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Aquaox ECS series The new standard in ECA technology

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1 Aquaox ECS series The new standard in ECA technology
To reduce chemicals and replace them with ecologically friendly disinfectants

2 Aquaox EC Series Reliable, Effective, Cost reducing.
Aquaox ECS Series is the reliable standard for the production of Electrolyzed Water used in facilities, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, food and beverage industry, for hospitals as well as in the agriculture industry. Benefits offered by Aquaox ECS Series : Utilizes the latest ECA technology ensuring reliable – Eradicates hygiene and accurate results. issues The latest ECA Technology –Low operation cost offers: – Production on site – High redox potential. – Safe to produce – Low salt consumption Electrolyzed water solves all bacterial , spore, fungal and algae problems in water systems, air and hard surfaces. – Easily implemented in – Production of highly CIP processes effective liquids – Increased stability of liquid ensuring maximum effectiveness of liquids. – Fully PLC operated – Remote monitoring and remote control using Ethernet connection

3 Aquaox EC-Systems Let our solutions take care of your problem
Models The Aquaox EC-Systems are available in three capacities 50, 60 and 100 gallons production per hour. Plug and Play Aquaox EC-Systems are complete plug and play systems that only need to be connected to power, water and Ethernet to start operation. During the first installation the engineer will set up the EC-System for the local conditions and according to the customers specific needs. After installation the EC-System will work without any major maintenance. Only brine supply must be checked on a regular base. EC-System The EC-System consist of a powder coated frame with pre installed peripherals, electrical and hydraulic enclosure and an automated brine tank. PLC control The PLC controls al processes necessary for production of quality liquids. Amperage, voltage, water flow and pH level are controlled. In case that level are not in line with settings a alarm will be activated. The EC-System has a 5,4” LCD touch screen for easy access and control PLC access Access to PLC program is divided in two/three levels; 1) client access, 2) distributor access 3) manufacturer access. Remote control The EC-Systems facilitate remote monitoring, control and data-logging using an a Ethernet connection.

4 Aquaox EC-Systems The new standard in ECA technology
Electrical enclosure The electrical enclosure contains all electronic related items like e.g. Power supply, PLC, Ethernet modem, transformers, fuses and cooling Hydraulic enclosure The hydraulic enclosure contains all hydraulic related items like e.g. Electrolytic Cell, brine& acid pump, flow valve, flow meter, dump valve Peripherals The peripherals are mounted on the back of the powder coated frame for easy access. E.g. of peripherals' water softener, water filter, pressure reducer, air ventilator, hydrogen vent.

5 Model ECS-200 ECS-300 ECS-400 HOCL Gallons/hour ~40 ~30 ~80 Free Chlorine ppm 50-350 50-150 ORP mV >800 >1100 EC mS <15 <5 pH 6-7 NAOH ~10 ~20 -800 >11.5 Water supply >50 >60 >100 Water pressure psi >30 Water hardness CaCo3/ppm <17 Salt consumption Oz/gallon 0.5 0.2 Power requirement V A 16 25 W 1760 1350 3520 Room ventilation Ft3/hour >500 >250 >750 Ambient temperature °F 77 ± 20 Height Inch 70 Width 26 32 Depth Weight 275 300 325

6 AQUAOX LLC 6820, Lyons Technology Circle Suite 205, FL Coconut Creek, USA Telephone: +1 (561)

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