it irresistible.

9 The connection between cars and fashion is even more explicit now. According to hipper, cars act as clothes when people are on the street. The likes of Paul Smith, Matthew Williamson, Giorgio Armani and Julian McDonald have all been involved in car design. Fashion designers even take inspiration from cars. Ralph Lauren, who collects vintage models, recently had an exhibition at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts

10 Cars attract fashion concepts because people want to drive what is unique that has the capacity to set them aside. Car manufacturers base their production on the trends that are currently attractive to people. Fashion trends change with time, hence the need for companies to research before launching a new product.

11 Awareness of fashion trends has made car makers to come up with concepts that address the current fashion needs. Such awareness of fashion trends has reached those inside the car industry too. While Nissan Design Europes Manager for Colour Group, Marisol Manso Cortina, enjoyed collaborating with Conran. According to Manso, Cortina, there cars are actually fashion items

12 During Fashion Week, Fiat went to pushing the Gucci connection further. The reason as to why Fiat was involved in the event was because it wanted to role its cars alongside models in order to increase sales Like many other car makers, fiat is closed lined fashion because it uses models to carry out promotions of their new cars.

13 Part of the fashion timelessness means attaching Fiat to the iconic aura of Times Square, itself reinvented with pedestrian thoroughfares in 2009. Cars create images just like clothes do. image is such an important part of this car's billing, fashion and personalization -- with a slew of exterior and interior color choices -- are essential to Fiat's strategy.

14 The car you drive can say masses about your personality, age, wealth and fashion sense. Many people believe that cars, just like clothes or bags you wear, are fashion statements and accessories. Cars can definitely have style because fashion is like art since it expresses your personality and what not. Generally, it is very easy to tell the status of a person based on the car that is being driven.

15 Being the top best looking car is something most manufacturers want to achieve. All cars set out with the intention of looking stylish. While the person, buying a vehicle may have an objective of making a fashion statement, people may make it look different. The fashion statements that people make various reactions due to cultural differences


17 Classy cars are used to make sure that a projection of the rider is correctly interpreted Luxury auto brands are well aware that their target audience is the upscale, discriminating buyer with disposable income. Luxury auto brands are also taking a new look at retail-focused customer experiences. Earlier this month at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, the all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz projected this.

18 Lexus, is anxious to project a more contemporary image to a younger audience, is trying a one of which may well represent the next generation of car showroom. The luxury auto brand recently launched Intersect by Lexus, described as which is described as a "unique space in select global cities Interestingly, when it comes to cars and fashion design, what goes around comes around. Today it may be auto brands getting into fashion, but in the 1970s

19 Carmaker Mercedes-Benz, for example, has sponsored many fashion weeks around the world. Porsche Designs autumn/winter 2013 collection at New York Fashion Week marked the first time a car company has made a serious stab at creating a fashion empire. Porsche Design, a spin-off launched by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche in 1972, is repositioning itself as a luxury brand for fashion and accessories

20 High quality global journalism requires investment. Fashion designers have an extraordinary ability to know what you will want even before you know you want it. Indeed, the luxury fashion houses have long offered custom-made interiors for automobiles, as well as luxury helicopters, aircraft and yachts

21 Cars customized by designers have long been a staple of the charity auction organized by General Motors for its cancer research funds campaign Concept Cure. Max Azria, founder of clothing brand BCBG, designed a brushed nickel convertible Chevy Cavalie. Tommy Hilfiger Jeans version featured an indigo denim carpet and red leather bucket seats with matching

22 The fashion designers would go up to Detroit and meet the car design teams, which was a huge thrill for the team. There is no difference in what consumers demand when it comes to style and design between their choice in clothing and their choice in cars. Fashion house Courrèges, which began designing electric cars in the 1960s and is being relaunched by new owners Jacques Bungert and Frédéric Torlotin fashion concept

23 Iconic muscle cars and super cars have long spawned plenty of bad, logo-laden leisurewear, so the crossover of fashion brands back into vehicle design is really a no-brainer. Traditionally, most vehicle manufacturers use concept cars designed in-house or with. It is not always necessary to overhaul the entire structure of a car to add designer cachet.

24 Australia's Hornet Ramblers, available in sedan version only, missed out on the wagon-only Gucci option. Cardin's 1972 AMC Javelin followed Gucci's lead with branded textiles and a snappy badge but Gucci was already lining up a Cadillac Seville, then a Lincoln Town car with the ubiquitous linked-Gs. Original limited-production "themed" cars like the 1955-56 Dodge La Femme were intended to work much like concept cars in piquing the interest of specific consumer groups

25 The world of fashion is dictated by trends which depend on individual tastes and preferences Cars are fashion items because they determine a persons outlook and how he or she is perceived by others. Cars and clothes are closely linked because one can be used to represent or market the other.

26 Allan. M.(2009). Fashion and cars. Oxford University Press Carlton, M.(2010). Fashion Trends and marketing. London: Macmillan Meander, J.(2011).Auto mobile fashions. Cambridge: CP

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