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2 What is a Hi-Ex Foam System?
High expansion foam system is a foam deluge system that delivers the foam solution, (foam concentrate and water mixture), to a discharge device known as a hi-ex foam generator. Hi-Ex Foam concentrate and water are mixed in the correct proportion by various methods to form a foam solution. This solution flows to the Hi-Ex Foam Generator with a water powered motor then discharged through a nozzle onto a fine mesh stainless steel screen. ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

3 What is Fire Fighting Foam?
Fire Fighting Foam is basically a stable mass of small, air-filled bubbles that has a lower density than oil, petrol, or water. It comprises three essential elements:- The foam concentrate Water Air The foam concentrate is injected into the water by means of a foam concentrate proportioning unit, and the resulting blend is fed to a foam generator. In most cases this is located at the end of the pipe or hose that is used to deliver the mixture. The foam generator sucks-in air, which combines with the liquid mixture to create the fire fighting foam. ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

4 How foam works ? The foam has a low density, as such the foam readily floats on a fire’s fuel surface or completely fills the enclosed protected area to extinguish the fire by separating the fuel from the oxygen in what are called “total volume filling” applications. The foam completely smothers the fire, while its high water content provides effective cooling to reduce the fire’s heat energy. ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

5 Categories of foam - characterized by the volume of foam.
Low-expansion or Low-Ex foam; expansion factor of up to 20. Medium-expansion or Med-Ex foam; expansion factor between 20 and 200. High-expansion or Hi-Ex foam; expansion foam has a factor higher than 200 as high as 1100. ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

6 How Hi-Ex Foam works? Hi-Ex Foam completely fill and engulf the area in which the fire has occurred and has a “mass effect”, effectively isolating the entire fire area and extinguishing a fire in several ways as follows. The water within the foam is turned into steam and contributes towards a rapid cooling of the fire. The steam also acts as an inerting agent and reduces the oxygen content of the air. The isolating characteristic of Hi-Ex Foam prevents heat from spreading and setting other objects alight. Foam also prevents flammable gases from spreading and igniting. ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

7 Why use Hi-Ex Foam (HEF) ?
HEF provides total system reliability that insures system operation whenever it is called upon to work... all solid-state supervision makes system totally self-monitoring including motor windings. HEF reduces total site fire protection costs. HEF systems are water-saving systems... they use a minimum amount of water (small volume and very low pressure) to do a maximum job-any water used is used more efficiently. HEF does not destroy product (primarily because of lower water content). HEF does limit smoke damage, and because of the detergent properties of the foaming agent, it provides a self-cleaning effect. HEF, itself, due to its non-corrosive nature, is easy to clean up... leaves no messy, sticking residue. HEF, also, provides a thermal insulating barrier for personnel and product protection. HEF is a volumetric, 3 dimensional fire fighter... it can get around all obstacles and lends itself easily to total flooding or local application. ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

8 Application Features Continue…….
On local application, a couple of feet of HEF will extinguish a 2 dimensional fire. HEF is as effective on alcohol and LNG as it is on hydrocarbons such as gasoline, kerosene, JP-4, etc. HEF can extinguish flaming liquid 3D fires. HEF extinguishes fire as well inside as outside, in subzero or tropical climates, and at high or low altitudes. The all new high expansion foam by Chemguard can be used for truly modern fire protection in warehouses and high rack storage areas, for commodities such as rubber tires, rolled paper, plastics, paints, bulk storage conveyor tunnels, coal mines, and diked electric power plants for protection on gas turbine peak loading stations, coal handling equipment tunnels, auxiliary warehouses, etc... and in aircraft hangars, process plants of all types, and in shipboard use. ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

9 Components of HEF System
High Ex Foam Generator Ratio Controller Bladder Tank High-Ex Foam Concentrate Plus miscellaneous swing checks and ball valves & water supply of required capacity. ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

10 Hi-Expansion Foam Generator
A High-Expansion Foam generator is main component. It is used to create the Hi-Ex Foam, and this usually incorporates a fan that ensures the required amount of fresh air is available for the foam production. This fan can be driven by a electric motor, engine, or by a water turbine. ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

11 Hi-Ex Foam System Application
Aircraft hangars – both civil and military Hazardous waste storage facilities Flammable liquid stores and flammable material production facilities Cable tunnels Turbine generators Paper product and tyre warehouses Engine test cells Ship’s holds and engine rooms Transformer rooms ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

12 Fire Incidence at Aircraft Hanger

13 Applicable Standards in US for Hi-Ex Foam in Aircraft Hangers
NFPA 409 NFPA 11 Military ETL Insurance Provider ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

14 Aircraft Hangar Groups as per NFPA 409
Group I Hangar Aircraft access door height over 28 ft (8.5m) Single fire area in excess of 40,000 sq. ft. (3,716 sq. m.) Housing an aircraft with a tail height over 28 ft (8.5m) Housing strategically important military aircraft as determined by Department of Defense Group II Hangar Aircraft access door height 28 ft (8.5m) or less. A single fire area for specific types of construction in accordance with Table of NFPA 409 Group III Hangar Aircraft hangar with both of the following: Aircraft access door height 28 ft (8.5m) or less; Single fire area up to the maximum permitted for specific types of construction as defined in Table of NFPA 409 ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

15 Chemguard - Alaknanda HEF Benefits
Lowest Breakdown Factor (RS) High CFM Output Per Generator Fewer Generators Required – less generators, installation, louver & other material cost No Strainer Required Lowest Proportioning (2% ) – smaller tanks & foam concentrate quantity required. Design and after sale service available in India. ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

16 Installations in India
First High Expansion Foam System is installed in Indian Air Force at Hindan Air Base for protection of maintenance hangers of recently acquired transport aircraft from Lockheed Martin by Government of India. The system was designed, supplied and commissioned by M/s Alaknanda Systems, Lucknow. ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS

Asia Pacific Region  Sam Chan  Senior Manager -  Asia Pacific Region Based in Singapore  Corporate Address  204 S. 6th Avenue Mansfield, TX USA 76063  Office: Mobile: Fax: Tom Leach Sales/Engineering Support -  Asia Pacific Region  Office: x214 Mobile: SYSTEM INSTALLER INDIA Alaknanda Systems 531/10, Garden Road Bara Chandgunj Lucknow Page 17 ALAKNANDA SYSTEMS


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